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Black Lives Matter Organizers Want To See Marijuana Decriminalized

black lives matter marijuana

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The war on marijuana has largely been a war on minorities. African Americans are almost four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana compared to white people, even though consumption rates are about the same between races. There are parts of America where that ratio is even more skewed against African Americans. Marijuana prohibition breeds racial profiling, and therefore organizers of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement want to see marijuana decriminalized. Tom Angell recently wrote about it on Marijuana.Com:

Activists leading the fight to stop the killing of African Americans by police officers unveiled a series of policy proposals on Friday aimed at converting the attention the Black Lives Matter movement has generated into fundamental reforms that could transform the way law enforcement interacts with the communities it is charged with serving and protecting.

Included among the recommendations from the new effort, Campaign ZERO, is the federal and state decriminalization of marijuana. Specifically, the group is endorsing a bill in Congress, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015. The legislation, sponsored by California Republican Dana Rohrabacher, would amend the Controlled Substances Act so that its penalties wouldn’t apply to anyone acting in accordance with state marijuana laws.

Decriminalization is great, but legalization is better. Statistics have shown that racial disparities in enforcement still exist even when marijuana has been decriminalized. With that being said, decriminalization is certainly better than prohibition, and is a great step in the right direction. I hope that the Black Lives Matter movement continues to push for marijuana reform. It’s one of the biggest and quickest ways to help end discrimination by law enforcement against people of color.


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  1. I can tell you’re from the unenlightened midwest.. iowa, etc. is right down there with Mississippi, etc. as being two horrid places to have to exist. Cops are all punk losers. Im white and have NEVER had a positive experience with one. When anarchy finally gladly comes to america cops will be the first for elimination.

  2. Señor SmokesALot on

    True , but they are suspossed to be “peace officers” not pull people over just to harass them for being alive. Hoping they have some drugs or expired tags or something so they can get those federal arrest fundings

  3. Jordan Shorette on

    oh you mean do their job without shooting people, yes that’s exactly what I mean give them their taser take the guns away they are not military and they are not trained as well so give em a baton a taser. American police kill approx. 500 people a year UK police have killed only 52 since 1900, theres a serious problem with this and it starts with trigger happy police. they are not an occupying force, they are not soldiers, and they are not the LAW they are public fucking servants with a god complex they need to be regulated to the extreme.

  4. Jordan Shorette on

    that’s not what I said and from my understanding the kid didn’t have one he reached for the cops therefor making the cop the one who brought a firearm into the situation

  5. They never let me go.I got white friends and they never let them go.the grass is always whiter on the other side of the fence i guess.total horse chit

  6. Until we live by Gods rules NOTHING WILL MAKE ANY SENSE…God bless us all.We sure need it.

  7. Phil A'sophia on

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you “buy the racial disparity claims,” because police agencies all over the country keep track of who they arrest, and regularly report that information to the FBI. Guess what: they report that they arrest more black people than white people. Surely, if you’re defending police actions here, then you’d never deny that they lie on their reports, right? So in the city of St. Louis, MO, where the population is near 50/50 black/white, these same police report that they arrest 18 black people for every 1 white person arrested. Therefore, the racial disparity is obvious to those who are willing to look at evidence. Further, those who deny the racial disparity that exists in the enforcement of drug laws must claim that police are misrepresenting the information they report to the FBI.

  8. Wow.cops should go after criminals unarmed.i was a drug dealer .Are you insane.you think good guys should chase bad guys that have guns on drugs without guns?

  9. And i garuntee you if i get out of my car at a cop stop(being “harrassed”even though im white.and acted like and idiot and ran away or got into a confrontation or whatever…id probably get shot.if i wasnt doing anything wrong and had no warrant it sucks being pulled over but if i act like a human being getting pulled over by the police, now im not gonna be arrested whether im black or white.Can ya dig?

  10. Any time as a group of young white kids cops saw us no matter what we was doing(and i live in the midwest)not in the hood.the ALWAYS not only gave us a hard time but ussually arrested me (us).only since ive stopped being out doin stuff and go to work and come home (now 40) has that stopped.but if a cop gets behind me i know im gettin stopped.(im white).There cops thats what they do.

