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Billboards Go Up Supporting Oregon Measure 80 In Portland


Oregon Measure 80 Gets Much Needed Billboard Campaign Ads In The Portland Area

I was very pleased to see that billboards supporting Oregon Measure 80 are popping up in the Portland area. Another example of Oregonians for Law Reform doing big things to help end marijuana prohibition in Oregon. The photo below is courtesy of Portland State’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy Facebook page. I find it fitting that the sign is located above a legal, regulated alcohol establishment.

oregon measure 80 billboard portland


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  1. There was a wave of young registered new voters this election that may bring up support for measure 80. Being that they only call landlines, the odds are they’re calling a disproportionate sampling of voters who wouldn’t support. If we’re polling at 42% and that doesn’t include young people with cell phones, this is going to be really close.

  2. Less than two weeks... on

    I love that it’s ‘Puff’s Pub’. After November 6, won’t even have to change the name.

  3. DavidTheExpert on

    But the thing is, I feel like we’re wasting time even talking about Oregon. Instead of helping out with the phone banks in Oregon, why not focus on helping out with the phone banks in Colorado? Amendment 64 in CO is still leading in the polls. It has a very good chance of passing. But that lead could easily slip during the coming weeks. That has a much bigger chance of slipping below 50% than Oregon’s measure 80 has of closing the gap. We need to prioritize, and laser-focus all of our collective efforts. I’m sorry if you live in OR, but your time will come again in the near future.

  4. stellarvoyager on

    It is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize, but if you truly want measure 80 to pass, why not get involved and help the get out the vote instead? Many voters are still undecided and even unaware that this is on the ballot, and there is no organized opposition to speak of, so it is an uphill climb, yes, but this measure can win if we are organized and have a winning attitude. In fact, OLR has made it easy to phone bank through their web site. Every bit of extra effort we can put in helps!

  5. Good work! Nobody should simply write Oregon off because of low poll numbers. Things can change quickly. – Even if they don’t win now, this will help for the next time – perhaps in 2014 – or even earlier!

    I bet the pub owner is not too happy about it. 8^)

  6. Oregonians for Law Reform started 6 weeks ago. Since then they have purchased 2,500 rally signs, 3 billboards, and 30 banners. Just so you know.

  7. DavidTheExpert on

    The expression “too little, too late” comes to mind here.

    Oregon’s Measure 80 has been underfunded since day one. I really don’t think a smattering of billboards 2 weeks before election day is going to sway many opinions.

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