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Big Marijuana’s Target Is Older Americans, Not Teens


grandma marijuana senior seniors cannabis grandpaMarijuana reform opponents love to tell people that if/when marijuana becomes legal nationwide, teen marijuana use will explode. ‘The children, what about the children!?’ The worry that teenagers will consume more marijuana after it becomes legal is easily debunked. Currently teenagers can get marijuana very easily because the market is unregulated.

Drug dealers don’t have an age limit, and they never check ID. Compare that to a properly regulated marijuana market where distributors are required to check every customer’s age. You hear teenagers talk about how marijuana is easier to obtain than alcohol because with alcohol you have to know an adult that will buy it for you, compared to marijuana, which only requires asking the right friend who has it. I know it was that way for me when I was growing up.

A new research paper was recently released which found a demographic shift of near-daily cannabis consumers to the over-50 crowd and away from the 12-21 crowd. This would suggest that when marijuana becomes legal nationwide, there will be a huge increase in consumption in the middle-age demographic, not the teenager demographic. I think as this information becomes widely known, it will increase support for reform among older Americans, which will be very significant!

Below is a video from TWB contributor Radical Russ Belville talking more about the topic:


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  1. I’m 60 and a daily smoker for over five years, treating a seizure disorder that resulted from the brain cancer treatment. Through that experience, I recognize older bodies stand to benefit more than younger bodies who don’t have the same needs. That’s not to say that a little bit for anyone over 25 or so is probably still a good thing. I think people younger than that should let their minds get settled on a few things before the alterations that can come with cannabis should be considered. It should be a reward for having worked hard enough to establish a career and then used as a health supplement, moderation being a key component to the line between good health and abuse, which can’t kill you no matter how hard you try. Never happened before in the history of man.

  2. dontfearPuffReaper on

    being in my mid 50’s,suffering from lots of aches & pains from living large in my youth, HELL YA Best medicine ever !
    I highly recommend this to anyone suffering or a medical cond. and wants a better life, no more aches in the morning, a good nights sleep, no more corp drugs for pain management, nothing like it !
    Medical Cannabis is it for me ! xD xD xD

  3. “Its the key to this world”
    I feel the same. We could be witnesses to something akin to the Industrial Revolution.
    I’d love to see it.

  4. Right on, these mega multi million companies that payy off the government to keep the plant illegal for one thing. Buisiness. They are scared shitless that theyll become broke with a plant that grows out of the ground, for free (disaiming running prices for grow room op). Why bother wasting 100$ on a half placebo/ nasty side effect pills when you can puff puff enjoy the day and have no lasting side effects. Same goes for the industrial aspect of hemp and alternative fuel source the male plant provides if synthisied right. Its not just a plant that gets you toasted. Its the key to this world

  5. Keep an eye out for Robert Platshorn’s forthcoming book “Greed & Evil” where he tells you exactly how Kevin Sabet makes his salary. Google “Mel Sembler Straight Inc” for a spoiler.

  6. Keep in mind also Sabet spits out “the average medical marijuana patient in California is a 32-year-old white male” is actually a good thing, since the median age of a marijuana smoker is 27 and the average age is 25. Therefore, medical marijuana patients are older than the typical healthy pot smoker.

    I still don’t know why he emphasizes the white male part, however. Are we supposed to be shocked that white dudes smoke pot? Or are only minority females sick enough to qualify for medical cannabis?

  7. I was told that I was at Woodstock and that I had a really good time.
    On a serious note,, no one can recall if any serious violence happened.
    Because there wasn’t any.
    Nothing but Peace and Love in the Mud and Rain.

  8. Woodstock was 44 years ago ! If the average age at the concert was 20… All those rock’n’roll stoners are now reaching retirement age. They’re realizing that if they drink, all those calories will just make them fat, and they’re tired of hangovers and potential DUI’s. If they get high, it helps their arthritis pain, they sleep better, eat better… they just have more FUN ! A few puffs a day will replace 5-10 pills from Big Pharma, it’s better for ya and NON-TOXIC… Now if we can just get MEDICARE to pay for our MEDICAL MJ !!!!!!

  9. Yay! And CBD goes nicely with THC so getting high isn’t the problem, it’s everyone else that has a problem with people enjoying themselves. Oh well, nice we can get CBD more easily.

  10. Well, to be fair (and more precise), that average came from the recent patient survey obtained by the state, which is a small but representative sample. If you’re interested in reading the report, it has been posted at the DOH website. Fascinating stuff, at least to me.

  11. @ 4Grammy…

    I’m with you…if pot is a gateway drug, we’re both still waiting.

    Several years ago, I had surgery on my right shoulder. Pain medication was prescribed…”take one capsule every 4 hours.”
    I took one capsule.
    I was down for over 20 hours. When I came to, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. The next time I felt discomfort, I smoked a small amount of marijuana …pain gone, no after effects.

    I threw the pills out.
    So, yeah, what gives??? Doesn’t it make you wonder who’s getting paid to keep this plant illegal?
    Are ALL of ‘our’ representatives on the take?

  12. I too have been smoking weed since 1968. If this is a gateway drug I am still waiting. I have RA, DDD, Post Polio syndrome & OA. I have been to the ER because of near death reaction to prescription drugs. Not ONCE has marijuana ever given me anything but relief from the constant unrelenting pain, lack of sleep and no energy! How more natural can you get with marijuana? NO additives, preservatives, etc.. So what gives????

