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California Lawmakers Agree On Medical Marijuana Industry Regulations


california marijuanaCalifornia’s medical marijuana industry is the oldest in the country. But whereas most other states that legalized medical marijuana after California have passed medical marijuana industry regulations, California has not up until this point. It’s a big reason that the federal government cites when they conduct raids on medical marijuana businesses in California. It appears that after a lot of debate, and a lot of prior defeats, California lawmakers have finally reached an agreement and will be passing medical marijuana regulations by the end of today. Per the Los Angeles Times:

The proposal would create a new state office that, along with cities, would issue licenses for medical cannabis dispensaries. Marijuana growers also would face regulations enforced by the state. Assemblyman Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) said the compromise drops a proposed excise tax that would have brought in $60 million for policing and environmental protection.

“This package is the end product of countless hours meeting with stakeholders and extensive negotiations with the governor’s office,” Wood said.

The regulations of the billion-dollar industry will be divided between a couple of bills in the Senate and Assembly.

They will create a new Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation that would oversee a multiagency licensing and regulatory effort, relying on expertise from the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Public Health, according to Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), an author of one of the bills.

Since the related bills have not been passed yet, and only agreed upon in principal, it’s unclear exactly what the final regulations will be. I know that on social media I have seen mixed reactions about the details that have emerged about the regulations so far. What do TWB readers think? Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Regulations are obviously needed in California, but how much regulation is too much? I’ll make sure to post an article after I get off of work that deals with the final provisions (assuming they are passed by 5 p.m. PST), as well as any reactions from activists and organizations that are sent my way.


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  1. The information has been available for quite some time
    Maybe if you spend more time researching information instead of pAssing off misinformation
    You would know these bills have been around for a few years
    LEO approved
    Fed approved
    Local SF ,SJ,LA. ETC…
    United food handlers union
    All have a say .
    Not 1 of these entities are
    For the patients
    Except Harborside, Wamm,

  2. The majority?
    If your talking about
    Hoodies thats one thing
    ReCreational use?
    All use is medical if it makes someone feel better
    Half the people going to shops are picking meds
    For others , people are too sick to go to shop.
    I’m not buying into medical is a joke
    Propaganda is a joke

  3. Kathleen Chippi on

    so tomato’s have RFID chips and law enforcement shows up at everyone’s house who grows them and does “compliance checks”? And if you are out of tomato compliance you can lose your: employment, child custody, gun rights, occupational license, insurance, housing, banking, any and all government aid, student loans, ALL ASSETS and your FREEDOM? Really? No more like anyone can grow any amount of tomatoes they want and they can give them away for free or sell them at a farmers market (retail) or wholesale to manufactures of tomato products or groceries, or sell to restaurants, and big business still makes $$ off tomatoes….oh and in many states there is no tax on food.

  4. Kathleen Chippi on

    ” then clarified it with the FACT that most customers of medical marijuana dispensaries are there for recreational purposes.” FACT? show your proof you heartless, judgmental, inhumane brown noser.

  5. Kathleen Chippi on

    jonASS is just that–a heartless whore for Big business/$$ one of the 3 perpetrators of 1937 Prohibition/Reefer madness….walking hand in hand with the other perpetrators, mass media and big government.

  6. Words matter. I said medical marijuana is LARGELY a joke, and then clarified it with the FACT that most customers of medical marijuana dispensaries are there for recreational purposes.

    That doesn’t deny anything about marijuana being an effective medicine or that there are many patients who find effective relief with marijuana.

    It’s just recognizing the reality that MOST of the money made by these stores comes from recreational consumers.

    There’s nothing intrinsicly wrong with that. But it’s important to acknowledge so we can move to a rational, non-underground market.

  7. Tell that to the children with DRAVETS SYNDROME who have found relief from cannabis
    The only joke about medical is the way LEO interpets the law
    All use is medical, preventive
    This isn’t about ACCESS to cannabis it’s all about the $$ and the grey market
    All “stakeholders ” want is a stable
    Investment platform with banking and stock market access
    And taxing mmj will only encourage black market sales

  8. Polls show a majority of Californians are ready to re-legalize marijuana – and that support is growing. — Government and activists have been preparing for November, 2016 for years.

    A loss would be surprising.

  9. No. There has been input from everyone. This is all part of the complicated dance by California consumers, activists and government – which will culminate in becoming one of the Free States in November of next year.

  10. The legal marijuana industry was always destined to fit it in with the rest of corporate America like this. – It’s time to let go of the black-market, wild-west mentality.

    Medical marijuana is largely a joke. The plain truth is the majority of customers of medical dispensaries are there for recreational purposes.

