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Bill Piper Of The Drug Policy Alliance Speaks About The Struggle To End Marijuana Prohibition


Bill Piper the director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance appears on CNN to speak about the historic breakthrough in the struggle to end marijuana prohibition. Recently Attorney General Eric Holder informed the governors of Washington and Colorado that the Department of Justice will allow the states to implement their ballot initiatives that legalized the production, distribution, and sale of marijuana for adults.


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  1. Here you guys should notice that he, like all those before him and that will come are bought and paid for before they are aloud to step in line to be the talking head for the “administration” that never changes. Once in office he found out just what his power is and then shut up about this “INAPPROPRIATE” subject. remember that?

  2. The DOJ ‘s list of BC about what They are going to allow…

    His list of bullet points is full of BS. The first three are good but the last five are hype and rhetoric.

    No one in any cannabis supply store or dispensary ever sold other drugs. No one is violent. Guns are for self protection. Drugged driving is safer that the stupid people already out there. Growing on public land is caused by the prohibition. Environmental danger is the same as any farm. And the last one “preventing marijuana possession or use on federal property.” Federal conceit, like it is their land and not ours. Some how we let these people think they are the ultimate power. They are not, the people are. Below the people, is the local Sheriff. Then state law. Then Federal. The only power Federal has is with-holding our money.

  3. Here, Here! I seriously wonder which special interest group it is that’s funneling him money to keep cannabis illegal. It shouldn’t, but it surprises me that these politico’s still don’t see how prohibition itself is the cause of most of our problems with crime around the drug trade. You don’t see liquor store owners having gun battles over territory!

  4. Unfortunately the so called President has turned back on cannabis community that he isn’t into legalization ’till end of Obama administration! But we can still keep defend our rights to cannabis nationwide! He is Coward in Chief, a feeble & a traitor for him who used it then turn against it that doesn’t represent the People, but his self interest!

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