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Bill O’Reilly Opposes Marijuana Decrim Because It Might Reduce Racial Profiling


By Scott Morgan

This week’s exciting news that Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are backing an effort to end New York City’s mindless marijuana arrest crusade didn’t exactly result in a round of applause at the FOX News studios. Here’s Bill O’Reilly babbling about it.


O’Reilly says the cops “know who the wise guys are,” and they’re only bothering people who deserve it. That sounds reassuring, oh, except for the fact that NYPD has already searched more young black men than they even have in the entire city. So yeah, they might be catching some of these “wise guys” as O’Reilly so eloquently describes them, but only because they’re also searching every other young black man in the city. There is no clever strategy behind it. They’re just searching all the black dudes. Stop trying to make it sound sophisticated, Bill.

no badcopsBut the real problem with O’Reilly’s logic, and it also highlights the irony of whole ridiculous situation, is that there’s no component in this new marijuana decriminalization proposal that would actually require police to stop constantly racially profiling everyone they see. That’s not even what this is.

Simple possession is already decriminalized in New York. The measure in question would simply downgrade the more serious charge of “possession in public view” so that racial profiling victims would no longer be charged with the public display of marijuana as a result of police ordering them to empty their pockets. The policy of police racially profiling people and illegally searching them remains intact under this plan. You just get off the hook if any pot is found during the course of police committing misconduct against you.

I’m still in favor of the reform — anything that might stop all these pot busts is great — but it’s insane that they’re actually going so far as to legalize “public display” of marijuana simply because they can’t stop the cops from yanking pot out of people’s pockets and then lying about it. New York’s marijuana law wasn’t really even the problem here and shouldn’t actually need to be changed to prevent the racially abusive enforcement and prosecution scheme that’s been going on in New York for the past decade.

These were false arrests to begin with and the most appropriate solution would be for police and prosecutors to stop systematically violating people’s rights. But apparently that is more difficult than reducing the penalties for marijuana. Wow.

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  1. Thinking Clearly on

    The end does not justify the means, especially when it tramples on the Constitution and its used specifically to arrest Blacks and other minorities.

    Get the bad guys for the real reasons.

    Get your 1% blinders off O’Reilly!

  2. There is only one comment that can be made about Bill O’ Douche-Bag. He is a bad hair pinhead who is the patriarch of the spin zone. As a comedian, I’m in awe of how far out into left field this dummy can go………and his hair STILL stinks. 

  3. I never thought about it like that dude, Makes a lot of sense man, Wow.

  4. whatta f**king idiot.. this guy is a talk show host and for some reason he believes his opinion matters because of the amount of money he makes… a joke, a moron, a dolt, a stooge, a tool. 
    Bill IS A RACISTS — he supports racism and he don’t care about anyone or anything other than lining his pockets with money.. the man is a fool for cash and I can’t wait til he slips up in the public eye..either be that he is picking up gay prostitutes or even to find out he’s a peeping tom and likes to touch little boys.. I am sure the light will come some day for [Oh No!] Mr. Bill.. and we’ll be standing on the sidelines watching ..grinning with satisfaction! until then we can’t be surprised by anything that comes out of his mouth.. he is a shock value douche bag bloated fool. 

  5. Bill is the biggest media puppet in existence he bends over and takes it in the ass by the government and loves it

  6. O’ Reilly’s a real TOOL. He’s LOST as far as what’s going on in this country. That’s proven by his use of the term “wise guys”. If he’d pull his head out of his ass, and do a LITTLE bit of research, he’d HAVE to admit that the controversy is REAL and that the SCIENCE and NOT what this Government TELLS us about the effects and MEDICINAL properties of marijuana REALLY are. If Jesus healed the sick and dying with “hemp oil” WTF.is my Govt. telling me that it’s EVIL and “the Devils Creation”? .Do we now pick and choose what parts of the Bible we believe now?

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