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The Brookings Institution To Hold Marijuana Scheduling Debate Tonight In D.C.


Marijuana re-scheduling and de-scheduling has been talked about a lot lately, and for good reason. Recently Presidential candidate Gary Johnson predicted that Obama would ‘reclassify’ marijuana on his way out of office. Also recently, the DEA announced that it would be considering a move to change marijuana’s federal classification as a Schedule I controlled substance. For many years now activists have debated the merits (or lack thereof) of moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, as Senator, introduced a bill to completely de-schedule marijuana altogether, which is really what we need to have happen. But, opponents will try as hard as they can to cling to Schedule I, or at best, halfway suggest they would support a move down to Schedule II. Tonight The Brookings Institution is holding a debate on this topic. The debate is being held in Washington D.C. (Falk Auditorium 1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW) from 5:30 PM – 7:45 PM EST. I really, really hope that this is recorded and uploaded to YouTube or something so that I can see what was said. Earl Blumenauer and John Hudak are arguing the ‘pro’ side, and those are two individuals that know their stuff, and I admire them a lot. Below is more information about the debate, via the Brookings Institution event page:

Despite the federal government’s unwavering stance, states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal use allow cannabis and its derivatives to be used to treat cancer patients and those suffering from other serious ailments. With federal and state law at odds, however, many patients, doctors and small businesses have been caught in a policy gridlock that severely impacts their daily lives.

What are the potential pros and cons and costs and benefits of the federal government reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug? And how should the federal government respond to states passing laws at odds with its own?

On Thursday, April 14, experts on both sides of the issue will present their case and engage in a lively debate.

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  1. ATTN: The following announcement is intended to be a humorous and perfectly untrue news flash to stir debate and critical thinking only.

    NEWSWIRE February 24, 2017

    Marijuana Re-Scheduled – All Medical and Recreational Dispensaries Given 72 Hours to Close Doors

    This morning, Friday February 24th at 0800 President Hillary Clinton re-classified cannabis as a Schedule II drug thus making it illegal to be sold in any form throughout the United States for Medical or Recreational purposes. President Clinton has assigned marijuana in all forms and for all compounds within the plant to be considered for pharmaceutical uses only and has awarded six exclusive licenses to 3M Pharma, Abbott Labs, Bayer Schering Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer. All current medical marijuana patients and recreational users must immediately cease use of any and all forms of cannabis and all current stockpiles of raw material and finished goods must be turned into Homeland Security within 72 hours.

    Think this can’t happen? Probably…

  2. Where do we even start on this subject?

    Well in no particular order, let’s start with the shills Mr. Evans and Dr. Madras who serve the corporate and government elite agenda and their interests through the Brookings Institute, Tavistock Institute, RAND Corporation, Harvard University Experiments Institute and Stanford Research Institute to name a few of the NGO’s they serve and Ms. Trumble with Third Way who as a moderator, is certainly not impartial by any means.

    There is only one right final solution to our conundrum here; and that is to “DE-SCHEDULE” not re-schedule cannabis. Any form of re-scheduling will have disastrous consequences for our beloved natural plant and the many legal and ethical entrepreneurs that have business interests in and around the plant. I pray “JohnB” that Obama won’t push reclassification on his way out and frankly I fear if he does, it will be to make it a Schedule II pharmaceutical thus handing our natural plant over to Big Pharma with a big red bow on a silver platter. That action if taken will effectively end our legal entrepreneurial endeavors.

    The only answer is to de-schedule 100% or leave it alone because we are better off at S1 than S2, S3 or whatever. What is the adage; “follow the money?” Who benefits most from making cannabis, a natural plant, into a Schedule 2 drug? Please I ask you to critically think about that.

    Kevin, what makes cannabis truly different than alcohol or tobacco? How many pharmaceuticals are derived from either? Yes I know nicotine is currently being researched as a near-cure for Alzheimer’s disease and will soon be made into a pharmaceutical, but other than that, what drug compounds are made with alcohol or tobacco? BTW, side note; nicotine patches may be a quick treatment for Alzheimer’s FYI. Do we think that GW Pharma is on to something? Would they benefit from having cannabis made into a Schedule II drug? Follow the money and the motivations for re-scheduling and you will find your possible future state for cannabis if we don’t advocate for de-scheduling.

    Our beloved natural plant and our legal business interests are sitting on very shaky ground and this industry is beyond fragile, so let’s hope our man Earl and our advocate Mr. Hudak kicked the oppositions butt last night and we can end the war on marijuana once and for all. More to come I am sure. Thanks Johnny for your amazing bird-dogging this subject area!

    You may want to examine Mr. Evans views more and the propaganda he relentlessly hammers on and you can start with this link.


    There are no guarantees this wonderful experiment for legalization of cannabis goes all the way back to the stone age and then some if the mouth pieces for the corporatists agenda prevails.

  3. Nix-on’s plan to control the “blacks and hippies” worked so well that every president since then supported it… even a black president.

  4. I’m amazed at this whole re-scheduling thing…cannabis should have never been put in Schedule 1 in the first place…and what about Tobacco..no medical use, it’s addictive, it kills 1,000’s a year, and it’s not on any schedule. It bugs me that govt controls any part of our lives that it wants to

  5. I won’t hold out any hope that Obama will push for reclassification on his way out of office.
    In his final days he will be thinking about his legacy all the more, and won’t do anything that he is not absolutely certain will lead to laurels in history.
    He has to recognize that while cannabis law reform advocates would call him a hero for such a move, most of America is at best simply not interested in the subject. The low-hanging fruit has been there for nearly 8 years now; if he hasn’t picked it yet, he probably isn’t going to do so.

  6. I’m more irritated by the day. With alcohol the cry is drink responsibly, something almost impossible to do for many that try! The nature of the drug alcohol eliminates the ability to be responsible, easily and quickly. Yet, if you use the same standard for cannabis use, responsibility, the lawmakers and paid revenue collectors (Law Enforcement) scream with froth and spittle that society will descend into reefer madness and chaos. Cannabis should be classified, if at all, as something safer than aspirin. Personally I believe it should completely legalized for anyone of adult age to grow, possess, and use. If home-brewing is legal there is no reason growing cannabis should be illegal. It’s absurd, illogical, and immoral to keep demonizing a plant with more healing and therapeutic qualities than any yet discovered, while promoting alcohol and dismissing its ravaging effects.

  7. It should be removed from the schedules. Cannabis CANNOT hurt you or kill you, is not highly addictive and the medical uses are too many to list. These 3 things are what the schedules list was for, classifying the “dangerous” levels of specific drugs.

    Alcohol should be a schedule 1, very addictive, KILLS people every day, no medical use other than cleaning equipment, yet our drunken officials are stupidly claiming that cannabis “is too dangerous to legalize”.

    Alcohol is too dangerous to legalize. Alcohol is this countries WORST drug problem, thousands die from over consumption, 10’s of thousands are killed by drunk drivers, millions are negatively affected by this horrible, life ruining drug that has no medical value and is pretty much equal to crack.

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