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Budget Bill Seeks To Block DC Marijuana Legalization, But…


washington dc marijuana legalizationBy Phillip Smith

The leaders of the House and Senate appropriations committees agreed on a budget bill Tuesday night that includes language seeking to block the District of Columbia from implementing the Measure 71 legalization initiative overwhelmingly approved by District voters. But there may be some wiggle room.

A bill summary provided by the House Appropriations Committee says the bill, which will be considered by the House and Senate later this week, “prohibits both federal and local funds from being used to implement a referendum legalizing recreational marijuana use in the District.”

The bill summary doesn’t mention decriminalization, which was approved earlier this year by the DC city council and has already gone into effect.

Rumors had swirled throughout that day about what was being hammered out, with hopes raised at various points that some less onerous deal might be reached, perhaps one that would bar the DC city council from passing and implementing marijuana taxation and regulation. Such a DC bill is already in the works.

While reform advocates were disappointed with outcome, some are suggesting that the bill’s language can be parsed in such a way to render the congressional ban moot. That remains to be seen.

This is not the first time Congress has acted to block the will of District voters on marijuana reform issues. In 1998, DC voters approved medical marijuana with 69% of the vote, but Congress blocked it for more than a decade. Now, DC voters, who approved legalization with 70% of the vote, are once again being given the back of the hand by the folks on Capitol Hill.

The omnibus budget bill is almost certain to pass Congress this week and be signed into law by President Obama. Then the legal battle to recognize the will of the people in Washington, DC, will commence.

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  1. Run fer the hilz the pergrissives is a comin…keep yer powder dry.
    Hehe sorry I couldn’t help it.

  2. I agree the whole thing is rotten to the core but the democrats are definitely the lesser of two evils. Obviously sad to have to say it that way but ” better than a kick in the head”, my grampa would say…hehe

  3. No, you are wrong. I am not making any assumptions at all about you. I am referring to a sociological phenomenon that has degraded political discussion in America in the interest of the 1% through a seizure of the media by certifiable sociopathological morons like Bill O’Reilly. You are manifesting the problem that is prominent in many of these discussions, which is the way they become overly personalized when they do not have to be and shouldn’t be.

    As for the rest of your commentary, I think it speaks for itself and does bring the discussion down to the somewhat personal level.

    As for your pornographic comments, for example, you might be happier if you got your imagination out of other people’s bedrooms. Certainly such comments are inappropriate in public discussion. Good luck. I will not be responding further in this discussion.

  4. Yes! to term limits because every time they are voted back in they gain more seniority and, hence, more power.

  5. Here’s a simple fix for ya. Everyone goes into work Monday morning and changes their W-4 withholding to 2,3,4…whatever it takes to have NO FEDERAL TAX WITHELD on their paycheck. This would shut down the govt. overnight and surely get their attention. Of course you will owe taxes at the end of the year, but you wouldn’t be giving the govt. an INTEREST-FREE LOAN every f–cking week! When’s the last time you got an interest-free loan? Ha! And if you’re worried about your ability to come up with the money to pay your tax bill at the end of the year, put the money you would have “given” the govt every week in an interest-bearing account and turn the tables on who makes money off YOUR money all year. We actually DO hold the purse strings. We just have to WAKE UP and realize our power. There are MILLIONS more of us than them and they know it. Why don’t we?

  6. You do realize that part of any Presidents job, regardless of political party is fund-raising, right? A President is the head of his/her political party during their term in office.

  7. You loosened every arrow in your quiver but never answered the man’s question: Do you LIKE money in politic’s ? That was it, unless I missed something further back.

  8. It’s used in debate, as part of a rebuttal, occasionally in public speaking. It’s not a pejorative, it means crafty.

  9. Of course, you could always refuse to pay some or all of the taxes you hate so much.

    “Following” the constitution is a debatable and moving target, and has been since it was written. Do you really believe the founding fathers thought nothing would ever change, and every single word of their document would be considered gospel, centuries later? They did not, and we’ve changed it many times.

    As far as leaving people alone, that’s fine, unless whatever they’re doing has an impact on someone else, which, in the 21st century, is pretty much everything you do, unless you live in a cave.

