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Brother Talks About Missouri Man Spending Life In Prison For Marijuana


jeff mizanskey marijuana billboard missouriJeff Mizanskey has been serving a life sentence for marijuana only offenses in Missouri for over two decades now. Yesterday a bi-partisan group of lawmakers in Missouri delivered 390,000 petitions to Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon urging him to grant clemency to Jeff Mizanskey. No one should lose their freedom for marijuana, especially for the rest of their lives. Prison beds should be reserved for pedophiles, not marijuana consumers.

Missouri Representative Shamed Dogan introduced a bill in the Missouri Legislature this year which would free anyone serving a life sentence for marijuana in Missouri, which essentially would only apply to Jeff Mizanskey. But Mr. Dogan would much rather see Missouri’s Governor step up and grant clemency, which Governor Nixon can do at anytime. Per The Missouri Times:

“You won’t often hear a lawmaker say this but I actually hope my bill doesn’t pass,” Dogan said. “Because the best situation would be for Governor Nixon just to grant clemency today and make this legislative process unnecessary.”

Dogan, along with one of Mizanskey’s sons, lawyers, and several activists, printed the nearly 400,000 signatures for his clemency and walked them down to the second floor to hand deliver them to Nixon’s Capitol office.

Dan Viets, a lawyer working for the Mizanskey family, said his meetings with Nixon’s staff had been productive and that he believed the governor to be “seriously considering” the matter of clemency.

Jeff Mizanskey’s brother went on the McGraw Live show prior to the delivery of the petitions. Below is video footage of his interview on the show:


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  1. I could only watch about half of this video… until I about “puked.” This is a prime example of Red vs. Blue State thinking and we are still too far away from any real justice (after 77 years of oppression).
    It is long past time that we pre-qualify ANY PERSON RUNNING for ANY PUBLIC OFFICE… as to their views and position statement regarding undoing bad laws or prison sentences that are cruel and inhumane by their very nature. This “Jeff Mizanskey” guy could have been me 30 years ago. While I didn’t continue on this path, there was a time when I could have been him.
    If we’ll all brutally honest with ourselves, many of us… “could be Mizanskey.” His brother should start selling T-shirts with that on the front or back… for his legal defense.

  2. He doesn’t lift a hand to do shit! If he doesn’t want to be Governor, he needs to quit acting like one on TV!

  3. Nixon has not and will not lift a hand when it comes to freeing this man as it should be

  4. Jordan Shorette on

    when they stop building all those big pretty new prisons..i mean apartment buildings for the lower class to move their friends and family into!!!

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