  11. Jordan Shorette on

    just because a cop gets cleared doesn’t make what happened appropriate by any means if the cop had no gun to begin with the kid never would have been able to “grab for” his gun in the first place

  12. The majority of their population in Ferguson is black with over 60%. But this chuckleheads think for every black stopped, one white should be stopped. And there are a ton of criminals in Ferguson as well repeat offenders which is why they account for the higher number of arrests.

    If Black Lives Matter so much. simply follow the law. If they follow the law, arrests go down because no crime is being committed. I have only been stopped twice in my life and it was for something I did that brought the attention of the cops. A simple taillight out and because the color of my car’s exterior and inside were reversed on my registration.

    Why have I only been stopped twice in my life? I bet you will say white privilege but no, its because I follow the law.

    For all of the BLM chanting cops are racists or that white people still hate black people, I have found the behavior of many in that group to be just as big if not bigger racists then the people they are protesting against. There is no excuse for any person to hate any person because of their color. But let’s not act like black people aren’t just as bad as those they call racist.

  13. I agree there was a time when people had true freedom and not the freedom to choose from the choices given to them today. But like all things government, once it intrudes and takes away rights, it is damn near possible to get said liberty and rights back.

  14. Hmm…. according to testimony, Brown assaulted the officer and tried to grab his weapon inside the car. So Brown was apparently drying to draw first. And if you look at the autopsy results, the last shot was to the head and was done as Brown began falling forward to the ground. But he was shot in other places and kept moving forward according to the blood trail behind him. Facts and evidence are a stubborn thing.

    And it was lawful. Even in an Holder DOJ that loves all things racism, even cleared Wilson with no wrong-doing. So how isn’t it lawful?

  15. Señor SmokesALot on

    Perhaps because police engage in racial profiling. They see a group of young black men, “oh they must be up to no good, let’s go give them a hard time” see a group of young white men, “oh they just having good ol fun” Once we all realize we are all one human race, we shall progress farther than imaginable.

  16. Jordan Shorette on

    only a coward draws first, no cop should even have a gun, they are peace keepers not soldiers! the cop brought the firearm into the situation not the teenager, yeah he was bigger but if the cop would have been properly trained in self defense or some sort of martial arts his smaller stature wouldn’t have been an issue. that doesn’t even touch on the fact that he could have shot him anywhere but his fucking head. I’m not saying I do or don’t support black lives matter I just cant conceive how you think it was lawful

  17. by perfect world, you mean 100 years ago? because all drugs were legal then, and it didn’t cause anywhere near as many problems as prohibition. stupid people will exist no matter what the law says, and there will always be people overdosing on drugs or hurting themselves by misusing tools. the best way to prevent stupidity is education, not baby-proofing the planet.

    If all drugs were legal, and everyone had a proper drug education in middle school, there would be far fewer overdoses than we have now. but instead, we lie to kids about drugs, and force the curious ones to find more dangerous ways to experience altered consciousness. so instead of taking LSD, which has never caused an overdose and is extremely safe, they huff paint thinner or drink several bottles of Robitussin, or eat a few bottles of Dramamine, or smoke Spice.

    arguing that legalizing all drugs would be unsafe implies that drugs are made illegal based on harm or danger of overdose, but harm obviously has nothing to do with it. people accidentally die from overdosing on Tylenol all the time, but DARE never mentions that as part of their drug education.

  18. That’s what the Democrats tell you. That is such bullshit just like the Democrats claimed after the Civil Rights Acts that both sides switched parties. And it funny you claim the Dems have admitted their wrongs. In their cry to remove the Confederate flag, I did not hear one single Democrat asked to remove the flag they put up because they were wrong.

  19. Intergalactic Pimp on

    The Dems have admitted wrong and changed, and Repubs adopted all the wrongs the Dems admitted to.

  20. In a perfect world, you could do that and leave responsibility and accountability to each person to make their own choices and accept any consequences. But we are no where near society as whole making good decisions. Hell, many people cannot even make good purchase decisions and end up on government assistance while owning the latest gaming consoles and large screen TVs. But yes, in an ideal world each person would get to decide for themselves the things they wish to ingest.

