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Boise News Covers Medical Marijuana Patients, Child Custody


dea kids children medical marijuana patientThe unjust persecution of the Idaho Three has galvanized the cannabis community across the country and had illustrated just how far we still have to go for true equality for the cannabis community.  The plight of the Idaho Three also demonstrates the true courage of cannabis law reform activists literally putting their lives on the line fighting to end a senseless war.

Lindsey Rinehart is the chief petitioner for Idaho’s medical marijuana initiative.  She is a multiple sclerosis patient who’s experienced a remarkable recovery by using cannabis to treat her symptoms.  She is the director Compassionate Idaho, a group working to pass medical marijuana legislation in the Gem State. In her role she has become one of the state’s most high-profile cannabis law reform supporters, along with her husband Josh Rinehart, who is the director of Idaho NORML, the local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  Her friend. Sarah Caldwell, is the financial director for Moms for Marijuana International, another activist group which was formed by Idaho medical cannabis patient activist Serra Frank.

If you can help the Idaho Three financially to offset legal expenses, please visit http://rad-r.us/IdahoFund - this is not just any other child custody case. This is law enforcement using targeted, selective prosecution to silence an effective political activist.

Over the next few months as Lindsey is forced to go without cannabis to save her family, her condition will deteriorate. She will be far less of a mother than she can be. The emotional and physical toll this will take is more than anyone should ever have to bear. Plus, multiple sclerosis is the type of condition that is exacerbated by stress. Let’s ease as much of the financial stress as we can for our brave freedom fighter – donate if you can to http://rad-r.us/IdahoFund (it is just a short link; I get no financial benefit from this, all the money goes straight to the Idaho Three.)

I am a third-generation Idahoan. This is not the way the people of Idaho want to see Lindsey and her family treated. The Idahoans I know are a compassionate, Christian people who are smart enough to tell the difference between a criminal drug trafficker and a seriously ill mother battling multiple sclerosis with the only medicine that works. They are sensible enough to distinguish between some stoner using a medical excuse and a bona fide disabled person who gets legitimate medical relief from the cannabis plant.

The polling backs me up. In 2011 the Boise State University Public Policy Survey found 74 percent support for allowing “terminally and seriously ill patients to use and purchase marijuana for medical purposes.”  But whilethree out of four Idahoans think police should leave Lindsey alone, the Idaho Legislature voted 29-5 in the Senate and 63-7 in the House on a symbolic measure to “state its opposition to efforts to legalize marijuana for any purpose in the State of Idaho,” making sure to put scare quotes around “medical” marijuana.  Rep. Luke Malek of Coeur d’Alene even said when Lindsey is advocating to use cannabis medicine and not have her family torn asunder and be locked in a cage and forced to suffer the degrading physical and emotional toll of slowly succumbing to multiple sclerosis, it is just a “farcical predatory scheme” to get weed in the hands of children.

This madness must end.  I am perfectly OK with Idaho choosing to be a “dry” state if it wishes to be.  If it wishes to retain laws that can imprison me there for merely having the presence of inert marijuana metabolites in my pee, fine. I made my choice to move and contribute to another economy.  So many sick and disabled Idahoans I know have sought asylum in Oregon and Washington that I call it “the Under-green Railroad”. But to force seriously disabled people like Lindsey Rinehart to choose between their family and their health care, to treat her as a criminal or banish her from her home state, to subject her children to terror when none existed in the home prior, is unfair, unjust, and un-Christian.  Idahoans, you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing police to do this to Lindsey Rinehart in your name.

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Executive Director: Russ Belville has been active in Oregon marijuana reform since 2005, when he was elected second-in-command of the state affiliate, Oregon NORML. After four years with Oregon NORML, Russ was hired by National NORML in 2009, working as Outreach Coordinator and hosting the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast until 2012. Since then, Russ launched the 420RADIO marijuana legalization network and is the host of The Russ Belville Show, a live daily marijuana news talk radio program. Russ is also a prolific writer, with over 300 articles posted online and in print in HIGH TIMES, Huffington Post, Alternet, The Weed Blog, Marijuana Politics, and more.


  1. We must share this info and help with funds,
    Share often,maybe your share will help more.
    We all need to stand up and speak out…
    We are the majority, we are everyday kind of people.
    Our fear is their strongest weapon against us.
    It kills us slowly from the inside while it robs us of joy!

  2. Rev. Levon Cordingley on

    There is a national epidemic of over zealous CPS and social workers taking children for what they believe are just causes, however they are ignorant of medical cannabis and it’s safe medical properties. This a war that can be won with education and federal law suits. There are many people suing CPS and social workers for violating our civil rights when it comes to taking our children. Do not sue in state courts because it is safe to assume all state courts have been compromised and are corrupt.

