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Black Widow Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Black Widow Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

I have heard the Black Widow marijuana strain referred to as the evil sister to the White Widow marijuana strain. Just as is the case with the White Widow marijuana strain, the Black Widow marijuana strain has a very high THC concentration (up to 28%), and will put you on the couch for long periods of time if you consume too much. Of course, if that’s the desired effect, then by all means consume as much Black Widow as you want. The Black Widow marijuana strain was bred by Mr. Nice Seed Bank, and won first place at the 1995 Cannabis Cup. The Black Widow marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Check out the Black Widow marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Black Widow,  and how Black Widow affects various ailments.

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black widow marijuana strain


black widow marijuana strain


black widow marijuana strain


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  1. Wesley Harrison on

    I would say theres so much redhair in my batch it looks like Shawn White and Carrot top sharing a chair lift at lake taho.But seriously these are some kind nugs im giving it and tonights other legal for me to consume where i live strain called nuken both a solid 5 and i do not hand those out like candy i mark hard but fair ive been getting alot of 4.5 even 4.75 s on the board latly and its been wonderfull but this and a little nuken which comes on far faster and more sedative arevgonna get my highest so far 5 you guys want picks i just squashed my big crown nug oh nuken and im a wee to stone to mess around but you guys deserve it.

  2. Beautiful Buds, I’m a old head, I wish I could have gotten weed this potent back in the 70’s and 80’s. My wish just might come true if Delaware ever gets it act together.

  3. Mostly wishful thinking. Right now I’m growing THC Bombs. They’re supposed to reach a maximum of only 90 cms, but I have one that’s already 110 cms, but that’s okay. This is my first grow and they’re barely into the flowering stage, so the jury is still out on its quality.

  4. Sounds intriguing; okay the 28% THC sounds intriguing. How tall does it get? I’m growing outdoors (patio), so need something fairly small. Since it’s sativa dominant I guess it’s a tall one.

  5. The aroma of it is intoxicating. All it takes is a gram and you be feeling it hard

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