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Cannabis Initiatives Join Forces To End Marijuana Prohibition In California


vote for california marijuana initiativesDetails are still emerging but it appears that differences have been set aside and in a rare show of unity, the leaders of the three most successful California cannabis initiatives have pledged to join forces to work towards the common goal of ending marijuana prohibition in the state once and for all.

According a report on medicalmarijuana411.com and rumblings on Facebook, the day before the Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s marijuana ballot initiative forum, key members from each of the groups gathered at the home of Steve Collett to discuss unification options. The three groups were The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 (RMLW), The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act, and The California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative.

When the groups emerged, the leaders from all three campaigns signed a pledge to support the initiative with the best chance of winning. “Nothing is more important than ending marijuana prohibition,” confirmed Bill Panzer, Proponent for Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act.

“Together we cannot lose,” says Steve Collett, Treasurer of RMLW. “Marijuana prohibition in California is going to end,” he added.

At this point, it looks like the initiative with the strongest financial support will take the lead with support and input from the other two camps. This is a big step towards ending marijuana prohibition since many people feel California’s Prop 19 was doomed from the start due to the lack of support from all factions of the marijuana community.

Here’s a video from medicalmarijuana411.com announcing the joint effort. Below that is a copy of the signed agreement.



statement of unity

image via: Steve Kubby's Facebook


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  1. Zachary Everett on

    Full legalization without restriction for adult use (just like alcohol) is the only solution I will support, nothing less.  

  2. Glad to hear these guys are finally achieving a concentrated effort on the front for this. As far as I’m concerned the DEA can “suck it ” …

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