    I wish there was a simple fix, but there is not.

  10. Procedural votes mean dick. It’s the vote for passage that actually counts and that is where your Democrat brethren sold you out. Of course they claim they are unhappy to vote for it but there is a lot of shit that got passed that helps them out like the amnesty bullshit and the Obamacare crap. Elections have consequences…your own President said that. And if you think this is bad, wait until January when the Republicans will shove the same shit Harry Reid did to them right back up the Democrats ass.

  11. You are making the assumption that I allow any media outlet whether it be Fox, CNN, or MSNBC to tell me what to think which couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike the millions of Americans, I choose to think for myself. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. I conduct my own research on issues and form my own opinion.

    Both parties have morons that act as a mouthpiece. No one party has a monopoly on such. Joe Biden is as good as an equal to the moronic shit that has come from Palin’s mouth.

    The problem I have with Progressives is they want their cake and eat it too. Under the disguise of social issues, they constantly push their agenda. They cry about the death of young black men killed by police while ignoring all of the young black deaths in places like Chicago. They claim Black Lives Matter while ignoring the number one killer of black babies is abortion.

    Many Progressives clamor for equality and cultural acceptance but then decry and criticize those with differing opinions. I support gay rights and equality but the thought of two men fucking each other in the ass is absolutely disgusting and repulsive to me. But many dismiss my support for their rights and focus on chastising me for not embracing the act itself.

    It’s not people’s individuality being less valued but more so that a segment is telling those people that their individuality doesn’t matter in the name of the “greater good”.

    You will not find a bigger ally in the fight for cannabis legalization and equality from me. But when we focus on one segment to grant reprieves to you in essence dismiss the rest and create exclusion. Like I have said many times here, most MMJ patients and businesses could care less about legalization for selfish reasons. Even D.C.’s own initiative was argued on the best interest to lessen the black man being targeted. Why do whites not matter as much?

    And it is people like me who has no party affiliation that will be needed to bring people who are against legalization from both parties because I refuse to accept either party’s talking points as gospel.

    Progressives are bad for this country just as much as RINOS are. Both have such different ideologues when it comes to social issues but seem to have no problem fucking the American tax payer over. $1.1 trillion is going to be wasted and both parties did it. A simple fix is to follow the Constitution and just leave people the fuck alone.

  12. Yes. I hate to see the economy turned over to a Republican Congress. I’ve been walking on this planet long enough now to have witnessed for myself which political party handles the economy. And it doesn’t begin with an R.

  13. This has been a very illuminating exchange. I now understand that two votes were taken, and the results were different, so in the original cat fight, each party was exactly half right.

  14. If you are implying that Obama’s loyalty has been bought on this topic by the pharmaceuticals, I would say that is probably true. It would certainly explain the bizarre zig-zags in Justice Department activities over the last few years. As for Obamacare, I think Obama did something in that legislation that absolutely needed to be done. We can argue about how it could have been done better, but the fact is that the US has been and still is way behind most of the developed world when it comes to having a rational health care policy. Basic healthcare is a human right.

  15. I am hoping Adam Eidinger is going to follow through by running against Harris. I wonder how much the Eastern Shore of Maryland might be earning from hemp and cannabis cultivation to supply DC. But Harris is to dumb to know what a good idea this would be. I think the voters on the eastern shore, where there is such an abundance of straight-shooting farmer conservatives, deserve better.

  16. I hear you and understand you, but why do so many others on your team so readily replace being told what to think by “progressives” with being told what to think by Fox News, a media that is provably motivated by partisan politics which promotes a notoriously error-prone style of reporting the reflects a definite ideological motive? And when the Republicans put up someone like Sarah Palin on the national stage you really have to wonder how far they want to push the “dumbness is good” meme.