  13. I read recently that Sabet and another lunatic had formed SAM.
    Not sure how that generates money.
    As far as his being a ‘true believer,’ it makes me wonder when and where he formed his beliefs.
    The University of Florida has always been a leader for liberal causes…I find it hard to believe they kept him on the payroll.

  14. firetheliberals on

    Right on, over 50, depression, body aches arthritis.
    Weed solves all these problems. Forget pharmaceuticals!

  15. One of “Dr.” Sabet’s favorite regurgitations, easily proved to be a bald faced lie, is relating PFTA statistics about the “average” patient who claims the protection of California’s Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Program Act (SB-420). Since there’s no mandatory patient registration in California and no requirement for anyone other than the patient and his doctor to know about the patient’s recommendation, and the codified patient/doctor confidentiality rules there is simply no way that he is privy to that information. He’s not even cherry picking, he’s just blowing smoke up the public’s collective ass.

    Go take a look at MPP’s estimate that there are just over 550,000 Californians claiming the protection of California’s law.

    Next, go look at California NORML’s estimate which is between 750,000 and 1.125 million.

    Now ask yourself how the fuck can “Dr” Sabet be privy to the information that comes out of his lying mouth if significant cannabis law reform advocates can’t even come up with similar SWAG numbers?
    Please remember that 4 out of 5 prohibitionists surveyed believe that “How to Lie with Statistics” by Darrell Huff is a self help manual.

  16. I honestly believe that he doesn’t need to be paid to generate his hysterical rhetoric. The man is a true believer. I think we need to remember that he’s the Mozart of the prohibitionist parasites. I’m not trying to insult Mozart. But he was a child prodigy of classical music and “Dr.” Sabet was an accomplished, award winning producer of the hysterical rhetoric of prohibition before he hit puberty.

    Now I’m not saying that he isn’t being paid. But if I wanted to pay someone to spread verbal manure I’d certainly prefer a true believer to a public relations whore. Mr. Sabet has been unemployed now for around 3 years and he just hasn’t done anything that would warrant his being financially independent. If I wanted to find out who is keeping him solvent the first thing I would check is sales of “Reefer Sanity” which is his latest lunatic’s manifesto and for sale on Amazon dot com.

  17. @ chris9465…much glad you enjoyed the book.
    And your name for Mr. Sabet is fitting. I wonder who’s paying that guy?
    Take care…I wish you the very best,
    Hugh Yonn

  18. I always believed there were alot of ex-potheads out there waiting for legalization. They smoked in their teens up to mid/late twenties then stopped because their jobs and family lives wouldn’t let them continue due to the illegal status of pot. We got two or three generations of ex-stoners who want to toke again but don’t want to do jail time. The tide is turning and now all the old freaks want to start flying their flags again,

  19. To get cbd ANYWHERE in the country (and 40 other countries) you can get CBD highly concentrated HEMP products from http://www.hempmedspx.com Their parent company, MJNA, is traded on the stock exchange! Being from hemp this CBD is totally legal in every state. CBD is about getting healthy not high! Hope it helps someone it has us! :)

  20. Anyone on the fence about cannabis being made legal read this book……you’ll wonder what the phuck we are doing? Not like a lot of kevin douche bag sabets friends stop here to say hi…….

  21. Does anyone really believe that the tobacco companies could repeat
    what they did in the middle part of the 20th Century had the people
    known then what we know now? I submit that they would stand an even
    lesser chance of doing that than the proverbial snowball in Hades has of

    How in the world can you compare an established
    business that has banked piles of cash and is trying to increase their
    total revenue or at least preserve those revenues, with an ad hoc
    affiliation of personally interested VOLUNTEERS? Yes, there is a rather
    minuscule number of making a living as a cannabis law reform advocates
    but for the most part the rest of us aren’t getting paid.

    the purveyors of this pissant propaganda know that the tobacco companies
    who featured doctors and dentists recommending smoking cigarettes were
    actors dressed up to look like doctors? The friendly doctors sitting on
    our side of the table have earned their M.D. and have been issued a
    medical license.

    If brains were dynamite these clowns wouldn’t have enough to blow their noses.

    that as it may, these people are claiming that they can predict the
    future with certainty. The fact of the matter is that we can come up
    with a retail distribution chain in any form we want. The legal market
    is tabula rasa at this time so we can define the who, what, when, where,
    why and how of approving legal cannabis . It’s not going to force us to
    allow the sales reps from the heroin factory to set up promotional
    displays and hand out free samples to the schoolchildren in the lobbies
    of our elementary schools. Hysterical rhetoric and irrational fear are
    not valid bases for the formation of public policy.

  22. I must be part of this group…I am 67 years old and have smoked weed since age 21…that’s 46 years, Class…I am living proof that government propaganda is BS…
    The worst experience I ever had with pot was spending 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense…I wrote about the escapades that brought that about…my name is Hugh Yonn…I speak the truth…

  23. Note: For those who don’t know, the term “f a g s” refers to tobacco cigarettes. GB is in the house!

  24. I think every other kid growing up in england has dealt or sold or obtained cannabis for some one, most kids on any estate can pick up green easier than buying fags once legal it will change a little for the younger generation as hopefully won’t be the done thing. And for the rest of us time to relax roll a fat one and chill :-))

  25. I’ve been saying this for a long time, and this is the market I will target when I start promoting my own blog. The over 60 and 70’s are also prime for the picking, because many of them won’t try it until it’s legal and they can find it easily. My mom was an example of that, as were my in-laws. When the doors open for them, it will be big. Here, where MedCan is legal, there are people in their 70s. 80s (and probably 90s) in the dispensaries all the time.

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