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California Gov Candidate Meg Whitman Plans to Defy Voters


If you are one of my close friends or family members, you know that there is nothing I like more than harassing conservative politicians. I’m not sure why or when I started doing it, but I do know that it is one of my favorite hobbies. With the California legalization effort in full swing, I have been calling conservative candidates in California trying to get responses from them in regards to how they feel about the initiative. I have been calling and e-mailing for weeks with no results.

This last week I tried a new tactic. In the past, I was very upfront about being a marijuana activist, and that I operate a pro-marijuana website. As you can imagine, that probably turned off a lot of conservative politicians. When one asks a conservative to participate in a logical, factual based conversation about marijuana, they tend to duck and dodge. This last week I pretended to be one of ‘their own,’ when I called Meg Whitman’s campaign headquarters. I said my name was Bill, I lived in Eastern California, I have ALWAYS voted Republican, and I want to know what Meg Whitman is going to do if the marijuana legalization initiative passes.

The answer was shocking. I already knew that Meg Whitman opposed the marijuana legalization initiative. What I didn’t know is that she plans to NOT SIGN the initiative if it passes. That’s right — if she wins the election in November, and voters approve the initiative, she plans on defying the will of the voters and not signing the initiative into law. Her campaign staff told me that they don’t care how much the voters want marijuana legalization, and it doesn’t matter how large of a margin of victory it obtains in the election; she will act as if it never happened.

I don’t know about the readers of TWB, but I think that’s pretty stupid, if not outright illegal. I can already see it now; the initiative passes and Meg Whitman says, “It’s illegal under federal law, so my hands are tied.” I would like to remind Meg Whitman well ahead of time THAT HER JOB IS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, not the Governor of the federal government. If she was a true conservative, she would cling to state sovereignty and state’s rights, and not cling to false propaganda she heard growing up.

If she is willing to state ahead of time that she will defy the will of the voters on this issue, what would stop her from defying the will of the voters her entire tenure as Governor on any issue she sees fit? Didn’t we kick out the British hundreds of years ago because America believes in democracy, not a dictatorship? Who does Meg Whitman think she is, the ‘Queen of California??’ I know the alternative choice isn’t exactly a marijuana sympathizer, but when I called Jerry Brown’s campaign headquarters they talked to me on the first try, and I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone. His campaign office told me that while Mr. Brown doesn’t believe in marijuana legalization, his administration would sign it into law and respect the will of the voters. Which candidate would you rather vote for??


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  1. Interesting discussion here. It’s possible that the staffer is uninformed and that the answer you were given was un-researched. The staffer could have thought you were referring to the Ammiano bill (which the Governor does have the option not to sign), or s/he could have also thought the Governor has the power to veto an initiative.

  2. California215Patient on

    our problem here is not the politicians in office, its the people who put them there. until californians finally stand up and say “we arent taking this crap anymore” it will continue and continue to get WORSE here. everyone is so afraid of our government in general, they are like cattle wearing blinders. furthermore, we have let our own government set things up to the point against the people that if you even mention to anyone your against this or that and the people should band together and change things, what do you get? ARRESTED for being a “domestic terrorist” under our “homeland security” (boy thats a joke) laws. our foundng fathers, if they were alive today would be the FIRST people in line to start a revolution and free our country and states from bullshit government like we have and have had now for a hundred years.

  3. yes. stop confusing the fucking issue. If the Cali voters pass this shit, only the Feds will stop the growers and sellers. I voted Nader so fuck you all.

  4. I called the California SOS today on my lunch break, and they told me EXACTLY what Prometheus stated. Thanks to Prometheus for clearing that up!

  5. Codification is different than effective legislation. It is a binding public law when passed as an initiative, per the California Constitution. Codification just puts the law into the legislative corpus, i.e. Health & Safety Code, etc., which requires the governor’s signature.

    Translation: She can’t do anything to stop people from smoking weed legally in their homes on November 3rd, 2010. All she can do is delay its appearance in the legal texts for a little while.

    That should clear up some of the confusion.

  6. California Carl on

    Yes, the initiative is set to take effect the day after the election. But it still requires a signature from the govenator or govenator to be. A refusal has never happened before it is just always assumed to occur. If Meg backs up her shit talk, then it will be a showdown for sure. The California supreme court will bitch slap the bitch though. The SOs of California is under the direct control of the governor’s office, so anything that comes out of it requires the approval of the governor’s office. Hopefully she just dies before the election from being to much of a conservative whore

  7. Hmmm. Meg is a moron that has no understanding of federal law. the current federal prohibition of marijuana is unconstitutional, so it deserves no respect from the states.

    It’s all right here: http://satanssmoke.us

    More people that know how the constitution works and why the current federal law is WRONG, quicker the madness ends. But then what would we do? Me? People like me? We’d have all the options that people in CA have. No more bad bags… Nice.

  8. From: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-measures/initiative-guide.htm

    An initiative measure approved by a majority vote takes effect the day after the election, unless the initiative measure provides otherwise (Cal. Const., art. II, Section 10(a)). If the provisions of two or more measures approved at the same election conflict, those of the measure receiving the highest affirmative vote shall prevail (Cal. Const., art. II, Section 10(b)). The Legislature may amend or repeal an initiative statute; however, any proposed legislative action becomes effective only when approved by the voters, unless the initiative statute permits amendment or repeal without voter approval (Cal. Const., art. II, Section 10(c)).

  9. In order for an initiative to become law, it still requires the signature of the Governor. The legislature doesn’t vote on it, but it still requires the signature of the California Governor in order to become codified. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.

  10. At least she did not ride the backs of mmj patients like DA Cooley
    after winning election he turned on patients , becoming 1 of the driving forces to shut down all the dispensaries

    At least she was honest , losing my vote!

  11. Of course she won’t sign it: it’s a voter initiative, not an act of the legislature. It doesn’t need her signature to become law. DUH.

  12. who cares,its so easy to get anyways .you can even grow it in a small box with cfl bulbs lol!!! i smell it comming from my neighbors homes all the time. just tell a dr that you have joint pain and insomnia and you can get a cannabis card lol!!! but yeah ,it would suck if she wins and doesnt sign it.

  13. This woman is utterly vile. Sorry hussy, you can’t run California like a dictatorship – this isn’t Ebay.

  14. I don’t understand why the governor has any say so on an initiative that is approved by the voters. Hopefully she will never get the opportunity!

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