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California Senate Approves Measure Protecting Dispensaries From Prosecution


medical marijuana california dispensaries senate bill 439Legislation to protect owners and operators of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries has been approved by the California Senate. Senate Bill 439 passed with a 22 to 12 vote, with not a single Republican voting in favor, and now heads to the state’s House of Representatives. If approved, the measure would clear up some of the confusion associated with the state’s fluctuating medical cannabis industry, and would provide dispensary owners the clearest legal protection they’ve ever had in the state.

“We want to create more certainty where little or none exists now”, stated Senate President (Pro Tem) Darrell Steinberg after the vote.

Republican Senator Jim Nielsen argued against the bill, saying, with nothing to back himself up, that medical marijuana causes “huge problems in our communities.” This is, of course, despite several recent studies indicating that medical marijuana safe access points may actually reduce crime, not increase it.

According to the measure’s legislative digest, “This bill provides that a cooperative, collective or other business entity that operates within the Attorney General’s “Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use” (guidelines) will not be subject to prosecution for marijuana possession or commerce, as specified.”

The guidelines, which can be found by clicking here, states that dispensaries be nonprofit.

The proposal is supported by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and is predictably opposed by the California Police Chiefs Association.

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  1. And you are full of shit.. who trying to control everything we eat smoke drink

  2. Not surprising that no Republicans voted for the bill. Conservatives literally want government authoritarianism to crack down on freedom. It’s no coincidence that our nation’s incarceration rate skyrocketed (and is now the worst in the world) as soon as conservatives took over in 1981.

  3. Keep in mind that the GOP knows what’s best for all of us here in the sheeply class. I shall wait meekly an hold out my hoof for whatever crumb the GOP will allow to trickle down to me. I will be smelling that trickle down and likely will not be putting it in my mouth. And 42 precent of them think they might have to go to guns go protect this country from…democracy. Just what causes any woman, boomer, minoirty, worker or member of the middle or underclass to buy their crap. “Look at all that bitter fruit democrats seem to have tied onto our trees!” This from a party who invited none of the Bush era personalities to their national convention. Get a clue folks; the GOP hates both you and I and; they hate this country.

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