    That is what concerns me. I think the cultural issues are something we can learn to live with differences about. Those feelings you are talking about are a product of centuries of pretty serious oppression of women and anyone non-white. Behind all those -isms are real people who just want to be accepted so that they don’t have to hide who they are or who they chose to love. Even the Irish, when they came to America, were subjected to horrible ethnic prejudice on the part of the English status quo. So to me it is understandable that there is going to be a certain amount of religious zeal in celebrating the progress that has been made, and I can also understand why that makes some people uncomfortable, as if their own individuality is somehow valued less as a result. But that’s a choice too.

  17. Good data.

    I am of both minds.

    I think both parties, in different ways, have sold out the best interests of the American people. The fact that even with some decent leadership now,from both sides of the aisle, they can’t even think of acting to repeal schedule one classification is perhaps only the most obvious and likely-to-be agreed upon evidence showing that both parties are rotten. Having said that, I continue to prefer the values and knowledge base (on most topics) of the Democrats to the Republicans. There is also no question that in *the short and medium term* (emphasis important) the Democrats are much better at managing the economy. This pattern is pretty clear over the last thirty years at least, maybe for most of the 20th century.

  18. Dirty coal, dirty tar sands oil, leaky XL pipelines, climate change denier’s being in charge of Senate/ House environmental committees, mountain-top remover’s, Mickey’ D’s in our National Parks, Fracking, perpetual war, torture, Rig tree’s off of every coast, income inequality, opening the Gates of the Arctic to the fossil fuel titan’s, anti-cannabis organizations, government interference in a woman’s reproductive health/ personal family medical decisions, etc, etc. I must disagree. These are just a few of the significant differences between America’s two major political parties. Is there corrupting money involved? Yes. Which political party just made this worse?

  19. I try to be civil and polite. Why call me a moron simply because you were wrong? That’s ignorance. Now go back outside and play with your tire iron and rope swing.

  20. Scott’s slavish allegiance to the Democratic party is super creepy. Who does he think he is, Renfield?

  21. LOL — Perhaps the reason I didn’t mention anything you’re talking about is because you’re having an argument all by yourself. I’d have to grant you have a reason to argue with me (other than soothing your ego) to engage you. So far, I’ve just been mocking your efforts. Like I said, I’m not reading these comments. It was obvious to me from your first comment you had nothing to say worth reading on this thread.

    Because you fell into the same old formula. I write I comment, you reply. If I simply up-vote a comment — you reply! And we both know why that is — you keep losing to me over and over, and you want another shot at the title. But the problem is your approach: you never have the high ground when we argue because your default SOP is assuming you already have it. Sorry, Scott — being Liberal doesn’t automatically make you correct. Punting you off that pedestal every couple weeks keeps my teeth sharp.

    Another reason I allow you to make a spectacle out of yourself like this is because I’m amazed at how quickly you come back for more. It’s like every two weeks, your brain forgets how upset you were. Or maybe, like most Liberals, you have baseless optimism that surely this time you’ll get it right. Surely this time, I won’t strip you of the last morsel of self-respect you have… LOL (we’ll see)

    Actually, let’s see if I can manipulate you into dragging this on until next week, when I’ll have more time to crush your ego to splinters and cast them to the wind. Frankly, you have a better chance of pulling me into a debate on national politics, given the subject of the article.

    The hook is baited. Now, I just sit back and wait for you to chomp on it.

  22. Hey, moron, you’re wrong. On the procedural vote that came before (follow the link, moron), not ONE democrat voted for it.

    Of course, with funding and a shutdown on the line, they’re going to get some Dems to hold their nose and vote for a POS (huge giveaways to wall street BTW) that is better than the next POS they’d get from an even more Republican heavy House.

  23. Again, I’ve answered that before. Go look up all the things they did pass while they had both houses.

    You keep doing this one basic fallacy of thinking all Democrats are the same. They’re not. The blue dogs, who, thankfully, are getting weeded out of the party, are the same as Republicans on the drug war.

    This is why I say we need to elect more AND better Democrats.

  24. I try to focus more on the present. Want to go back in the past, we could go back to the days before the Southern Strategy and find Harry J. Anslinger… That’s why I use recent votes as examples of how few Republicans, and how many Democrats, support reform.

    As for this bullshit about the Democrats controlling everything, how can you say what I didn’t explain when you admit you don’t read what I say?

