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California Kills Bill To Reduce Cannabis Cultivation Penalties


marijuana grow roomBy Steve Elliott of Toke of the Town

The California Assembly on Friday rejected Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s bill, AB 1017, to reduce marijuana cultivation from a mandatory felony to a “wobbler,” which would have allowed discretion on charging a misdemeanor. The vote was 24 yes to 36 no.

The bill had been supported by the district attorney of Mendocino County, but was opposed by the state D.A.’s association.

“The state Legislature has once again demonstrated its incompetence when it comes to dealing with prison crowding,” said disappointed California NORML Director Dale Gieringer.

“With California under court order to reduce its prison population, it is irresponsible to maintain present penalties for nonviolent drug offenses,” Gieringer said. “It makes no sense to keep marijuana growing a felony, when assault, battery, and petty theft are all misdemeanors.

marijuana California“Legislators have once again caved in to the state’s law enforcement establishment, which has a vested professional interest in maximizing drug crime,” Gieringer said.

Numerous liberal Democrats failed to vote, with some of them actually opposing AB 1017, among them Sandre Swanson of Oakland, Jerry Hill of San Mateo, and Mike Feuer of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Chris Norby of Orange County was the only Republican “yes” vote in the entire Assembly.

icle From Toke of the Town and republished with special permission.


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  1. California needs to secede from the union and throw out the federally run offices in the state. California can take care of itself as soon as we clean house with all the loafers drawing social services, including the feds.

    In addition, it is a fact we are paying civil bills by arresting people as well as funding the arresting groups, judges, lawyers, court services, and that whole industry of incarceration(prison). It will be soon time for all of us who are seeing a number of rights disappear stand up and oppose the insanity. Marijuana is going to go through some hard years but if we all stick together, we can free ourselves from the oppression by sheeer numbers. The new approved mfg of Dronibinol by the FDA further shows the hypocrisy of the DEA. Do the Feds think we’re too dumb to see where the money is going? The DEA is out and out crooked here! They award contracts to companies to mfg Dronabinol? on one hand and outlaw and enforce it on the other. To any one thinking of democracy is involved here needs to rename it to Demonacracy . We’re being had!!! WAKE UP!

  2. I would encourage all my fellow CA activists to write letters to their representative whom may be one those 36 that voted no. Bombard them with literature to educate them. On the contrary, those whose assemblyman (or woman) voted yes, acknowledge them and encourage them to keep up the fight. This #1 crop can bring CA economy back (not just for medicinal but for industrial purposes as well). It’s a matter of time…and it’s good for CAL-I-FOR-NIA!

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