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California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Approved By Appropriations Committee


vote for california marijuana initiativesUrge California Legislature To Support AB 2312 And SB 1182

Legislation that seeks to enact a statewide bureau to regulate medical marijuana commerce in California is moving forward in the state Assembly.

On Tuesday, April 17, members of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety voted 4-2 in favor of AB 2312 The bill now awaits action from the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

AB 2312 seeks to establish a state regulatory system for medical cannabis under the Dept of Consumer Affairs. The bill is based on the proposed Medical Marijuana Regulation Control and Taxation initiative drafted by Americans for Safe Access, the UFCW, California NORML, and other marijuana law reform organizations. Under this proposal, medicinal cannabis dispensaries would become state-licensed. It would also require cities and counties to allow at least one marijuana dispensary for every 50,000 residents — unless local voters specifically approve a ban or tighter restrictions.

You can read the full text of the measure here.

Proponents of the measure believe that its passage will likely dissuade the ongoing federal interference in California’s medical marijuana operations. Passage of AB 2312 would also provide operators, the public, and law enforcement with clear rules regarding how and where these facilities may operate. Doing so will reduce the public’s confusion and limit expensive litigation.

A separate Senate measure, SB 1182, clarifying the dispensing of medicinal cannabis in California is also pending. You can learn more about this proposal here.

You can learn more about these measures from California NORML here. You can also contact your member of the state Assembly regarding AB 2312 via NORML’s pre-written letter below.

Source: NORML

A bill by California Senator Mark Leno (D-SF) will help to protect medical cannabis patients and caregivers from unnecessary harassment or arrest, but we need your help to get it passed by the Senate before May 31. Can you take a minute right now to send an email to your California Senator and ask him or her to vote yes on SB 1182? Americans for Safe Access’ (ASA) online action center makes it easy to find your Senator and send an email right now.

SB 1182 adds legally organized and operated medical cannabis patients’ cooperatives and collectives to the list of those protected by California’s medical cannabis laws. They should already enjoy this protection, but some law enforcement officials and judges interpret the law too narrowly. That means patients and caregivers growing and providing cannabis in accordance with state law may still be harassed, arrested, and even prosecuted. SB 1182 will help stop this by making the intent and scope of the law clear.

This straight-forward clarification should be easy to adopt, but the issue of medical cannabis is still controversial. Lawmakers need to know that you are part of the seventy-seven percent of Californians who support the sensible regulation and control of medical cannabis. They need to know that their constituents support this kind of common sense legislation. Send an email today to help drive home that message before the Senate votes on SB 1182.

Forward this message to your friends and loved ones in California who believe in medical cannabis. We need their help too!

Source: Americans for Safe Access


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  1. while it’s good that these movements are going in the right direction, free interprise is what this country was built on, marijuana, hemp and any other farmable products should be legal to grow and sell  in a market that is regulated for the safety of consumers. Cannabis is a food source, medicine and other products, including fuel!, that should and will be used because it is a easily renewable resource. It is criminal for our government to jail it’s people because they are providing a product that could help so many in countless ways. The Incorporated congress of this United States has over stepped in bounds since the 30’s when for capital gain, major corporations had marijuana and hemp made illegal to grow, process, or possess. It is true that you can legally grow hemp if you can get a congress approved hemp stamp, which for some unknown reason are no longer issued. We the people need to weed out congress to achieve a fair, unbiased and regulated bill that allows the people to live and flourish as a free people with out the intervention corporations. We are the people, they are entities!!!!     
                                                         FACTS.    Mark A. Sweat  

  2. Icepinksuziq37 on

    Texas needs to help disabled human beings in their state !!! how long do we have to wait ?

  3. there is nothing wrong with some cannabis what i would kill for a law to pass like that in Florida
    we need to go nation wide for real now granted some people cant handle it but majority rules right
    im currently a victim of slight mental illnesses and i honestly refuse hard prescription drugs. I self medicate myself with cannabis but every day is stressful, seeing how i have to worry about going to jail even for a few grams. not to mention its hard finding a reliable source to buy from.

    ps: so please help me fight for this cause nation wide or at least in Florida
    thank you so very much  

  4. dr. erniepaul Izereckt on

    WHO’S AFRAID OF-O-LITTLE FRIGGIN’ WEED,SEPT 4 CORRUPT COPS THAT LACK CRITICAL THINKING Skills???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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