    I have answered this question below.


    Their majority included a lot of Republican-lite blue dogs who are just like Republicans on the drug war. And they “controlled everything” for about three weeks.

    Also, they haven’t controlled the Supreme Court in a long, long time.

  25. Hey moron, I pointed out that Scott was once again wrong when he claimed not one Democrat voted for it. 57 actually did vote for it.

  26. I asked you to provide some proof for your claim that cannabis cures cancer. You didn’t provide it..

    But let me make sure I have this right. You vote for authoritarian Republicans who will never reschedule weed because of Obamacare?

  27. The answer is,as I said in another comment, that like so many authoritarian boot lickers, you get ahold of a Fox Talking point that has no basis in reality and slobber all over it.

    The Dems had the “supermajority” for about 3 weeks. They passed a bill that is lowering medical inflation and getting millions of people who weren’t covered covered. You might not like it, but that’s the decision they made to go for with their fleeting supermajority.

    Further, that 60 vote threshold included a whole bunch of blue dogs who are just like Republicans when it comes to weed. So, your second fallacy is that you’ve lumped all democrats together. We’ve lost a lot of blue dogs now, so the party is more progressive, but…

    What will the GOP do with their majorities? Think what’s left of the Democrats will filibuster a GOP bill to reschedule? That’s hilarious.

    Here, if you’d like to know more about this supermajority of progressives AND blue dogs, Steve Benen has the whole painful truth for you:


    BTW… what did the GOP do about the drug war when they had control of ALL THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT?


  28. You’re being disingenuous. 57 of how many total Democrats? How many total Republicans voted ? Are you too embarrassed to put it that number up?

  29. What did the Democrats do about the drug war when they controlled both the House, Senate, and the Presidency? … crickets.

  30. Next you’ll explain the Democrats of being the party of slavery being taken over by Republicans. You become a bigger fucking idiot with each post.

  31. And I’ll. Why do I hate Progressives? Simply put, they don’t know how to leave anyone alone. They operate under the idea they are somehow pushing this country forward and that anyone who disagrees with them is somehow anti-women, anti-gay, racist, or some right-wing Jesus freak. Life is tough enough without having some Progressive telling us how we who work hard somehow have to share with those have nothing. We don’t like Progressives telling us how we should think or feel. That is the problem with both parties is that all of you idiots embrace every single stance your party supports.

    I am liberal about some shit and I am conservative about some shit. But I care more about my freedom than what some collective group of a politicians care about.

    Hate to tell you, no one owes you any courtesy to tell you why they hate your party. But each and every one of us deserves to be left the fuck alone and free from criticism just because they disagree with you.

  32. Hell, you got any local Libertarians running (or not running) anything?

    They really don’t need to. They are mainly swing voters and swing elections. You might want to check the 2014 results to see which way the swingers swung.

  33. The answer is from recent history. 2008 to 1010. And the answer is no. The Democrats didn’t do it.

    The Republicans did. Why?

    My opinion is that they want to protect the illegal cartels a while longer and they will get together with Democrats to do that with high taxes and regulation. The same way the alcohol cartels are protected.

  34. This coming from the same party whose President constantly fucking fund raises? Obama is loving this bill.

  35. So why when they controlled the Executive and both Houses wasn’t at least medical taken off the table in 2008?

    Why was it left up to a Republican controlled House? Why did the Republican controlled House let the Ds handle it?

  36. So Scott,

    I never see you passing that around. Nor do you explain why the Democrats didn’t end the Drug War when they controlled everything.

    Nor have you explained why Obama hasn’t rescheduled.

    Your partisanship is amusing but does not explain the facts on the ground. Yes the Ds are more legalizers than Rs. But some how they never manage to pull the trigger. No matter what they seem to always fall a little short.

    The whole deal is a con.

  37. No mention of any of the subjects at hand, but I wonder if this boner ad hominem is yet another case of projection on your part.

    So, how’s the Glibertarian party doing down in FL? Ya’ll elected anybody to state office? Federal? Hell, you got any local Libertarians running (or not running) anything?