  3. First, and foremost, Idaho has a tendency to falsify Title IV-E Foster Care Claims. A U.S. Health and Human Services Inspector General’s report has shown that. Title IV-E is made primarily for children with Disabilities for better care. The falsifications were made from 2006-2008 according to the report.

  4. james james on

    Good luck. Idaho Three….I hope your children are back home, safe and sound with loving, well and happy parents as soon as possible.

  5. james james on

    and here was my reply to that post

    David…You rabid response in defending the Boise Police is disgusting. You act like I do not know what I am saying as if I live somewhere else, other than the area indicated in the story. There is no way you can defend the actions of the Boise Police in this case. The cannabis was not in an area where Lindsey’s children had access. And all of the BS of “Knock and Talk” and intruding into private residences without a warrant is still not right. I read the papers from Twin Falls, Boise, Ontario, Weiser, Nampa, Hailey, papers, the Valley times and a lot of little county weeklies. Does that satisfy for “Local”. These welfare checks are just pretenses, and as I state are a specialty of the BPD, who removes more children than any other agency. It is not the Police’s mission to be the judge and jury for what is acceptable living conditions. NOT THEIR JOB!, david.

    Now that I have responded, I must assure you that my family has been here before the place was even a state, and really resent the fact that you think that I have come here from somewhere else to trash the state. Your Gestapo attitude is what is trashing the state. I am surprised that you would come on this forum and defend the actions of a Police state..oh, sorry, you are probably a LEO, anyway (how is that for jumping to conclusions, based upon your rant?..maybe not accurate, but that is how you come across..)

    Nothing that I have said are lies…so I say that you lie…how about that…G’day, mate….

  6. james james on

    Posted by David Cline (not anonymous) on Apr 30 2013

    Draconian… Maybe that is why so many people move to Idaho from the so called enlightened states. They have trashed the crap out of their own states and now want a better life. Simple possession of over 3 oz is a mandatory trafficing charge (usually only if packaged for sale). The Police had no warrant (don’t need one,,, it is called knock and talk) and (how do you know this, were you there, no so this statement is BS) cajoled the babysitter into consenting to the search. THEN, they got a warrant (perfectly legal and proper) after they had looked through the (again, were you there,,,entire house is a BIG word). The Boise Police remove a number of children every month on this type of charge(really? How many, source your facts please, I want to see them as do many others). I read a lot of local papers (what papers, where, local as in LA, Boston, Boise?) and nowhere else do the police engage in the wholesale (back up your statement please) child removal as the Boise Police Department does (in speaking witH CPS it is usually filth and meth that gets kids removed. VERY LITTLE POT IS INVOLVED). The BPD also came on the news with a scathing reply to Lindsey’s plea for her children (what is good for the goose eh?). A case of pure political harassment (uh politics had nothing to do with it. PurelyA case of someone leaving an illegal substance where a child could get to it and if it is harassment then it woul dbe Police Harassment and I like the fact thery harass the crap out of law breakers. Don’t like it? Move to California and take your freinds with you otherwise be thankful you live in a state where the crime erate is so damned low you can walk down the street at night, alone and not get shot at.

    This was the reply to my post…

  7. james james on

    This is a comment that I left on another forum. This site said that it was Iowa…

    This story is about IDAHO…not IOWA…Idaho has some of the most draconian cannabis laws in all of the states. simple possession of over 3 oz is a mandatory trafficking charge. The Police had no warrant and cajoled the babysitter into consenting to the search. THEN, they got a warrant after they had looked through the entire house. The Boise Police remove a number of children every month on this type of charge. I read a lot of local papers and nowhere else do the police engage in the wholesale child removal as the Boise Police Department does. The BPD also came on the news with a scathing reply to Lindsey’s plea for her children. A case of pure political harassment.

  8. Chris in WI on

    “The Idahoans I know are a compassionate, Christian people who are smart enough to tell the difference between a criminal drug trafficker and a seriously ill mother battling multiple sclerosis with the only medicine that works.”

    First of all I support activism without losing your kids for it, but I have a couple problems with the above statement. It insinuates we atheists are not good compassionate people and implies those using cannabis for not medical use are criminals. Locking up people for using free choice or taking their kids is the crime! Neither is implicitly stated, but it sure jumps out that way to me… We activists have to stop throwing each other unde the bus for selfish reasons. Everyone should have legal access to cannabis not just the sick!

  9. I lived in Idaho most my life and finally made the sane decision to leave that god awful hell. I was being sought after and persecuted for living a “free” and private life. I didn’t hurt anyone but was sure attacked on a regular basis by the local government. I moved to a legal state and the problem followed me right up until the legalized it here. Things have to change in this world. I chose to flee…leaving my family behind. I’m trying to get them to leave that place as well. I hope the voters there start to realize that they outnumber the old crazy people who have a dictatorial hand clenching the native and beautiful lands of Idaho. Best wishes to the <3.

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