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Bill O’Reilly Poll Shows Overwhelming Support For Marijuana Legalization

bill o'reilly marijuana poll

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I’m not the biggest fan of Bill O’Reilly. He is very good at what he does, which is preach to his choir and get them fired up about stuff that ‘conservatives’ care about. But he usually covers issues and takes stances that most Americans don’t agree with. Lately he has been on an anti-marijuana crusade, dedicating a significant amount of time on his show bashing marijuana.

This week he posted a poll on his website asking his fans if they support marijuana legalization or not. Unfortunately for Mr. O’Reilly and his marijuana hating friends, the poll results were not favorable for them. Per Marijuana.Com:

The poll’s purpose was, in O’Reilly’s pipe dream world, to facilitate an extremely negative response and then to air a segment on The O’Reilly Factor derailing cannabis legalization (like he did Monday night). By polling his own audience, O’Reilly and his team could paint a delusional picture, but one supported by “data.”

And at first, it worked. 81% of the initial voters responded with a resolute “No.”

Then, the internet caught wind of the poll, made it go viral in the cannabis community, and worked its cannabis magic.

The poll results can no longer be viewed, which is unfortunate. Rather than let the results speak for themselves, the staff at Bill O’Reilly’s show would rather censor the results so that Mr. O’Reilly can stay on his reefer madness soapbox and keep spreading his propaganda. Below is a graphic that indicates how the poll was going prior to the results being hidden. I think it speaks for itself:

o'reilly poll marijuana


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  1. think it was bill o reilly dot com .. It showed all the subjects he had votes on for the week

  2. i just went to his site 5 minutes ago and voted .. You can still vote and see the results

  3. Jeremy D. Pike on

    If 18-30 crowd would go out and vote we would simply outnumber these geezers.

  4. Bill is just a ignorant old man who thinks he is so perfect and that people should do and think just the way he is. This being said he believes that if a women get raped it’s her fault. I guess he thinks women should get some Quaker clothes. This is the kind of guy that goes to church on Sunday and is a racist on Monday, swears on Tuesday .

  5. This is the same grumpy old creep who’s been caught in innumerable lies, many racist statements, and said something about how rape victims got what they asked for lol! That’s not really funny, but how absolutely insane he sounds along with how much he actually believes his own crap, is truly hilarious.

  6. Oh look, O’Reilly is still alive, and he’s trying to spit in our cereal bowl for ratings.

    Honestly, I believe O’Reilly is picking a fight he’s not going to win, if he pursues this course of action any further. The recent polling in Florida says 88% of the state supports medical cannabis and 54% support legalization. A huge chunk of that support, surprisingly enough, comes from Florida’s large AARP presence — retirees are batting for our team in large numbers, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the “Silver Tour” campaign. Seniors in Florida have gotten wise to the idea that cannabis is the safer, cheaper alternative to many of their synthetic medications.

    It’s also no secret that the vast majority of O’Reilly viewers are over the age of 65. Word doesn’t exactly travel like wild fire with Seniors the same way it does with the iPhone generation, but word does travel. The cannabis tide isn’t turning, it’s already turned — we have majority support, even among Seniors. O’Reilly seems bent on being in polar opposition to anything he perceives as “liberal” (anything Jon Stewart supports).

    Some day soon, the talking heads at Fox News are going bite into an issue the wrong way, and the backlash will sink that network like a stone. My money is on cannabis, honestly. I believe the decision-makers for that media network are betting on the wrong horse, in the case of cannabis. They’re mistakenly presuming that their viewership doesn’t include anyone who supports our issue.

    It would be a thing of beauty if, the next time O’Reilly visits Florida, an AARP group shows up to pelt him with empty medication containers. I’d smile for a full week, if that happened.

  7. Kevin sebat, Bill o ‘ Reilly. Give up the fight, the year is not 1937, it’s 2014.GET WITH THE TIMES!

  8. The NY Times needs to do a poll after it’s done its articles. So far of the ~10,000 comment votes across the articles, ~95% are for legalization.

  9. We have a local talk radio host that tried basically the same thing. His demagoguery against marijuana was so over the top I found myself laughing at him. Then he went to the phone line and all but one person was in favor of legalization. It really was funny. (This was about three days ago.)

    when a political leader seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

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