    “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”–John Rogers

  38. Who wants to shut down legal weed? Not the Democrats. The think they have to compromise, so they tried to negotiate. By trading off one thing the GOP hippie punchers want, they get some deal to fund the govt. That doesn’t mean they don’t want legal weed.

    Think of it this way… if the Democrats were in charge of the House, would this have made it on as a rider?

  39. BTW, ayup… The drug war was designed to be racist. The GOP just took over after the CRA passed and the GOP went for the southern strategy.

    Ehrlichman… talk about your authoritarians…

  40. Well, it was just the procedural, but it looks like they’re twisting arms right now to get this through. The Progressives REALLY don’t like the banking bill. Talk about your giveaways and paybacks all in one bill…

    It doesn’t get mentioned in the big press, but plenty of Dems are pissed about the DC weed thing too.

    Unless we get money out of politics, this will continue. The entire CPC is for campaign finance reform. They’re the biggest caucus on the hill. It’s not like we have to start from scratch here. We just have to elect progressives.

    And if someone hear happens to hate progressives for some reason, maybe they owe us the courtesy of telling us why.

    Maybe they LIKE money in politics? Who knows…

  41. Vote squeaked by, huh? Once again the few good people left in government ( ie. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders) lose out to the big money influence of Washington. I rest my case.

  42. ” They’re all the same animal.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

    70% of Democrats voted against renewing the Patriot Act, only 14% of Republicans did.

    91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    One party told us tax cuts for the rich would create millions of jobs. Bush’s NON RECESSION monthly job growth was 63,000 per month.

    One party told us that Iraq had WMD. Part of the other party believed them. The other part didn’t believe them, and voted against the Iraq war.

    One party told us that their economic policies of letting Wall Street run wild would lift all our boats. Instead, we got the Little Bush Depression. Bush’s final GDP was NEGATIVE 9%, and when he left we were losing 800,000 jobs per month.

    That wasn’t Democrats that did that. That was Republicans.

    One party wants to make abortions illegal. The other doesn’t.

    One party wants to cut defense spending, the other doesn’t.

    One party wants to invest in infrastructure and education, the other doesn’t.

    You did say one thing that’s right though…

    “Unless you take the MONEY out of Washington this country will never be reflective of the will of the people.”

    Yep. And guess what? One party wants to pass an amendment (from Bernie Sanders who caucuses with that party) that would state once and for all that money is NOT free speech, and that corporations are NOT people. This would overturn the GOP’s favorite court case ever, citizens united, and allow congress to reform campaign finance laws, limit contributions, get rid of SuperPACS.

    Almost every single elected Democrat in the country supports that. Maybe a handful of Republicans do.

    “We have to create a NEW game where we can directly effect our own lives locally”

    We tried that. What happens is states then try to violate rights. They passed Jim Crow laws. They lynched people without repercussions. They’re doing it now by trying to limit women’s health care rights.

    We need a federal government that protects the rights of all Americans. No state should get to stop me from smoking weed, or my daughter from aborting a rape baby, or black people from using the same bathroom.

    What we need is to elect people to office who will pass campaign finance reform.

  43. Your hyperbole isn’t helping. They’re not all criminals. A lot of them vote the right way on weed and other issues of liberty. It’s hard work. Lots of travel, fundraising, having to put up with bullshit from Republicans… If you had to do it for a year, you’d hate it.

  44. “If Dems came through on a fraction of what they’ve promised on this issue we wouldn’t be having this discussion”

    Oh, look… Here’s a fraction.

    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    Oh, look, another one!

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    That looks like they came through with flying colors.

    Now, why don’t you even the playing field and admit that Republicans SUCK on this issue (on all issues for that matter, but then, those other issues are why you vote for them, HUH?).

  45. You need to stop your BS while you’re at it… Look, here’s a whole bunch of Democrats who came through on their rhetoric:


    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

  46. I have a better solution. For every day a politician has spent in office, they spend an equal number in prison once they leave office. After all, they’re all lowlife criminals.

  47. None of this really matters when the people at the top of the flagpole say one thing and either do nothing, or just the opposite.

