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California Marijuana Growers Have To Respect The Environment Or Get Heavily Fined


fined marijuana fineGrowing marijuana can be very harmful for the environment unless proper precautionary steps are taken. A lot of outdoor marijuana growers think that if they buy a piece of land, that they can do whatever they want. That is not the case, as some people in California are learning the hard way. Outdoor marijuana growers need to be good stewards of not only the land that they are growing on, but also to the ground water and waterways that go beyond their property’s borders.

A lot of growers have a ‘get mine, and the hell with yours’ mentality. They are in it for the profit, and nothing else. That’s not to say that all growers are that way, because that’s certainly not the case. But there are more than a few bad apples out there that follow practices that make it harder for the rest of us. California recently issued a massive fine to some growers that didn’t follow environmental rules. Per Courthouse News:

A California board that protects water from degradation by marijuana farms has issued its first fine: $297,400 against a landowner and a contractor in Shasta County. It’s the first penalty issued by the multi-agency Cannabis Pilot Project, staffed by state and regional water boards and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board announced the fine Friday. The Cannabis Pilot project was formed specifically to address adverse environmental impacts caused by marijuana cultivation in California

Landowner Christopher Cordes and contractor Eddie Axner Construction face the substantial fine for large-scale grading causing actual and potential harm to surface waters in the Ono area of Shasta County, the water board said.

Growing marijuana is fun and rewarding, and it’s something that I support people doing. I plan on doing it myself after July 1st in Oregon. However, don’t let your desires for large harvests blind you to the point that you don’t take into account what you are doing to the environment around you. Be a good steward of the land, so that generations after us can also cultivate cannabis should they choose to do so.



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  2. “..adverse environmental impacts caused by marijuana cultivation in California.”

    Oh sure, blame it on the pot growers. This is a red herring. It’s a made up crisis that doesn’t exist in the real world especially at the scale they’d like us all to believe. Of course there’s some “bad apples” but to suggest widespread environmental damages and impacts?? Where? As a long time grower both in and out, this is nothing except an exaggerated lie. They need to address their water problems in California instead of making up fairy-tale non-issues like this…

  3. Green, yes, but ethical, chemically astute, benign in impact, modest in pursuit, generous in sharing & expanding the wealth – syncronous with the values inherent in the herb. In older, wiser, more mature cultures, Holy Men roll the Most Ominous hash. Am i rite? That’s what I despise about the ResponsibleOhio Group: no respect, nor knowledge neither. Shameless Greedheads, dem know no humility.

    A Model Steward is Someting to Be.
    If not Us, who?

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