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Bill Would Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Florida


florida marijuana trayvon martin zimmermanThe battle to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has received a lot of media attention. Florida’s medical marijuana initiative failed in 2014, despite the fact that it received more votes than any candidate in Florida during the same election. Activists have been lobbying legislators in Florida ever since in an attempt to get a meaningful medical marijuana bill passed. There is also an effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida. Per the Palm Beach Post:

A Senate bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana and impose a $50-per-ounce excise tax on growers, producers and retail stores was introduced late Monday afternoon.

SB 1176, filed by Sen. Dwight Bullard, D-Cutler Bay, is identical to a bill Bullard filed last year. That bill died in committee without a hearing.

The bill would allow adults to use, possess, transport or give away up 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 6 seedlings. An adult could also grow up to six pot plants at home for personal use and smoke marijuana at home and in non-public places.

The sponsor of the bill does not have high hopes for it. The same bill was introduced last year and went nowhere. However, this is a new year, and a lot has changed even since last year in the marijuana world. Whether the bill passes or not, I think it’s safe to say every year that goes by Florida has a better chance of legalizing marijuana, as does every state in America. Because they can look to other states that have legalized and see that the sky is still intact, and that states like Colorado are reaping the benefits of legalization.


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  1. I think that this November it will be legalized for medicinal purposes I believe that recreation will still take a couple of years

  2. It sounds to me like you should be the one moving if you think this is a shifty state get on down the road

  3. Okay that’s all hilarious what you guys are saying. Pot is awesome! But I mean not everyone likes it. And they are lucky that they can vote for it. But eventually we will get what we want. We just need to vote help spread awareness and smoke. Plus you only think this because the mass is against you lol

  4. Savannah Nash on

    I wish it was LEGAL everywhere, bust up the cartels. It generates revenue and our state might even give taxpayers a rebate because of the revenue generated-woohoo…I can’t see states not wanting revenue…they LIVE for creating revenue, so they will soon get in on the profit. NO state wants to pass that up

  5. Savannah Nash on

    There you GO, your edge…if you PROVE it brings BIG revenue to your state, the politicians WILL support ANYTHING that is a money maker. Their GREED knows no bounds. Politicians and $$$ are as American as Baseball and Apple Pie, so get those greedy politicians involved, SHOW them the $$$ and it will PASS, because that is what keeps them in office.

  6. Savannah Nash on

    I hope it passes, then the pot growers from Miami, FL in my neighborhood would return to FL and grow in their home state. It is a FARCE they are growing for medical purposes here, they have the medical card, but it is OBVIOUS they grow in a residential neighborhood to cultivate, and fly under the radar, for other than medical purposes, then they harvest and leave for their hometown to sell their grow where it commands higher profits…so let ’em grow at home. It doesn’t BELONG in residential homes, using homes as greenhouses.

  7. All of these bills are voted on. What are the demographics of Florida…? Who is the majority that is voting on these bills and putting the senators that vote on it in Regulatory Industries? Who are the corporations and the owners of those corporations that are BACKING these Senators??? If you work, ABSENTEE vote, get your “people” to vote. The retired of this state having NOTHING better to do than get out there and educate themselves on what bills are up, who is backing and not backing/ and vote when things come up. And they allow them to maintain the office of senator. WE ALLOW them to continue to be in office. Stop bitching and activate.

  8. https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2015/1176

    Bill HistoryDATECHAMBERACTION2/23/2015Senate• Filed
    2/27/2015Senate• Referred to Regulated Industries; Criminal Justice; Finance and Tax; Appropriations -SJ 113
    3/3/2015Senate• Introduced -SJ 113
    5/1/2015Senate• Died in Regulated Industries

    And just who IS “Regulated Industries”


    Committee on Regulated Industries

    Chair:Senator Rob Bradley (R)Vice Chair:Senator Gwen Margolis (D)

    Senator Joseph Abruzzo (D)
    Senator Aaron Bean (R)
    Senator Oscar Braynon, II (D)
    Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (R)
    Senator Anitere Flores (R)
    Senator Jack Latvala (R)
    Senator Joe Negron (R)
    Senator Garrett Richter (R)
    Senator Maria Lorts Sachs (D)
    Senator Kelli Stargel (R)

  9. Christopher on

    Hey why don’t you fuck off of Colorado and other states just because you don’t have money to move out of this shity state

  10. Adam Horton on

    Lol, I know right! Florida has Nazi law makers and cops. I do not see how they can live with knowing they are slaving their citizens in jail for marijuana, when millions smoke it in Colorado legally. All states need to legalize marijuana, or their citizens will leave and any state who does not legalize it should be labeled as a communist anti freedom state. Marijuana is the most widely used drug. Nobody gives a fuck about cocaine and other harsh drugs. These law makers are dumb. They could make waaaay more money off of legalizing marijuana than throwing people in jail for it, because of tax dollars.

  11. Marc J Levene on

    Its kinda like doing prison time ya dont get you hopes up and dont think about it anyway its the kids they focus on due to so much retardation and lack of education specially in this state with no jobs no brain, and seriously over rated bring back the damn Quaaludes and hoz please lord. lol

  12. They are never going to legalize it in Florida. Florida has become a faggot deserted police state and they are keeping it illegal to force people to move to ugly ass expensive Colorado and other states that have legalized it, because all the old bible belt prunes want Florida to themselves and cops want to make money from busting people with it. I’m sick of this shit. We want legal marijuana in Florida and we can not afford to move to Colorado you fucking pathetic asswipe hypocrit lawmakers! If you legalize it for one state, you have to legalize it for all or other states economies will turn to shit, just like it is doing now! God damn Nazi hypocrite anti freedom fucking rejects!

  13. First thing they need to do is change the majority vote back to 51% like the other states. If that were the case medical marijuana would already be legal there. The politicians in Florida have fooled the voters there into giving up their voting power.

  14. tokerchronicles on

    The fact that the bill exists is great news in itself. Longshot or not, you have to try. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If it doesn’t pass, they’ll only be delaying the inevitable. #LegalizeIt

  15. It’s a vicious cycle, those that would vote yes to legalization can’t if they have been convicted of felony drug charges. They knew what they were doing when they set this system up.

  16. I think I read that 31 states have pending marijuana laws this year. That really only leaves 15 that don’t, because 4 have legalized.

  17. F that tax don’t sell out on this just demand no tax and push outright legalization. The people are ready to vote for this, so no sugar (Tax) is needed to get there.

  18. KenandShirley Locke on

    Just finished 2,100 miles of bicycling in Florida for Full Legalization. The Medical Uses of this Plant need to be shared in every town of every state. Cannabis Freedom Riders USA :)

  19. Yes I would start going to Florida on vacation all the time and spend lots of money if they legalize marijuana please do

  20. For a legislator this is a bold position. Senator Bullard deserves support, moral, financial or both.

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