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California Latinos Don’t Think Marijuana Should Lead To Deportation


deportation marijuanaIt’s always shocking to me when a person of Latin descent doesn’t support marijuana reform. If they are willing to listen, I always try to explain how marijuana became illegal in the first place. During the 1930’s the United States government was looking for ways to deport Mexican immigrants, per requests from politicians in Southwestern states. By making marijuana illegal, it made it very easy for law enforcement and government officials to simply find a Latino person possessing marijuana, and then deport them. While there were many reasons why marijuana became illegal, this was a major contributing factor.

Usually after I’m done explaining this to the Latino person who is against marijuana reform, they change their opinion very fast. Latinos are still being deported to this day due to marijuana prohibition. More and more Latinos are becoming opposed to this practice. Per the Christian Post:

• Nearly two thirds of Latinos (64 percent) in California disagree that someone should be deported for a small amounts of marijuana.

• When asked more generally about drug possession, 60 percent of Latinos in California disagree that immigrants should be deported for non-violent drug possession of any kind.

Latinos and African-Americans are incarcerated in higher numbers than any other group for drug possession, despite using drugs at lower rates than white Americans, according to the Latino research and activist groups that released the poll. “A lesser known effect of the drug war, however, is its impact on immigrants. Deportation policies tear undocumented families apart for marijuana possession,” they state.

Marijuana prohibition is a racist public policy. If you are a minority, yet support marijuana prohibition, I’d love to hear why. No one should be arrested for marijuana. No one should be deported because of marijuana. All minorities and non-minorities should stand up and be heard, and keep fighting until an end to marijuana prohibition is achieved.


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  1. Multiple Maniac on

    Sorry for so many posts under different names, bastards kept deleting my humorous ideas,

  2. yep. when i saw the article’s title, my first thought was “never heard of a California latino supporting deportation for ANY reason. Being in a city with pretty much of a Spanish speaking workforce, and an English speaking homeless population, it gave me a chuckle(ha ha)

  3. The Moderater has a freezer full of illegal children chili stew ,you should remove this before you get caught

  4. The brains from spain taste wonderful on the plains EAT AN ILLEGAL CHILD TODAY! THERE D LISH!!!!!!!!

  5. I think that the young people being sent here illegally should be used for food for the homeless, That young meat just falls on the bone when its cooked nice and slow, The gravy is to die for as you cross z border

  6. The young people being sent here illegally should be used for food for the homeless, That young meat just falls on the bone when its cooked nice and slow, Serve with nice salad

  7. I think that the young people being sent here illegally should be used for food for the homeless, That young meat just falls on the bone when its cooked nice and slow

  8. Make sure and cook to a internal temp of 185 to kill all the parasites, eat within 3 days or freeze

  9. I think that the young people being sent here illegally should be used for food for the homeless, That young meat just falls on the bone when its cooked nice and slow

  10. Trippin Sanchez on

    All the more reason to come here legally, that goes the children too! My family came here legally for Mexico over 40 years back

  11. Thanks Johnny . Sometimes I think we live in a sad sad world. We deport people for non violent reason and we suspend football players for a year for marajuana, but then we suspend another football player for 2weeks for the beating of his lady. Everyone should really think about prohibition and if it should stop. Or are we going to continual to allow injustice keep going on because of an out dated ignorant law. That has o logical justification but to support greed and ignorance.

  12. I have lived in Mexico for 15 years and have talked to many people who have been deported from the US. No doubt among those people the major reason is DUI, followed by some dumb enough to sell meth, heroin and cocaine; very few for mota (marijuana) possession. I once agreed with you about coming legally as better than illegally, but I’ve changed my opinion. Legally is expensive, but much more important, it’s a bureaucratic hell. Think about it, why would anyone risk the danger and expense (especially for coyotes), to say nothing of living with the anxiety of instant deportation for the slightest infraction, if they could do it legally?

    As for why some people oppose legalization, I’d say the major reason is fear of drug cartels. Yes, that’s dumb and just the opposite is true; I.e., legalization would almost certainly curb the cartels. But the old opinion is deeply entrenched, though there is a shifting of opinions, unfortunately too slowly.

  13. No sir it is not ALL about race… unfortunately certain races get caught up in it and get caught more often… pretty much sick and tired of America pulling the racial card on everything and would very much appreciate that the legalization or reform of marijuana not be drug into that ignorant zone. Bottom line is if you are going to skate the law then be f**kin intelligent and don’t get busted… been at this since ’72 and never seen the inside of a jail cell.

    Now lets look at the issue clearly…obviously certain people are looking for a better life and work their way into the system through stupid loopholes so to say “deportation” is to say you are an illegal alien taking advantage of this and using such a statement blaming it on any quantity of pot is foolish… what part of “illegal” alien did you not understand… come into the country the legal and right way and embrace to make it home… I do not appreciate anyone skating legalities and abusing our system as a non citizen in the first place… and one more thing, if you move into a country and make it your new home then part of that is learning how to fit into and participate in society there…keeping to your own kind and alienating yourselves from the culture, people and laws will only make it worse.

  14. Right. If they’re deporting people who are here on legal working (etc) visas, then it’s an issue. But if they catch an illegal and then add on that they’re deporting them for criminal activity, they really should have just been deporting them for being illegal. Maybe it makes their case move faster?

  15. Well of course they do. I imagine anybody illegally in the US would object to any reason for deportation – no?!

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