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California Marijuana Regulation Advocates Approved To Begin Signature Campaign


Regulate marijuanaMarijuana Law reform advocates in California can now get to work after an announcement made this weekend by the California Secretary of State Debra Stevens that proponents of marijuana decriminalization can begin collecting petition signatures for next November’s ballot.

Proponents of the potential ballot measure told NBC San Diego it’s based on making the jobs of law enforcement easier all while benefiting the state.

“It’s a campaign that’s completely different from past efforts,” said proponent, Steve Kubby. “It represents a compromise. Officials have seen that the drug war is causing more harm than good and they want to stop pot from raising money for gangs and terror each year.”

The measure, Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012, aims to make marijuana usage within the state taxable as well as making sure it’s regulated. The initiative would also remove penalties for possession and cultivation.

“Our point is to regulate it like alcohol and start taxing it…it’s one of the biggest crops in California and it goes completely untaxed,” said Kubby.

Kubby added that the measure will aim to move pot from California’s Controlled Substance Act.

There’s an additional clause in the initiative that allows anyone to buy marijuana products if the THC level is below .3%. Kubby says it is important to make that extremely weak version of the drug available to anyone so the hemp industry can blossom. Hemp is derived from cannabis plants and can be used to make a wide variety of products.

Kubby says broad-based legislation is a cure for the Federal Government’s crack-down on medical marijuana dispensaries. Kubby is a cancer survivor and medical marijuana user himself. In the 1990’s, he helped to draft Califronia’s law that legalizes marijuana.

Bowen said nearly 505,000 signatures from registered voters must be collected in order for the initiative to make it to the ballot and they must sign before March 26 of next year.


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  1. Zane, see my comment below.

    The ideal of non-interventionism in cannabis cultivation and markets is a good idea philosophically but a political loser, especially in California with its perpetual hard-on for the government regulating and taxing everything. So rather than fight that, the authors decided to exploit it instead.

  2. Catrina, maybe you ought to read the initiative first before you complain. I know for a fact the authors spent months crafting this, and it is based on a 62% polling number that indicates that Californians favor regulating cannabis like alcohol.

    And yes, it is possible to make alcohol from cannabis, at least as a biofuel, but as a consumable I have no idea how that would come out.

    The idea of full unregulated prohibition repeal was discussed by the authors and completely rejected as impassable and unfeasible. The initiative language has been carefully crafted to reflect a legalization for adults 21+, keeping it illegal for under 21, keeping the corporate GMO out to preserve the plant’s botany and genetics, open up the multi-billion-dollar hemp market, and leave MMJ alone. PLUS it requires the state and local governments to follow the laws, not ban anything, and tell the feds to butt out.

  3. I hate these initiatives. I hate the idea of taxing and regulating a plant. I hate the idea of comparing cannabis to wine. It’s not wine. If you want to compare it to GRAPES before it becomes wine, perfect. Cannabis needs to be in the hands of State Agriculture department, not the alcohol companies. This is just a sad ploy to get SOMETHING that will appease the conservatives by lulling them with dollar bills. I hate these political games. It’s just a plant, we are adults, treat us both as such and good will come of this. We don’t need these type of $initiatives, we need ethical leadership, education and regulation to keep it away from minors. Money money money. It’s alwaaaaaaaaaaaaays about the money. Consider the logic instead, and don’t let fear lead you from it.

  4. While not a perfect initiative it does offer us a starting point towards a sane and sensible foundation.

    What is true for California weather we like it or not is that there is a Cannabis Industry,

    We have seen the over crowding of our medical program and the related problems with communities who feel that out of sight is under control.
    Some even think that they can keep kids from ever finding out about Cannabis by hiding medical dispensaries.

    Well Californians Cannabis has been part of human kind for thousands of years and it still commands a place in the recreational. medical and spiritual minds of many present, past and future people.

    Have a read of the initiative http://regulatemarijuanalikewine.com/regulate-marijuana-like-wine-act-2012/why-regulate-marijuana-like-wine/

    I myself want to see it legalized for the people as a first step but so may are hoping for a legal industry to cash in on the profits legally. Profits that abound untaxed illegally.

  5. Why ask that a non-harmful plant be regulated, taxed and weakened so that you’re allowed to use it?

    How about “Mind your own business, it’s my body, I grew it myself, piss off and annoy someone else”?

    Doesn’t the government have bigger fish to fry?

    Or was Murrow wrong, and did we indeed descend from cowardly men?

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