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California Attorney General Candidate Is Pro-Marijuana


vote for california marijuana initiativesWhen it comes to marijuana law, California is a very confusing place. Cities have their own laws, bans, and ordinances, as do counties, and the State of California itself. Combine that with conflicting and confusing case law, and it’s important to have an Attorney General that is pro-marijuana. Ron Gold is an Attorney General candidate in California who is challenging the incumbent Kamala Harris. According to Rocklin and Roseville Today, Mr. Gold had takes the following stance on marijuana in California:

“The market removes the middlemen. Farmers and patients have direct contact. Medical marijuana is a legal drug for a legal purpose under current California law. The farmers market is an experiment in the development of a new, lawful industry. An overly restricted market invites black markets run by drug cartels and street gangs.

Gold also advocates full legalization of marijuana. He has said, “Like the failed prohibition of alcohol, it’s time to change the failed criminalization of marijuana.” Further, “It is common sense, reasonable and rational to change laws that have driven the market for marijuana into the hands of drug cartels and street gangs.”

Now that’s a candidate that I can get on board with. What his views are on other issues, I’m not sure. What Mr. Gold’s chances are of winning, I also don’t know. But if marijuana is a key issue for you and you’re a California voter, you should take a serious look at his campaign and consider voting for him. You can find out more about his campaign at this link here.


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  1. OK. Let me break it down for you. Silos include: 1. State of California legislature laws passed (legislation); 2. Supreme Court of the USA (statute law, USA, federal government); 3. State of California Supreme Court (statute law, State of California); 4. Lower level courts opinions and decisions, State of California (Statue law, State of California); 5. Decisions of State of California police departments (administrative law/rulings, State of California). Ask Jerry Brown for a 5 law distinction analysis. He can deliver it. He is THAT brilliant. Save the World, deliniate the laws. Thanks. Email me at masseyprod@yahoo.com if you agree to pursue this agenda. PS Task the candidates for Attorney General, State of California, to deliver this opinion. Let Jerry Brown recap and opine.

  2. Delineate this. Elementize this. Put a spread sheet on this. Break it down as simple as possible, and no simpler! California is leading the USA…. and 190 other nations. They all need clarity in a very confusing topic. The legalization of pot. You do it California citizens. Delineate this topic. Thanks. Email me at masseyprod@yahoo.com to carry on an email conversation on this topic. P.S. I helped Jerry Brown in his 1972 run for USA president in the State of Maryland (by talking to him as we walked together) – which he won! Go Jerry Brown, Go! This is Jerry’s last hurrah – possibly, given his age and mine (61 years old). Use him while you’ve got him. Ask for his clarity – he is a brilliant, super-bright thinker. Ask him to further delineate the issues. Jerry can do this!

  3. http://www.medicaldaily.com/surprise-california-may-become-third-state-legalize-weed-265926

    > California Attorney General Kamala Harris says she supports two of the three pending bills in the state legislature, saying they would be good for California.

    > Approved by committee this summer, the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 would legalize marijuana in the state for regulated trade, lowering costs for California while boosting revenue. “Reduced costs in the low hundreds of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments related to enforcing certain marijuana-related offenses, handling the related criminal cases in the court system, and incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders,” would be among benefits says Harris.

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