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Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Get Us At All


bill o'reilly marijuana policy projectBill O’Reilly Shows Lack Of Logical Reasoning With Marijuana Policy Project Comments

By Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project

On his wonderfully fair and balanced show on Thursday, Bill O’Reilly was nice enough to highlight our Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users list. He then started on a long rant, joined by his co-hosts, about the evils and deadly health risks associated with using marijuana. Apparently, these folks didn’t quite get the message.

O’Reilly seems to think that MPP just wants everyone to use marijuana, and that the organization “devotes its life to trying to convince you to get stoned and inebriated.” What he fails to understand, and what many supporters of prohibition refuse to believe, is that marijuana reform is not about getting high. It is about changing our obviously failed policies that put non-violent adults in jail while making it easier for young people to obtain. It is about changing the focus of law enforcement away from people who are already using marijuana and allowing police to focus on more serious crimes.

Papa Bear and friends also didn’t understand the message behind the list, which is that these influential marijuana users likely would not be where they are today had they been arrested for marijuana. How much human potential are we squandering when we arrest three quarters of a million people for marijuana possession every year, saddling them with a criminal record that limits their educational options and job opportunities?

After totally missing the point, the three pundits then proceeded to rattle off a long series of completely inaccurate and unsubstantiated talking points about how marijuana is deadly and will turn you into a zombie. They covered all the bases, too, from the debunked gateway theory to the “lazy stoner” myth.

It is really pretty sad, considering a brief look at MPP’s website would have clarified our mission for O’Reilly and provided all of them with actual scientific research on the effects of marijuana.

And we’re the lazy ones?

Here’s the video. Try not to throw anything through your screen.

Published with special permission from the Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. Steve in Oakland on

    Jetdoc, I’m happy to report that I gave up television long ago. So far I’ve been able to totally avoid fat junkie Rush Limbaugh and most of his ilk – and the left wing psychos you mention on MSNBC.

  2. Steve in Oakland on

    The thing about these “Reefer Madness” jokers is that they see nothing wrong with smoking tobacco or swilling booze. At least they never inveigh against it the way they do marijuana. If Big Pharm can afford four lobbyists per congressperson, I don’t think it’s paranoid to think they grease Fox’ greedy palms, or pay off liars like O’Reilly directly. As for not seeing “the other side,” as fair and balanced as they pretend to be, I am reminded of the old saw, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink: You can show a fool his folly, but you can’t make him think!” O’Reilly is a Joseph Goebbels wannabe, pure and simple!

  3. I do watch FOXNEWS on cable. Having said that, this really makes me angry at the stupidity and total ignorance about this subject! He REFUSES to even listen to “the other side” with an open mind!! Fair and Balanced? Not this time.
    Poor little, naive Gretchen! I really don’t think she has a clue on this, “Leads to hard drugs?” ROTFLMAO!

  4. I’ve OFTEN compared Marijuana Prohibition to the “Salem Witch trials”.
    prohibitionist: Do you smoke marijuana?…

    Citizen: I’ve Tried it……

    Prohibitionist: off to jail you go you SLACKER, that couldn’t start facebook after smoking marijuana, Bill Gates would NEVER smoke marijuana and HE started Microsoft… No WAY you can EVER be President if you smoke weed…

    Citizen: WOW… but science says you’re wrong…

    Prohibitionist: Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the Curtain

  5. Hi from UK. Don’t recieve O’Really here. But know of him. He will ‘get it’, but is purposefully anti-freedom/logic/love etc.
    It’s what he (and Hannity) are paid to do.

  6. vaporizing cannabis has squelched that argument and a good portion of medical users prefer ingesting cannabidiol so every argument can be debunked , the truth does not matter to these groups.
    “You cant graft a new idea on a closed mind “

  7. I just wana puke when I see Gretcheen’s fucking ugly puss. That lady is a POS bad actor. Billo the Clown is an idiot. The network is run by a criminal that believes in fairy tales so I think most “thinking” people can see right through their shit. We’ll have to just write off a few million idiots that believe whatever those clowns say.

  8. I cant even watch , So sick of the spew! These prohibition folk are like the witch hunters
    even when scientific results disagree they dig deeper for more bullshit.
    The all drink alcohol, red faced drunkards putting down cannabis users.
    Fox propaganda .

  9. Steve in Oakland on

    The amazing thing is that this Bill O’Reilly jackass gets paid big bucks to spread mis- & disinformation; anything to support “The Right Wing Agenda.” He gives new meaning to “STAY TUNED! LIES AT 11!” I avoid his show as I would the AIDS virus, and encourage others to do the same..

  10. O’Reilly’s a DOUCHEBAG! He believes in “Personal Liberties”, UNTIL my”Personal Liberties involve me relieving my pain with Marijuana instead of all the MORPHINE, my body can handle. That shit almost KILLED me, TWICE!

    This Drug War has STIFLED, and literally SQUELCHED the Middle Class, with all of their “Simple Possession” charged people being sent to prison, creating another LIABILITY to the States, instead of a “productive tax paying citizen, that EVEN Pot smokers pay taxes!

  11. Google Dr. Tashkin study 2006. Totally proves these pathological liars incorrect. It doesn’t cause any lung disorders despite having higher levels of carcinogens, not tar you fucking idiots. See science is on our side, but fox is notorious for favoring biased rhetoric over science and reasoning. Fair and balanced my ass!

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