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Blue Crack Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Blue Crack Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Blue Crack marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The Blue Crack marijuana strain is a cross between the Blue Dream strain and the Green Crack strain. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the name ‘crack’ when it is applied to marijuana, but the strains are always top notch, with Blue Crack being included. Some consumers have described the Blue Crack marijuana strain as being ‘energetic,’ actually motivating the user to complete tasks. This is far from a couch lock strain. The aroma from the Blue Crack marijuana strain has a hint of blueberry, and a similar taste. A great strain for daytime use when you need to get tasks completed but still need a good buzz.

Check out the Blue Crack strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Blue Crack, and how Blue Crack affects various ailments.

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blue crack marijuana strain


blue crack marijuana strain


blue crack marijuana strain


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Johnny Green


  1. How about “Green Kerosene”…jet fuel to take you places you want to go. Easy name change. Even has blue and green colors in it when you pour it out (I space heat with it). Kerosene really is jet fuel.

  2. The crack tag has to go . MARIJUANA strains should not carry any names from those poisonous cocaine and opiate drugs .

  3. That’s what I say. Why do we have to ingest on way or another additional not-needed chemicals.

  4. Wouldn’t the best course of action be to separate cannabis from the truly harmful drugs? Naming strains after poisons must delight the hell out of people like Kevin Sabet.

  5. I also agree about the bad stigma crack carries, and yes coke is my fav bev also but coke is also a bad stigma , since that’s all the call the powder cocaine in my area as coke. Or crack coke. So let’s just call it like green dream or dream green, or even blue green strain. But let’s leave it the marijuana catagories..

  6. mark_lee481 BSHA on

    I am with you Johnny, crack is not such a regulation friendly name. Even though it is a wonderful medical strain, and breeding it with Blue Dreams can only enhance these fabulous effects, crack carries such a stigma. Why not green coffee? Or cola? Coke is one of my favorite energizing sodas. Let’s just keep it away from hard drug names like crack, acid, or speed. Purple Haze is the name of a song, one they have likely heard. As we gain more and more legitimacy, let’s not put negative thoughts in their heads.

  7. I cannot wait until I’m back on the West Coast and try this strain. I love Green Crack, and I’m sure Blue Crack is just as good, and maybe even better :D

  8. Something I’d like to see would be what type of weed goes with what flavor of blunt wrap. I know the fun is experimenting, but I also like to know proven facts.

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