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California Gov. Candidate Says ‘No’ to Legalization


Meg Whitman is a Republican candidate in the 2010 California Governor’s Race. How does she feel about the legalization initiative on the November ballot? She adamantly opposes it. On her website it states “Meg is opposed to the legalization of marijuana. This is a gateway drug whose use would expand greatly among our children if it were legalized.” (see link) What a neo-conservative! But what do you expect from someone that was fully endorsed by Condoleezza Rice on March 1st.

Whitman is a former CEO of eBay, and after dumping enormous sums of personal money into her campaign, she is looking at an almost guaranteed primary victory over her Republican rival Steve Poizner on June 8th. That would likely pit her against Democrat Jerry Brown, a 40 year political veteran, in the general election in November. Why am I giving attention to such a conservative weed hater? To bring attention of course. To all Californians – THIS IS THE FACE OF THE ENEMY! Why wait until November to start campaigning against her? Why not get started now; hit the streets early and tell people how she feels about marijuana legalization. If she is already making comments in opposition to legalization, how do you think she will react to the initiatives passage in November? Clearly, she will do everything in her power to crush it, even if voters approve it. Stay active and take down this corporate neo-con in the election!



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  1. Your argument is built upon a false premise; you are assuming that if marijuana were legalized, that all of a sudden people around the age of 21 will just start consuming marijuana. What you don’t realize is, THEY ARE ALREADY CONSUMING MARIJUANA, and much younger than 21 at that. This initiative will only help society by putting tax dollars where they really belong, and not spending those needed dollars on pointless prosecutions. Bad economy or good economy, it doesn’t matter. Let’s be sensible, and not cling to the ‘reefer madness’ propaganda. People are going to consume massive amounts of marijuana in this nation, regardless of what the law says.

  2. Gregorio Inman on

    Why do many people putting in their ‘two cents worth” about this controversy always seem to use the “F Word?” I am against the California Legalization Initiative. Like alcohol opening it up to and/or legalizing the use of cannabis for 21 year olds will put more of the stuff into the hands of our “future generation.” To me this is not a good idea if we are to remain competitive in the world. Do the 21 year olds know that their brains are still developing until about age 25? And clinical research shows that drug anesthetizing of our natural physical as well as psychological development appears to be detrimental? I have degrees in psychology and the social sciences. I have taken classes in psycho-pharmacology. I worked in drug treatment institutions. The doctor-approved medical use has been approved by the voters and is a different story. Taxing it is not the answer to our economic woes.

  3. I suggest organizing the marijuana collectives in order to have a massive campaign against this thug., We’ve begun trashing her over at endo.tv and will continue until the election finishes. We must make sure everyone understands that a vote for Meg Whitman is a vote against a sensible drug policy (I myself, am not sensible)

    btw. love the blog. keep up the good work!

  4. ExtremeP0tH3ad on

    Theres No fukin point for anyone to get in trouble with
    the law for smoking a plant. That shit just sounds stupid!!!

  5. does she suffer from a chronic pain or incurable painful1?i do called m/s we do have rights.im in mich.keep after her ppl rock on with it.sick of these hiopcrits.

  6. she is definately not a good candidate! anyone who is anti cannabis which is a flowering herb,has to be stupid and misinformed! If she cant deal with reality and is brainwashed with the drug war message , she would not make a good leader. This election everyone must vote and get rid of morons that are now in office. stop the drug war,vote!!!

  7. Didn’t realize how stupid she is. Jujst another right wing idiot who wants to tell us how to live our lives.

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