  48. Because, as usual, it was a load of lies from day 1 and it continues today.
    They knew it sucked, at least the parts of it some of them actually read, but they voted for it because they do so many mindless things in DC that it becomes commonplace.
    Term Limits!

  49. Why don’t you even the playing field and share the blame with your comments before you further embarrass yourself.
    If Dems came through on a fraction of what they’ve promised on this issue we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but they haven’t.
    They talk a good game, but nothing ever happens once they get back to DC and snuggle down in their taxpayer provided offices.

  50. We need to stop the Democratic BS while we’re at it.
    They talk a good game, but none of them ever come through on their campaign rhetoric.

  51. This is also what you get, regardless of party affiliation, when you vote someone into office multiple times–we need Term Limits!

  52. I really get a kick out of these Republican vs. Democrat arguments. Here’s a tip folks. They’re all the same animal. The only reason we even have two parties in this country is to give the sheeple the “illusion” of choice. You have no choice. You only have owners. These politicians have long since been bought and paid for by huge multi-national corporations who couldn’t care less about the will of the people. Aren’t you getting a little tired of voting in your perfect candidate just to watch them “turn coat” the minute they are admitted into the “good ole boys club” in Washington? They don’t stand a chance of changing anything when they are confronted with the power of money in Washington! The system is broken and you can wait another two, four, eight years to vote thinking you’re going to be able to change it and all your going to get is older. Voting in this country is a JOKE played on the American people to distract and manipulate us until we grow old and die while they are laughing all the way to the bank. Unless you take the MONEY out of Washington this country will never be reflective of the will of the people. And now they intend to pass another spending bill that will allow even MORE money (and another bank bailout btw) in Washington. You startin’ to get the picture?
    Sorry to be so blunt folks but Americans have to realize that we CANNOT BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME because the game is RIGGED IN THEIR FAVOR. We have to create a NEW game where we can directly effect our own lives locally instead of relinquishing all control to a small group of despots who are only interested in enslaving and controlling us for their own gain.

  53. For some reason, you won’t. I wonder why.

    Obamacare. Cannabis if fully used in the medical system could lower medical costs by at least $1 trillion a year. Why hasn’t Obama rescheduled?

  54. Yes. They do want to shut down legal weed in DC. But they protected medical in the rest of the country.

    BTW. You should tighten up your comments. tl;dr.

  55. Well Scott,

    If you want to stop the Republican BS why aren’t you passing this around?

    “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale for the War on Drugs.

  56. Wow. You’re having another conversation all by yourself — again. Seriously, I’m embarrassed for you. To live a life so small, you have to chase *me* around the internet. Can’t get it up, huh Scott? LOL I don’t think humiliating yourself bi-monthly on the Weed Blog is going to put the lead back in your pencil.

    Like I said before, there’s not a shred of dignity for you to be had, here. And you keep proving me right. Looking forward to reading your next self-immolation, tomorrow morning. I would say “don’t disappoint me,” but that ship sailed a long time ago. At this point, I’m just hoping to laugh at you more than I feel sorry for you.

  57. I am from Kentucky and because of this and if it passes I will not be voting for that P.O.S Hal Rogers when he runs for office again.

  58. “You are nuts if you think the government would have shut down over DC’s legalization effort.”

    Read what I wrote again. I think there’s nothing the Democrats could do to stop this Republican BS. The only choice would be to refuse to provide the votes needed for passage (since the Republican extremists probably won’t be voting for anything–they WANT to shut the government down because of immigration).

    So, you got that? Republicans want to stop DC’s legal weed. They want to stop it so badly that they slipped this crap in a spending bill that must pass before Thursday or the government shuts down. And when Democrats complained about the BS to stop DC’s legalization, the GOP said “Whadya gunna do? Shut down the government?”


    “But anything to smear Republicans, right?”

    Not anything. Just what they deserve. But what’s the matter? Don’t like it when people point out that the GOP sucks?

    “And if the Democrats actually gave a fuck they would have tried to fight for it but they didn’t.”

    Bullshit. They did try to fight. They even made a deal to save the DECRIMINALIZTION which the GOP ALSO wanted to get rid of.

