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Breaking The Taboo – What Will It Take To End The War On Drugs?


About Breaking The Taboo

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this groundbreaking new documentary uncovers the UN sanctioned war on drugs, charting its origins and its devastating impact on countries like the USA, Colombia and Russia. Featuring prominent statesmen including Presidents Clinton and Carter, the film follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo and expose the biggest failure of global policy in the last 50 years.

Produced by Sundog Pictures and Spray Films the film is launching here on the 7th December 2012 and will be seen on international television in 2013.

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Johnny Green


  1. Eventually, we will all look back on this drug war like we now
    look back at that other drug war on alcohol called prohibition. When it
    comes to that other addictive and destructive drug, alcohol, we now realize
    that the problems caused by making it illegal far outweigh the problems
    associated solely with its use. Indeed, there are few problems associated
    with alcohol’s use. It is the misuse of alcohol, or more specifically,
    the misuse of alcohol coupled with a risk of harm to others, that now stands as
    the lone major problem with alcohol. Many people peacefully and responsibly use
    alcohol with no risk of harm to others. There are no alcohol cartels, no
    violence associated with the manufacture, transportation or sale of alcohol,
    and nobody goes to prison for its mere possession. Society was much
    improved when the war on alcohol was ended. The war on drugs will also
    end. Politicians who show real leadership by supporting its end now will
    benefit. This is all good. However, until we realize that the best
    reason to end the drug war is because competent adults are entitled to be in
    charge of their own bodies and lives, we will never truly achieve a free

  2. Absolutely, Matthew. I’ve been sober from alcohol for over 5 years. Just got sick of the regret, drama, citations, on and on… But I’ve been consuming Cannabis for almost 30 years and have no intention of ever stopping. But these Urine Tests are total BS. More precise testing applications MUST be come up with. And as far as drunks pointing their fingers at me, well I think they know where they can stuff those fingers. Cuz I can’t even stand to smell, to try to have an intelligent conversation (haha) with a drunk. I think “the smart one’s” are starting to lose the “reefer-madness” senses. And as far as the not-so-smart drunks are concerned (I can say that because I was a lush), needn’t worry. They can’t live long like that. Survival of the fittest. So hold your head up high, Matthew. And hold your bong up even higher so I can find you.lol.

  3. Thank You, Vixxis. I just love learning about extremely intelligent people, now finally able to say what they feel about using Cannabis. This “cannabis makes you stupid” stigma has to stop. And it’s our sudo-quazi-moto-intellectuals that need to “shout it from the roof-tops”. Once people understand that Cannabis not only helps physically and emotionally. It also opens one’s mind intellectually while putting it in an Alpha state, where-by more information can be absorbed. So SPEAK UP all you Professionals, Politicians, and Educators. …and the smarty-pants, too. You know you wanna.

  4. Matthew Broughton on

    It is so sad that its socially acceptable to drink beer and liquor untill you pass out and no one passes judgement….BUT if your friends,co workers and neighbors find out that you smoke marijuana they are very quick to pass judgement. People from all walks of life prefer marijuana over liquor or beer. People really need to re think their opinion of marijuana smokers…yes America, there are hard working adults that enjoy smoking marijuana after work and do so in the privacy of their own homes.

  5. Republicans should be pro-Rights, Pro-leave me alone, Pro-I’ll make my own decisions and choices, Pro-keep your gov’t the hell out of my business. It’s what the party is about in my opinion, what it has been lately ( last 25 years or so) makes me sick. Most self Identify as Conservative, so why can’t the republicans win an election, I don’t know crazy religious right, you tell me. You are part of what scares common sense conservatives away from the party.

  6. Ive also been a registered republican since I was 18 (now 50) and have voted that way most of the time. I agree with legalization and voted libertarian on Nov 6th. There are a lot of republicans on board. IMO the republican party has gone to far right over the past decade or so for my tastes. Medical marijuana should have been available federally a loooong time ago. It can help so many that are suffering needlessly. Hoping legalization will progress very fast. Ive used marijuana since high school and have 2 masters degrees and 3 prof certifications. Cant paint everyone with the same brush. Ive been sending legalization emails to all my friends since 11/6 … the majority say “its about time”.

  7. Sorry Wendi, but that means you haven’t looked very hard. 56% of Republicans now believe that Marijuana should be legal MEDICINALLY at the least!

  8. There’s A LOT more of US, than y’all think. I’m even INVOLVED with the Party itself. The OLD GUARD has NO IDEA how to handle me because I continue telling them that “the GOP is on the WRONG SIDE of this issue.” I’m like the (no pun intended) Huge Pink Elephant in the room at our meetings

  9. Wow. You defininatly don’t meet the criteria of a conservative republican. What a breath of fresh air. Any chance you could convince some of your bro’s?

  10. Breaking The Taboo – What Will It Take To End The War On Drugs?
    Answer: The coming (and mathematically certain) govt debt default and failure of the US dollar would do the trick. Barring that, more bi-partisan majority votes from those tired of the lies & costs of the war on drugs, like those that just took place in Colorado & Washington state, will also accomplish that task.

  11. i’m a conservative republican, and I support a form of legalization , with 2 government reports showing the medical benafits of marijuana , I say let the people choose.

  12. DavidTheExpert on

    This sounds like a good film. I’m not too excited about that Code of the West film which is focused on specific victims of the drug war. This film sounds like it’s more about the political climate and the hypocrisy surrounding the drug war. Now that’s something that needs to be talked about more. Sounds like it could be a hit, especially with Morgan Freeman narrating.

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