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Congressman Blumenauer To Offer Amendment To Allow VA Doctors To Recommend Medical Marijuana

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This week, when the U.S. House of Representatives considers the FY 2017 Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations bill, Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) will offer an amendment to make it easier for qualified veterans to access medical marijuana.

Currently, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) specifically prohibits its medical providers from completing forms brought by their patients seeking recommendations or opinions regarding a veteran’s participation in a state medical marijuana program. This forces veterans out of the VA system to seek a simple recommendation for treatment for eligible conditions as granted to them by state laws. Representative Blumenauer’s amendment ensures that no funds made available to the VA can be used to implement this prohibition, which would, in effect, strike it down.

“It’s wrong and unfair to force our veterans outside of the VA system to simply seek a recommendation on whether or not medical marijuana is a good treatment option. And, our VA physicians should not be denied the ability to offer such a recommendation if they think it may meet the needs of their patient,” said Representative Blumenauer. “We received more support to fix this situation than ever before last year. I hope we can build on that support and that my colleagues will show compassion and do what’s right for our veterans.”

Since 2014, Congressman Blumenauer has led the effort to make it easier for qualified veterans to access medical marijuana – which can be used in many states to treat a variety of conditions, including post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries frequently suffered by veterans. Last year, the amendment narrowly failed 210-213, compared to 2014 when it failed 195-222. Additionally, Representative Blumenauer introduced legislation that would allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients in accordance with state law.

Source: Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s Office


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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    I haven’t read all this yet, but I will.This is an amazing rant (rant being used in a good way, as inspired by Pete Guither’s DrugWarRant)

  2. Cynical Sailor on

    Those politicians are not uninformed as you allege they know exactly what they are doing.
    Take a look at their campaign and PAC donors and you will find a lot of pharmaceutical companies that are against a homeopathic remedy like medical marijuana.
    Self-enrichment of politicians is the root of the refusal to allow homeopathic remedies.

  3. Thomas Presley on

    Politician’s are not born, they are EXCRETED. Most anything run by the Federal Government is a disaster. So grossly incompetent they fail at running a whore house. All about paying back the corporations that put them into office. Massive cluster F. FUBAR. I’m a Vietnam Veteran. Officer, MP and US Paratrooper. Pulled Duty Officer i.e. “Chief of Police” of the entire War Theater Island of Okinawa. 1969-72. NO HELP from the VA for 40 years!! Over a dozen VA Psychiatrist,Toxic Drug Dealers, tried endless SSRI’s (anti-depressants) to kill me. Ambient had me sleep walking and wrecking my home. Flat-lined me. No life, no fun, no joy, no sex, no gardening, no more love of anything…just flat-lined and looking forward to the day I finally commit suicide. Thousands of toxic pills gave me no where else to turn but death as living in a shell with NO FOOD for 8 months…VA sent me case after case of Ensure. NOT ONE came to help me over the year confined to bed over 16 + hours daily. Inflamed red soars all over and up my A$$! Terrible VERTIGO. Sick 24/7/365! Horrid Edema from the knees down. Swelled up twice the size. Rushed to the Emergency room again. No love, no help NO LIFE. VA sent me down to Fort Miley for a month in the most horrid waste of life “Psychological Intensive Program.” Miserable for a near Isolationist. I completed that course after spending a 72 hour hold called a 5150 in the VA Hospital Nut house. Only made me worse….MUCH WORSE. Following my “Graduation” from the Psychological in my face interrogation of one month I came home to commit suicide a short time after the worst program to help a Veteran EVER! Food in the hospital was not food at all but dead waste. I carried out my two years of SUICIDAL IDEATION to the T. Buried a 6″ boning knife between two ribs and over my left lung and heart. Studied Function Human Anatomy and dissected a cadaver decades earlier so I knew where the vital organs are.
    First inch was miserably painful but the next 5 were like a hot knife through butter. No matter how painful it was, it was not more painful than existing in hell. ANGRILY I TWISTED THE HANDLE multiple times to make sure I would die, further opening the entry wound. Blood was all over the place. Each time my heart beat it shot out. I did NOT DIE, obviously. Rushed into the Emergency Room at Kaiser as a team swooped down on me to save my life if possible. One gentle elder doctor put his right hand on my left emaciated shoulder and said, “SON, GOD IS NOT DONE WITH YOU.” I said I’m done with God, please finish what I unfortunately failed to do. I am an Elite US Paratrooper and I don’t fail!!! Up to the 3rd floor and under another armed guard. Next night two men put me on a gurney and rolled me into their Ambulance. From Santa Rosa, Ca, BACK DOWN TO 5150 to one flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest to room with Veteran Heroin addicts etc. HORRID EXPERIENCE after failing suicide, wishing I had access to a firearm. Swore them off after discharge or I would have blown my head off decades ago. EVERYTHING the VA did pushed me further toward DEATH. Healing from my wounds, months late, the Miracle came: I was told the following by a crystal clear voice: “GET YOUR TEMPLE IN ORDER AND GO OUT AND PREACH MY HEALING GOSPEL OF NUTRITIOUS SEEDS.” I thought WOW! Now I know why I was saved from self. To teach others how to save themselves. I fired the entire Mentally Ill VA Department, telling the head VA Psychiatrist he needed a “CHECK UP FROM THE NECK UP!” Left the building and went into the adjacent vacant lot where the Veteran’s Organic Peace Garden was starting. I told all that I would finish what they started. Sent them all home as I was raised on a Farm and knew exactly what to do. I Built 7 raised beds in about one days time as a Master Artisan Craftsman and lifetime Organic Gardner. For two solid years I tended that Garden Immaculately. Cut flowers and veggies for my Primary Care Physician and for the Dental Department I love so. Spent about $1,000 of my own money to make it beautiful. The garden HEALED ME and I healed many via speaking with endless Veteran’s that came to the VA Clinic. MIRACLES were occurring daily. I gave away a lot of organic veggies to thankful Veteran’s. If the entire VA had organic gardens at each clinic MOST OF THE VETERANS WOULD GET HEALTHIER AND HEALTHIER, not sicker and sicker on toxic synthetic petrochemical molecular PILLS FROM HELL for the greedy, yet selfish VA. I became known as Farmer Tom the Officer Gardner. Taught a class of Veteran’s run by the VA Dietitians out in the garden. Had them pick fresh veggies and I had them all help in making fresh SALSA. Brought a Pickl-it Fermentation Jar full of my several month Fermented Salsa. Everyone tasted the salsa and ALL LOVED THE FERMENTED MUCH BETTER (much, much healthier as the chemistry in fermented food is far more nutritious as it is predigested goodness) as I also teach sprouting, juicing, cultures of Kefir, Jun and Kombucha, dehydration and the biggie Anaerobic Fermentation. Will be 7 years after the failed “THANK GOD” suicide this coming Christmas. My life has become a Heaven on Earth as I do daily what was spoken to me about getting my temple in order. I taught myself how to DETOX from the THOUSANDS of toxic pharmaceutical death pills and take NONE TODAY. What DOES work, like nothing else, is the simple plant that covers much of the earth as a weed. God’s medicine, not made in a chemical lab but in the sunshine of life. GREEN, meaning CHLOROPHYL AND OXYGEN, i.e. LIFE!!! Very smart in the sciences and Food as Medicine, my calling is now reaching many people round the world as I give out endless professionally printed calling cards that say NATURAL HEALING * FOOD AS MEDICINE Let Mother Nature Be Your Pharmacist. Thomas Presley 707 527-9377 twpresley@mac.com. I teach the globe over via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, charging no one even one penny and given away endless tens of thousands of dollars to worthy folks. Teaching them how to overcome the worst cancers, diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc. By FAR the MORST REWARDING things I have done in near 70 years. Sad our own Federal Government prohibits Veterans from the ONE MEDICINE with no side effects that WORKS for endless physical and mental maladies as the human system is networked with the CANNABINOID SYSTEM that PERFECTLY MATCHES THAT OF THE CANNABIS PLANTS! Imagine that. One plant that does so much good and is so FEARED by the engrained mega bucks industries it was outlawed, not for the lie that it is Reefer Madness, but for the FACTS that one plant could wipe out established families of big industry. AMA Medical Doctors lobbied Congress to continue to PRESCRIBE Medical Marijuana LEGALLY but were told their licenses would be revoked if they persisted. Hence Congress passed the laws against it in 1937-42 and NO MORE LEGAL PRESCRIPTIONS WERE WRITTEN until states passed laws to legalize it. Feds maintain their toxic stance against it as a class 1 drug with NO MEDICINAL VALUE WHATSOEVER. BOLD FACED LIES as it has been used exceptionally successfully for many thousands of years. If any of you NEED, WANT OR DESIRE HELP FOR PTSD ETC, I am the guy you need to speak with or email. I do it all to Pay it Forward for my life being SAVED FROM SELF. VA Psychiatrists wanted me dead. US Governments wants us all DEAD as after we do their DIRTY WORK and ETS, they have no more use for us. Only Life begets Life. Toxic deadly drugs beget death.

