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Bill Would Add PTSD To New Jersey’s Medical Program


ptsd marijuana cannabisI received the following alert out of New Jersey:

New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has a very restrictive list of qualifying conditions, but AB 457 would help change that by adding PTSD. The bill was just released from committee, which voted 3-0 in support. Please contact your Assembly members and ask them to support compassionate access for these patients.

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic), who sponsored the bill, noted that veterans are the people who most often suffer fromPTSD, and that for many veterans, medical marijuana is “the only [drug]to provide veterans with significant relief from the anxiety associated with PTSD.”

We also want to remind you that the New Jersey presidential primary is just around the corner, and we’re encouraging all our supporters to know the candidates’ views on marijuana policy reform before heading to the polls. On the democratic side, MPP gives Sen. Bernie Sanders an A on marijuana policy while former Secretary Hillary Clinton earned a B. Please see MPP’s website for detailed information as well as information on how the rest of the current presidential candidates feel about ending marijuana prohibition.

Also, please be sure to share this alert with your friends and family across the Garden State.


Kate M. Bell
Legislative Analyst
Marijuana Policy Project


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  1. But Crispy Cream Christie will continue to allow The VA and Psychiatrists to prescribe meds to “KIDS” and adults that turn your brain into Pouched Eggs and all you can hear is the sound of you mind leaking out of your ears (ask any Vet). Many know that I was a first responder (LEO) 30 yrs., and we are now generalized in a category called “Latent PTSD”, think 911 along with the many other tragedies we witnessed daily (google it, Latent PTSD). Like having HCV is not enough and now this generalization of “Latent PTSD” now coming into light (DSM 5). I refuse to subject myself to these psychotropic drugs, and will continue to use my C A M
    (Complimentary Alternative Medicine). Now with the wink of a Florida Physician.

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