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Bill To Expand New Jersey Medical Marijuana Law Advances Despite Veto Threat


new jersey medical marijuanaMedical marijuana legislation has advanced in New Jersey that would expand the state’s medical marijuana program, despite a vow from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that he would veto the bill. The New Jersey Assembly passed the bill 50-23. According to the bill, the legislation “Permits qualifying patients to possess and use medical marijuana legally obtained from another jurisdiction; extends State medical marijuana laws to qualifying out-of-State patients; expands ability of parents to serve as primary caregiver to minor children.”

The medical marijuana bill still has to be sent to the New Jersey Senate, and if passed, would be sent to Governor Chris Christie’s desk. He may veto it, but he is going to look like a heartless, un-compassionate A hole if he does. Governor Christie can throw around all the rhetoric he wants, but at the end of the day, he will be slapping suffering patients in the face. No child should have to suffer so that a politician can cling to failed policies.

The New Jersey medical marijuana program is the worst operating in the nation. There are only three dispensaries for the entire state, very few people qualify for the program, and there is not enough medicine to go around to the patients that do qualify. There are no home gardens allowed. I get so many e-mails from patients in New Jersey complaining about medicine access problems. It breaks my heart that I can’t help them.

“We don’t want to watch our child die because the department of health and Christie are blocking the program,” a parent who helped draft the bill said. “If they want to play politics with people’s health, let them as it will come back to haunt them. But in the meantime, don’t block our ability to get the life saving medicine my child needs from another source.”


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  1. First the government performs enough research to file a patent for medical cannabis in 1999, all the while keeping this life-saving information and miraculous drug from the American public, and now Governor Christie wants to continue this travesty — seems like the governor is working for the federal government, not the citizens of New Jersey (home of The Boss).

    Hey, Mr. Springsteen, can you talk to the governor? I hear he really likes you…

  2. If New Jersey voters get off their butts and VOTE Gov. CHRISTIE OUT the problem will be solved.

  3. If New Jersey voters get off their butts and VOTE Gov. CHRISTIE OUT the problem will be solved.

  4. God i hope so bad that this goes into effect. The country needs this right now. Debt could be erased and innocent marijuana users dont have to worry about going to jail for year and years to come when they sell a substance that will kill you with overconsumption, alcohol….

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