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Black Domina Marijuana Seed Review


Black Domina Weed Seed Review


Type: Indica Height Indoors: Short
Origin: Afghani/Ortega/Northern Lights/Hash Plant Height Outdoors: Short/Medium
Breeder: Sensi Smile Flowering period: 7-8 Weeks
Auto flowering seeds available: Yes Harvest outdoor: September/October
Feminized seeds available: Yes THC Level: High 15%+
Grow Indoors: Yes Stoned or High: Stoned
Grow Outdoors: Yes Grow Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Yield: Low 125gm (4.4oz) per M2 Awards won: High Life Cup 2005 (2nd), Spannabis Cup 2010 (1st)

black domina strainBlack Domina seeds

— Dark and deadly. Black Domina marijuana seeds blend some of the best Indicas available for a simply devastating plant. It’s a pretty plant with its dark black/green foliage. It’s short and squat like a typical Indica and also very fast flowering, ensuring a quick turn around and early crop. Classically, Black Domina weed will produce a massive, central, globular kola, laden with buds that are totally smothered in crystals and heavy with resin.

Despite a disappointingly low yield they are particularly suited to marijuana cloning and with careful selection a good mother plant will provide many, many generations of quality offspring.

The effects are what you might expect from a plant with such noble Indica heritage. The hit from Black Domina cannabis is immediate and physical and you might need to sit down afterwards. The strong relaxant and pain killing qualities make this a popular strain among the medical dispensaries of Northern California. Quality weed. One for the connoisseurs.

– courtesy of HowToGrowMarijuana.com


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