    The important thing is to arrive at above-board legalization for all adults. That’s what this is all about. That makes this good and necessary.

    We will continue to refine marijuana policy until it reaches its optimum form, just like we did with alcohol after ending ITS prohibition.

  11. Yes, I touched on that when I mentioned Huanglongbing as an example of Pest Exclusion, going so far as stating its a bacterial disease destroying citrus in our state and stating our Department is attempting to keep pests not in California from entering.

  12. The Cali flora and produce regs are also in place to stop virus’, bacteria, and anything else that could multiply and endanger any crop in the state.

  13. Ok I posted on Google+
    No collectives
    Anyyhing but personal use requires a license
    Mandatory testing if all products
    Profits are allowed.
    Thats just a sample!
    Written by the “NO” crowd
    Ļike SB420 deemed”unconstitutional ”
    Now they can raid all the newer shops
    Pre ico.
    This bill reaks of special interest
    And protects the cannopoly already in place
    Written by prohibitioniost with little regard to voter’s initiative prop215
    They think medical marijuana is a JOKE
    This bill is supposed to get the gamers out of the game
    As soon as the law goes into effect people will bend the rules just like
    LEO smash n grab
    And they let the courts decide
    #endprohibition #bullshit

  14. It’s not necessarily the produce that the Dept. of Ag is concerned with, it’s the pests that are known to travel in/on them that are in other areas but are not in California yet. It’s called pest exclusion. California’s biggest issue currently is Huanglongbing, carried by the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP); a bacterial disease responsible for killing trees. Homeowners are not even allowed to remove citrus products from their own backyards and give/sell them to their neighbors.

    Produce is checked for these pests and either cleared or not. It is simply not true that produce isn’t allowed from other areas.

  15. This law is a joke, just as much as you know the new Oregon MMJ laws are a joke, Johnny. It’s a law that’s written by special interest groups, the police, and unions, with NO input from the patients.

  16. disqus_khOigjnTmd on

    Well, tomatoes ARE regulated, or at least the ones that are sold commercially are, by the Dept. of Agriculture. It’s kind of funny that you would make that analogy because California has probably the tightest controls on produce (like, not being able to bring out-of-state produce in your car into California) of anywhere in the world.
    Not that you don’t have valid points (although the excise tax, as mentioned in the article above, has been removed from the bill). But your argument shows the necessity of sensible regulation, because tomatoes CAN have poison on them (it’s called pesticides) and it’s nice to have regulations to ensure we can at least buy an organic alternative.

    Also, you have to pay taxes on tomatoes if you’re selling them as part of a commercial venture, so I’m not sure I see the point of the rant.

  17. I know cynicism is popular in the mj culture, but no. This is about California getting ready for legalization next year. The timing is not a coincidence.

  18. Cali has even more small growers that get most of their income from growing mmj. I hope they get some consideration in all the rules that are coming to tame the ‘Wild West’ mmj has become. What a joke. Money is what they see. They want to take it away from the people who did the work, went to jail, did the breeding etc. This is a money grab and nothing else.

  19. It’s hard to give a reaction to this when there is no word on how this affects medical marijuana patients. – Hopefully, this information will come soon.

    I understand this action is necessary for the state to prepare for the imminent legalization that voters will pass next year. But we need details!

  20. The problem with these bureaucracies is that they know nothing about cannabis. How can regulators regulate in an effective manner if they know little or nothing about what they are regulating?

  21. “Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation that would oversee a ‘MULTIAGENCY’ licensing and regulatory effort”

    OMG, let’s create a huge government bureaucracy over a single plant that WILL BE grown in everyone’s back yard. WTF??? This makes as much sense as……………………….

    **Tomorrow we will start a….. “Bureau of Medical Tomato Regulation that will oversee a multiagency licensing and regulatory effort”. The home tomato growing is getting out of hand, we must have oversight on every tomato to prevent the people from poisoning themselves with bad tomatoes that haven’t been regulated by the government first. There are more tomatoes grown at home than all tomatoes sold in stores(fact) and there are no regulations or taxes collected on this mass breach by the rebel people trying to circumvent the taxes and possibly poisoning themselves and others. So, it is obvious that we need a huge agency of agencies of regulators and shady politicians to oversee this tax evasion and human health issue. Al Capone didn’t pay his taxes and went to jail, so will all the non-compliant tomato growing tax evaders in this country! OH, BTW, we are implementing excise taxes, local taxes and sales taxes on homegrown tomatoes**

    The haters know if they over regulate it’s back to the underground we go, which is where they want us….illegal so they can control the evil weed.

    2016 …..THE year to vote out all haters.

    I find it hard to believe that cannabis support is well over 50% but we still have haters being re-elected every time???????

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