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Representative Blumenauer Statement On Marijuana-Related Amendments To CJS Appropriations Bill


Earl Blumenauer marijuanaRepresentative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) today released the following statement regarding amendments relating to the federal treatment of state marijuana and hemp laws to the H.R. 2578, Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Act, including amendments offered by Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and McClintock (R-CA).

“We made incredible progress today through passage of amendments that remove the threat of federal interference from state hemp and medical marijuana laws. Congress showed more support today than ever before, making this the latest victory in a quiet revolution underway across America to reform and modernize our marijuana laws.

“This follows the narrow defeat of my Veterans Equal Access Amendment to the House MilCon-VA appropriations bill and passage in Senate Appropriations Committee of a similar amendment. Action today demonstrates the forward momentum on this issue in Congress.

“I was disappointed to see Congressman McClintock’s broader amendment narrowly fail. Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska should be free to move forward with their voter approved adult-use marijuana programs also free of the threat of federal interference. I look forward to continuing to work toward this goal.”

Source: Representative Earl Blumenauer


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  1. You should really try to post while sober – otherwise you come across as mentally challenged.

  2. “Only some whos brain is fried from smoking too much pot could deny it.” I bow down to your prowess, oh venerable authority on the merits of intelligence, or lack thereof.

    You speak of Kevin A. Sabet as as if he were the coming of some messiah worthy of a cult following. Granted, you seem to be at least mildly correct due to the ever plummeting IQ of the American populous, but the man is hardly a master of mind control. The only people who listen to this man are deaf to science, and reason.

    Everything he quotes has been debunked or comes from a source of questionable intent such as NIDA, which happens to be the least reliable source of information pertaining to cannabis.

    They are legally forbidden from ever publicly admitting the medicinal value of cannabis, even when such value is scientifically evident, published, and reviewed. Gil Kirlikowski was confronted about this by Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) during a hearing, and was unable to even comment.

    The ultimate truth is that Kevin Sabet and his merry band of dolts are being systematically defeated all across America. The majority of American voters, including young Republicans, favor cannabis reform for recreational purposes. Even more support medicinal cannabis. The tide is turning and the only people that even bother to come out against legalization anymore are half illiterate.

  3. Get out of your delusion. When people hear Kevin Sabet speak, they change their minds and turn against legalization instantly. Only some whos brain is fried from smoking too much pot could deny it.

  4. If there are two people in a conversation and one of them is Kevin Sabat I’d place much money on Sabat being full of shit. I’m not sure the guy knows how to tell the truth anymore.

  5. Wait a minute… How could your side and Kevin Sabet be happy at what happened in Congress at the same time??????? One of you is full of shit; Stop twisting the facts! Heres what Kevin Sabet tweeted..

    “We stopped the pro legalization
    McClintock-Polis amendment today.
    The all-nighters paid off – thanks to staff @learnaboutsam !”

  6. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Earl Blumenauer of Oregon is a good American man, genuinely bold and compassionate all at once. It’s largely because of his loud advocacy within the belly of the federal Anti-Marihuana beast, together with Colorado firebrand Jared Polis, that such little victories are possible. Now, Blumenauer and Polis should form some type of alliance with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (a lady with a giant heart who can lead and win this fight!), Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker to get the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States Act passed. As in, TOMORROW. That’s how important this really is. It’s despicable that we’ve had to endure 8 decades of Harry Asshole’s, I mean, Anslinger’s “Reefer Madness.”

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