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California Lt. Governor Will Back ‘The Right’ Marijuana Legalization Initiative


Gavin Newsom marijuana california cadem2016 will be California’s best chance at legalizing marijuana. It will be a Presidential election year, voter turnout will be high, and money will be flooding into the state if things are done correctly. California needs to get on board with one initiative, and put all resources towards that one effort. Having four competing initiatives will not work in 2016.

There needs to be polling and research done to see what language resonates the most with likely voters. There needs to be multiple initiatives drafted based off of that polling, and the language of each initiative needs then to be re-polled to gauge what the support level is. Whichever one polls the highest, that’s the one that needs to get everyone’s support. If that happens, it sounds like even California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom would campaign for the initiative. Per the Huffington Post:

During a luncheon meeting for the Marin County Bar Association last week, Newsom said he would back a marijuana legalization measure “if it is the right initiative,” The Marin Independent Journal reported.

“The ‘right initiative’ would be one that addresses age limits — he doesn’t want to see the drug in the hands of kids — one that addresses advertising, driving under the influence,” Andrea Koskey, communications director for Newsom, told The Huffington Post. “He’d like to see questions answered on taxation — whether there are different taxes for medical marijuana or recreational use — banking, whether it can be used in the home, and the kind of restrictions for use in public, as some among many more questions that we don’t have answers to yet.”

Marijuana legalization is overdue in California. California used to be the leader when it came to marijuana reform. After all, it was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. However, due to fracturing between marijuana supporters in California, and a lack of financial support from national funders and organizations, recreational marijuana legalization has eluded California. Hopefully that changes in 2016.


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  1. Why doesn’t the legalization camp enlist popular rap, rock and country recording artists in ads chiding the right, for it’s petty, punitive behavior, and encouraging twenty something voters ‘ to stick it to the man’ by voting pro legalization. Also, employ a popular Hollywood actor as Al Capone thanking the Right for all the money prohibition put in his pockect, and, then, shaking the hand of a contemporary mobster and assuring him of secure and profitable future as long as “we keep it illegal”!

  2. Now when support is more popular than ever, we are going to look for politicians to give us answers and backing for the “right initiative”, AKA the one that gives the bureaucrats the most control and the most tax dollars.

  3. California I hope you learned something from the last time this came around. I hope you all can play nice together and as Equals come up with the perfect plan that addresses everything clearly and defined. I wish you all luck.

  4. I think it’s outstanding for a politician the stature of Lt. Gov. Newsom to take this courageous position.

    The article is correct in that the activists and supporters need to coalesce on the major points of interest and intelligently address the concerns of those who still have minor reservations to relegalization.

    In 2016 California is poised to claim the world leadership position in cannabis utilization.

    That’s something we all need to support, in every way possible !

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