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Representative Blumenauer Statement On Legalization Of Adult Use Of Marijuana In Oregon


Earl Blumenauer marijuanaToday, Representative Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) released the following statement on the legalization of adult use of marijuana in Oregon on July 1.

“Tomorrow in Oregon we end the failed prohibition of marijuana and will very soon be regulating and taxing the adult use of marijuana along the supply chain from growth to consumption. For years, Oregon has been far ahead of the federal government on marijuana policy, and now again following the will of voters is one of the first to move ahead with the legalization.”

“Part of this leadership comes with asking the tough regulatory questions around issues such as safety, enforcement, packaging, research and education. Leaders from the state and local government as well as leaders within the emerging Oregon marijuana industry are well underway grappling with these questions. One thing is certain, however – this would all be much easier without the confusing patchwork of federal and state laws that trap businesses and state regulators in the middle. We are seeing shifts at the federal level to reconcile these differences, but have much more to do to. I will continue in my efforts to reform our outdated marijuana policy and level the playing field for businesses that follow state laws and create jobs. The federal government should be a partner in building systems that work at the state level, not an obstacle. We should start with allowing these legal marijuana businesses to have bank accounts and tax them fairly.”

Source: Earl Blumenauer


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  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I hope you will be remembered forever, Mr. Earl Blumenauer, as a political savior of our constitutional republic–a country whose most basic principles have been completely shredded for 80 years by a federal, state and local tyranny unleashed against totally peaceful cannabis plants. I thank you with all my heart, sir, for having the courage to stand up and speak truth to that power. Oregon is definitely a “home of the brave.”

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