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California Medical Marijuana Regulation Bill Dies In Committee


California marijuana arrestsCalifornia was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. Since then, over a million people have obtained a doctor’s permission to use medical marijuana. Thousands of medical marijuana dispensaries have operated in California at one point in time or another, and the California medical marijuana industry has been estimated to be as large as 1.8 billion dollars. All of this has been occurring with little to no regulations.

A lack of clear regulations has led to a lot of problems. City and county ordinances clash with state law, which of course clashes with federal law. Medical marijuana case law in California is a nightmare to make sense of. This level of public policy chaos needs to be tamed if California’s medical marijuana industry is ever to reach it’s full potential. Senate Bill 1262 was introduced this year to try to get some regulations in place, but due to various factors, it failed to get out of committee and get a full vote. The bill is now dead. Per SF Gate:

The Assembly Appropriations Committee failed to pass Senate Bill 1262 this afternoon. The bill had until today to get out of Appropriations, and the end of the month to pass the Assembly. It was “held in committee”. No vote was given.

“We’ll have to get started working on this again in January,” said Don Duncan, head of California Americans for Safe Access, the day before the hearing.

Sponsored by Southern California Sen. Lou Correa, SB 1262 faced huge hurdles to get to the Governor’s desk and a nail-biting finale at Assembly Appropriations.

The bill left a lot to be desired. I don’t know too many activists or organizations that supported it because of how hard it would be to implement, how hard it would be to get industry licensing under the bill, and also because of big holes in the bill that made it almost unworkable. California needs good regulations in place to fix the cluster F that is California’s medical marijuana program. California’s program is better than many other in the nation, but without regulations, it will always be under attack. I can’t wait until 2016 when recreational legalization is passed in California, which will no doubt be accompanied by clearer rules and regulations.


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  1. Robert Ireland on

    both these organizations are a fuggin joke. they have outlived their purpose and everything has changed. the discoveries of this plants real and growing value is already overwhelming and we’re just getting started in realizing what this even really is. none of the old organizations have got a handle on all the science and I haven’t heard any of them even getting this critical point. Everyone is fixated on everything except the very topic: Cannabis, the plant, her compounds and what they really are: an entire new class of nutrients, at the tune of already over 400 identified(48 of which are the “known” essential nutrients. After only having read around 5-6,000 research reports it hit me what I was looking at. Now well past 25 months and well over 18,000 research reports, abstracts and patents from around the globe, there is no way anyone can ever shake from me the fact I KNOW these are all nutrients, all of them, and they do not work as the medical community needs them to in order to survive their own corrupt business model, all based on pure pseudoscience directed by government, pharmaceutical companies and the medical community. Theirs is a a horrible fraud that has long ago surpassed mass murder by the likes of Hitler and Stalin, because they have KNOWN for well over half a century that there was much more to this plant than they are even now telling us. Folks, these three varietals of what was once four, are the Tree of Life. In order for te ova to be penetrated by the sperma, cannabinoids have to be involved. their receptors are the first things grown on the cells of the cytoblast and the uterine wall is saturated with them, and they communicate to one another. THAT is what makes life even possible. Never mind anandamide(the endo-cannabinoid equivalent to delta-9 THC) is produced in a woman’s ovaries or that all the other endo-cannanbinoids are present in mother milk, having profoundly important function to an infants development. Oh,, this just keeps getting better all the time and there is tons more I can and will report.

  2. They want to collect tax dollars after they arrested and incarcerated everyone based on lies, and they are still arresting cannabis users. “Have their cake and eat it too…”

  3. Robinwilliams on

    Hit Me Back For Order

    six,,,,,zero,,five–three,,,five,,six—seven,,six,,seven,,three now and grab your stone at the very right time see you then

  4. Any time any government gets involved in anything they always have a talent for fucking it up.

  5. cali could use some sensible rules, like purity and potency testing, NO GMO, edible safety, etc. hate to say it, but I think that some of the non- regulation is there for some nefarious purposes. Think about it. What safeguards are in place to prevent NIMH or some other asshole from experimenting on patients through their medicine( research chemicals) when you go to most clubs here, they DO swipe your ID, so they know who you are and what you bought. seems to me, if there wasnt some hidden reason, regulations would have been imposed YEARS ago. Some of what’s on them shelves just ISN’T POT.

  6. What they want to regulate is who gets to make money (them and their political friends) and who doesn’t (everyone else). Fuck’em all.

  7. How can ASA stand behind this,?
    Sold out for ” monopolys”
    Ca LEO supports this bill
    Another reason to vote ” NO”

  8. Ny and some other southern states have introduced cbd oil bills
    Half measures guided by prohibition
    These politicians are in panic mode
    SB 420 perfect example , politicians acting like Drs guided by law enforcement .UNconstitutional!
    Don’t let these politicians take back what the people put in place.
    “Safe and affordable access yo CANNABIS , for any illness”
    Dennis Peron fought hard to keep those words in prop ,215
    Every time we let politicians write cannabis laws we get prohibition
    Voter initiatives will get recreational cannabis on the vote
    The tides are turning and these bills amount to panic , the tipping point.
    I cant wait to collect signatures for the Ca Hemp Initiative.
    ,I am so sick of feeling left like a criminal for using a herb safer than aspirin.

  9. Robert Ireland on

    keep letting these politicians and lawyers convince you only their ways will work and you will all get screwed and rightly so. you never learn.

  10. Robert Ireland on

    this industry has regulated itself, in spite of prohibition for over 75 years AND THRIVED. Regulate what and who and how exactly? We are talking about the War on Drugs and THEY LOST! Period! Now they want to write their own terms of surrender, giving them all the profit, control and credit? Are you people completely stupid? why would anyone but a moron buy from their regulated and over taxed stores, when we can still get it at fair market prices lower than the state’s or just keep growing it ourselves at risk. legalization and decrim are their words and it gives THEM all the control they have sought for almost 8 decades and never could get. go ahead, give it to them and see what you get for it. Start with GMO weed maybe, since monsanto just let slip they already have them ready. simply repeal, make it rightly an agricultural crop and write laws forbidding monsantos of this world from even ever touching it. Same goes for pharma and their bogus patents on a plants substances and for murdering over 200,000,000 since prohibition started with their toxic pseudoscience they forced on us as medicine, which is garbage for the business model of pseudoscience.

  11. We haven’t needed any of these regulations in the last near 18 years since Prop 215 has been implemented and we’re still one of the most innovative, have arguably the highest quality product overall in the world, and some of the largest availability, even when compared to legalized markets for recreational use. A large reason for the success of California’s marijuana movement is because the medical law has some of the least regulations. To me the more regulations I see the more problematic it becomes and the market starts leaning more towards prohibition. Look at New Mexico, New Jersey’s MMJ program, and Washington State’s RMJ program. The police are now the ones pushing for regulations. We don’t need a ton of red tape, just take away the criminal penalties for cultivation, possession, and distribution and the problem is solved.

  12. Thank goodness this garbage bill is dead. DPA and NORML were against it, that speaks for itself.

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