  4. Peter Greene on

    Rep. B is from my district and he has been a staunch supporter of marijauna law reform from the get go. The problem stems from too many uninformed conservative politicians who block this sort of legislation. The VA Sucks when it comes to actually changing things to help veterans. I’m so disgusted with my VA doctors. The entire system is set up to benefit the VA and not the veteran! If I could find an attorney that would help me sue the VA for dereliction of duty I’ve got a hands down winning case.

    Thank you Rep. Blumenauer! I so appreciate your reform efforts!!!!!

  5. EVERY politician has such kind words for veterans but refuse to remove marijuana from the federal drug schedule. Marijuana has proven to be very effective in treating pain and PTSD but the VA doctors can’t even help the vets while 22 veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY. Our record-setting, do-nothing REPUBLICAN CONGRESS is quick to start decade-long wars but just can’t seem to get past lip service for HELPING AMERICAN VETERANS.

  6. Cynical Sailor on

    A homeopathic medicine like marijuana will NEVER defeat the lobbying of “Big Pharma.”
    The VA is the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in America.
    Congress no longer represents constituents,
    congress only represents their self-interests and those of their political donors.
    Congress is “pay to play” and until the marijuana industry can buy influence by means of larger campaign donations,
    marijuana will never be studied nor used in the VA healthcare system.
    Money is the primary influence in politics not veterans.

  7. saynotohypocrisy on

    Thank you for your service and willingness to sacrifice for this country and thank you for this testimony. The people leading the war on medicinal cannabis tend to be the same people who loudly proclaim how grateful they are to vets, but their insane hatred for cannabis, or their financial self-interest, overrides everything else, including common decency.

  8. Earlwin Warren on

    I am a disabled veteran with PTSD currently a refugee in Colorado the VA said I was a marijuanabuser when I got off the 32 different meds that I was taking that they prescribe for me at the North Carolina VA office I’m living proof that medical marijuana works best for PTSD over the prescription drugs that almost committed suicide on twice I don’t prefer marijuana it just works better you haven’t took her VA prescription drug in over a year and I feel great just can’t afford to keep paying for it so the VA allowing it for PTSD and pain how are your two prescriptions filled the government gives some patients medical marijuana why can’t they give it to the veterans that have served this country so well what happened to the Grateful Nation

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