    But that doesn’t mesh well with the control government wants to exert over its people. If everything was legalized, you can bet there would be an increase of drug overdoses (not from from cannabis but others). The government would be in a tizzy. Not because they care about lives but because they care more about lost tax revenue. And no offense, but parents are not always educated well enough on the medicines prescribed to their children. If they were, there is no way mahy of these parents would allow their child to be prescribed all of these mind altering drugs for ADHD and the like.

  21. The Democrats routinely revise history to put themselves in the best light. It was the KKK and the Democrats that hoisted up the Confederate flag but then call for it to be taken down and media pundits claim it was symbolic of Republican racism.

    It was the Republicans who put together the Civil Rights Act that was only signed by a Democrat President. Only 6 Republican Senators opposed the bill while 21 Democratic Senators opposed passage.

    Lyndon B. Johnson was a racist himself who loved to utter the “n” word. After Johnson signed the CRA, he made the statement that he believed “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican party for a long time to come,” and Democrats have lost the South for a generation.


    Then we have Harry Anslinger. I believe that Anslinger was appointed to his post by a Democrat. Yes, the same Anslinger that said “There are 100000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers.”

    But now all of a sudden, Democrats are reversing course all in the name of trying to get support and votes. How shocking.

  22. You are giving 13% of the population far too much credit and influence. You act as if those 13% can change anything on their own. If this country was as racist as the media and the Black Lives Movement want you to believe it is, life would be much worse for those 13% and it surely isn’t.

    Now if you made the argument that the rich want to suppress the poor and middle class, you would have an argument.

  23. And I am not so sure I buy the racial disparity claims. To give that validation, one would have to assume the police let the white people caught with weed go while arresting the minorities. Do you really think that happens enough to cause such racial disparity? Or is it possible that those busted are actually out in public when they are stopped and those lead to arrests?

    Also, one of the reasons those numbers are more concentrated in certain areas is the increased population in those areas in addition to the increased police presence.

    Black Lives Don’t Matter until they start taking serious the black crimes that are occurring. Do the black lives lost in Chicago matter? Of course they don’t because they are occurring at the hands of other black men.

  24. Wake me up when #BlackCrimesMatter because until they do, #BlackLivesMatter is nothing more than hype and a catchy slogan born out of city where a black kid was shot lawfully and the stupid narrative “Hand Up Don’t Shoot” originated from despite the evidence showing Mike Brown charging at a cop after assaulting the officer in the car.

  25. You might also want to look up “Why Black Ministers Support Prohibition” – which they did for the longest time. Only recently have they changed their tune.

  26. We survived as a nation until 1914 when the fear of cocainized Negroes got cocaine outlawed.

    We are still surviving. But instead of a cocaine problem we now have a cocaine + criminals problem.

    Not an improvement.

  27. Dude,

    The Democrat Party is the Party of racism. They instituted Drug Prohibition – Harrison Narcotics Act and Cannabis Prohibition – for racist reasons.

    Now they have changed their tune. And instead of saying they were mistaken – blame Republicans.

    Republicans can be blamed for continuing Prohibition but when Prohibition started Republicans opposed it.

    You may recall that the Republican Party was the anti-Slavery Party. Abraham Lincoln ring a bell?

  28. If they can make a law that they now that poor or blacks that they could suppress there rights to vote or carry a weapon that was the plan from get go that way the wealthy could run the world. So many have been tagets since the day they were given a right to vote and the republican party was not going to let the black vote sway the rich in this country take that law away and we would have a fair and balanced world.

  29. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I’d love to hear the brilliant Dave Chappelle’s opinion on this subject. The man could make a huge impact by speaking out more in favor of legal cannabis.

  30. we should legalize all drugs. anything less is an invasion of medical privacy and an attack on your freedom to make your own medical decisions. nothing should require a prescription. every drug should be over the counter for all adults, and allowed for children with a parent’s consent.

  31. The drug community does not need or want their support. We fought long and hard to get to this point and don’t need some idiots to screw it up.

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