    But please, tell me. What does “fight” mean? Refuse to provide any votes for passage? That would lead to a shutdown, and the Democrats would get blamed for it. So, please, tell me. What would “fight” mean, exactly? Punch Boehner in the face until he says uncle?

    “They sold you out the same way the Republicans sold out their voters and funded Obama’s illegal amnesty.”

    No, they didn’t. The Dems are the MINORITY in the HOUSE right now. There is very little they could do. Their only option would be to shutdown the government over marijuana, just as the GOP’s only option on stopping the immigration action (it’s not amnesty, but you’re lying and saying it is tells me what I need to know about you) was to shut down the government.

    So, is that your position? The GOP should shut down the government because of the President’s action on immigration, and the Democrats should shut down the government because the GOP wants to punch hippies in DC?

  59. You are nuts if you think the government would have shut down over DC’s legalization effort. But anything to smear Republicans, right? And if the Democrats actually gave a fuck they would have tried to fight for it but they didn’t. They sold you out the same way the Republicans sold out their voters and funded Obama’s illegal amnesty.

  60. “Nope, not reading this one either. ”

    wowFad, defender of the proven liar Jetdoc, sticks his fingers in his ears and screams “LALALALALALALA!!!…”

    “I might be willing to pull you in for another public pantsing”

    Your obsession with male nudity is interesting, but not anything near on point.

    ” it was very gratifying for you to vanish for two weeks”

    I didn’t see any stories worth commenting on. And you’re not the only person who gets busy.

    “the last trouncing”

    You couldn’t trounce me with a bulldozer and a truckload of your bullshit. Also not on point.

    “drove you to your “come at me bro” moment.”

    When you put things in quotes that I didn’t say, you’re a liar.

    “Maybe I’ll be in the mood the entertain you”

    Like all trolls, there’s nothing entertaining about you, and your continued insistence on avoiding the context of your word “capitulation” proves that you are nothing but a troll.

    Now when you come back, better bring your big guns, little man.

  61. Nope, not reading this one either.

    Poor Scott, so desperate to win back his dignity. Poor, poor Scott.

    Honestly, were today a little less busy for me, I might be willing to pull you in for another public pantsing. After all, it was very gratifying for you to vanish for two weeks after the last trouncing drove you to your “come at me bro” moment. Licking your wounds, no doubt.

    Maybe I’ll be in the mood the entertain you after I get home, Scott. Be patient. Real life calls. I trust you’ll be waiting by your keybaord?

  62. Your obsession with gay sexual references, your avoiding of the point that the GOP, not the Democrats, are the problem, and your continued lies about what I say have proven what a sad little troll you are…

    So, one last chance… Here’s the point:

    “The other party is capitulating because if they don’t, the government shuts down. And if you don’t like it, you could vote for people who won’t do this.”

    So, who do you vote for? Do you vote for the people who vote overwhelmingly to reform weed laws? Do you vote for the party that votes overwhelmingly to continue the drug war?

    Seriously. When you have a pro-reform person on the ticket vs a anti-reform person on the ticket, what do you do if the pro reform person is a Democrat, a party you apparently hate with a passion for some reason, despite the fact that the vast majority of them agree with you on this issue?


    > 91% of Dems voted for keeping the DEA out of medicinal programs, only 22% of Republicans did.

    > 94% of Democrats voted to keep the feds out of pot banking, only 20% of Republicans did.

    “Nothing I said was untrue”

    I didn’t say it was.

    “yet you want to start an argument.”

    Projection. I wanted to add to your point about “capitulation.” I think the context of that capitulation is important. For some reason, you don’t.

  63. You don’t have a point, Scott — you have a problem. And it’s a pathological addiction to my comments. Nothing I said was untrue, and yet you want to start an argument.

    That has nothing to do with what I said and everything to do with who I am. Had anyone else posted that comment, you would have skipped it.

    Why? Because you’re butt-hurt you were driven to challenge me to an in-person confrontation — because your words were no longer sufficient to achieve your goal, which was (is) to sooth your burnt pride.

