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Boston Mayor Says He Will Block Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


boston mayor martin walsh medical marijuanaMayor Martin J. Walsh moved this week to stymie the opening of two medical marijuana dispensaries in Boston, voicing his toughest opposition so far at a forum in Dorchester and firing off a letter to state officials urging swift action if inaccuracies are found in the companies’ applications.

“I am writing to express my serious concern regarding the two registered marijuana dispensary applicants in the city of Boston,” the mayor wrote in a letter dated Tuesday that was addressed to the state’s secretary of health and human services, John Polanowicz, and the executive director of the state’s medical marijuana program, Karen Van Unen.

Walsh said questions have been raised about the two companies, Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals Inc., which is eyeing a 3,000-square-foot dispensary at 70 Southampton St., and Good Chemistry of Massachusetts Inc., which has planned a store on Boylston Street.

He noted that the state is assessing the veracity of dispensary applications and urged “swift and uniform action” if inaccuracies are found, saying that would reaffirm confidence in the regulatory process.

“If any information provided in either application is confirmed to be inaccurate, I ask that the Department of Public Health immediately eliminate that application from being eligible for a final certification of registration,” Walsh wrote.

A state health and human services spokeswoman did not return repeated calls for comment Tuesday.

The letter follows public comments Walsh made during a community presentation Monday. The mayor said he is “dead set” against marijuana dispensaries, has long opposed medical marijuana laws, and would prevent stores in Boston that sell cannabis.

“I have made it very clear to the state that I don’t want these dispensaries in our city,” Walsh told about 200 people at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, a small wooden house of worship on a corner of Humboldt Avenue, in a neighborhood where opposition to the marijuana dispensaries is fierce.

But Walsh probably faces an uphill battle to stop the shops, analysts said. With a voter-approved law establishing the dispensaries and a state licensing process underway, Walsh might be able to stall the process by using the city’s zoning laws, but ultimately would have little power to permanently ban the stores, said Jeffrey M. Berry, a Tufts University political science professor.

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  1. Guess what……….he’s a democrat. Just in case folks were thinking that maybe democrats have more sanity on the marijuana issue than republicans.

  2. If the mayor of Boston thinks he can stop medical marijuana from happening in his city he is wrong. It has been tried in other cities before Boston and there will be more after Boston. The first big problem is the mayor of Boston claims the city as his. The city of Boston in owned by the people who live there. If the people voted to have medical marijuana for its citizens over the age of 18 with medical needs than that’s the law. If this mayor continues to go against the will of the voters than they need to vote him right out of office.

  3. Foxeh Chandonnet on

    I wonder what he would do if he found out the US Government had a Medical Marijuana program called the Compassionate IND, still providing weed as medicine to patients to this day. And has been doing so since the 1970’s

  4. Vote his ass out next time around it will be a costly decision. Sanja Gupta has proven we have all be lied to by the government about medical benifits and non addictive properties it was all goverment cover up to protect pharmaceutical companies from some thing that help so many can grow in their backyard and use their own clean medicine.Some politicians are still in their pockets vote them out they are corrupt ,sell drugs fast tracted though FDA with warnings on most that say can cause sudden .They try and counter by saying we don’t know enough about marijuana. Another lie they have been giving us they have studied and studied since the 70’s on seven patients ,two are still getting so called G-13 medical cigarettes.That right look it up they should know better to continue the lie now that the truth is out.Just like everything we say is somewhere out there.So is information made public during the Clinton and O’Bama presidency the most transparent presidents to date.Jimmy Carter also did not hide the fact of growing cannabis at a government research center at a southern college.They have plenty of information that’s why the hold a patent ona cancer cure made for cannabis extract.Enough families have suffered vote out the pharmaceutical companies backers from city council to Congressmen and women and Senators ,Governor’s and president’s who continue to lie to get backing from these pharmaceutical companies and industry. Vote with your mind not your party those days are over we need to become more involved in our government in America we have a very powerful vote that many don’t use I was one of those people never again.

  5. Impressive. Vowing to block something that was approved by the majority of voting citizens in your district is quite a move. I’m just wondering if this was a political suicide attempt, or just a cry for attention?

    I can count on NO hands how many terms you have left, sir. Let’s hope you’re satisfied having Boston remember you as “that anti-dispensary guy, Mayor Whats-his-name, who got recalled his first term.”

  6. People of Boston let your voices be heard call, email this Mayer let him know your opinion and if that don’t work don’t vote for him. Your voice counts so register to vote and go vote

  7. We ( florida) have one of those, I pray he gets his come upence, go Charlie Christ, he’ll have to go back to trying to steal Medicare money

  8. It matters little what you thing, Mr Mayor. It’s all about what the people think, and want, and you’d better remember who elected you.

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