    The length of this last reply (that I won’t finish reading after expanding it) is proof enough of how petty your life has become: stalking my comments so you can gamble with your already-decimated ego, once more, hoping to win back a shred of dignity.

    Well sorry, Scott. There’s no dignity for you to be had, here.

  64. “Look everyone! Scott wants to pick another fight.”

    This is the sum total of your response to my point?

    “Still want me to meet you in person, big man?”

    You have to lie about everything, don’t you. I never said I WANT to meet you. I said if we were face to face, you’d be too chicken to treat me with the disrespect you dish out since you can’t argue.

    “Ya know, so you can prove how I don’t live rent-free in your headspace?”

    Such silly shit wasting time avoiding the point. And this is the first time I thought of you since the last time we spoke. I have much better things to think about than a Glibertarian apologist for the GOP.

    “The only reason you replied to my comment is because you’ve pent up 20 gallons of impotent rage and you need to release it before you explode.”

    That would be your reason for replying, obviously. The energy you spend avoiding the points wouldn’t even leave a mark on me, son.

    Now, what we have here is exactly what I said would happen last time. This Republican POS has managed to get his hippie punching BS so buried in the budget bill that anyone who wants to stop it would have to shut down the government. This situation wasn’t created by Democrats. It was created by Republicans. They are the problem. And anyone who’s honest about how government and politics works in this country knows it.

    So, if you want to reform the drug laws, stop voting for Republicans. Like Jetdoc, who lied and said a majority of Republicans in this country support legalization. They don’t. I proved they don’t. He tried to show me proof that they do, and I picked THAT pile of BS apart too.

    Poll after poll shows that Republicans don’t support legalization. Republican politicians especially don’t.

    Do I really have to take out the numbers and hit you upside your disingenuous head with them again?

  65. LOL — Look everyone! Scott wants to pick another fight. Still want me to meet you in person, big man? Ya know, so you can prove how I don’t live rent-free in your headspace?


    I can’t take you seriously, Scott. Not after you devolved from blind puppet, to ad hominem, to Rocky Balboa.

    You’re a JOKE, Scott. The only reason you replied to my comment is because you’ve pent up 20 gallons of impotent rage and you need to release it before you explode.

    Make your choice, Scott — wanna go round and round, again?

  66. The other party is capitulating because if they don’t, the government shuts down. And if you don’t like it, you could vote for people who won’t do this.

    For some reason, you won’t. I wonder why.

  67. This is, of course, the fault of Republicans. Even Harry Reid and the more moderate Democrats in the Senate tried to push back against this*, but when they found that the GOP would let the government shut down instead of letting DC have legal weed, the Democrats had to give in, or it would look like they shut down the Government. And no doubt, plenty of glib BSers would claim it was all the Democrats fault if that happened.

    And the person MOST responsible for this good ol’ fashioned hippie punching is Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.).

    This is what you get when you don’t vote, folks. You want to end this nonsense? Get out there and stop the Republicans.

    Steve Benen has a good take, here: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/republicans-love-local-control-except-when-they-dont

    * As mentioned in the Huff Po piece, here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/09/congress-dc-marijuana_n_6297046.html

  68. I’m afraid I have to disagree with Mr. Smith on this one…

    The battle will not start after the budget bill is signed into law! The battle will be lost if they sign it into law.

    We know the names of the guys in front of this effort: Andy Harris and Hal Rogers. They’re not the least bit worried about the voters holding them responsible for their blatant federal interference in issues of local government. Andy Harris has pulled this nonsense before, and his district *STILL* re-elected him in November. A few of our “allies” in Congress (Earl Blumenauer, Dana Rohrabacher) have made the token speeches they needed to make to save face, but like always, they’re not actually DOING anything within their respective parties to stop this from happening.

    One party is pushing against the right of voters to self-govern (so much for the 10th Amendment, huh fellas?) and the other party is *typically* capitulating to them so they don’t lose something in the deal. Sometimes I hate my country — or rather, I hate the clowns we “trust” to run it.

  69. Here’s hoping that the legalization issue will not fly under the radar as easily the 1998 issue due to the power of the internet and the pro legalization groups.

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