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California Senate Unanimously Approves Hemp Legalization


california hemp senate bill 566In a bipartisan, unanimous decision, California’s Senate has approved Senate Bill 566, a measure to legalize hemp. The proposal now heads to the state’s House, where its passage would put it to the governor for final consideration.

“The California Industrial Hemp Farming Act will create new jobs and economic opportunities for many farmers and manufacturers across California,” stated Senator Mark Leno, the bill’s prime sponsor, “Hundreds of consumer products containing hemp are made in the Golden State, but the manufacturers of these goods are forced to import hemp seed, oil, and fiber from growers in Canada, Europe, and China.

The proposal – similar to a law that was approved earlier this year in Kentucky – is designed to prepare California for the inevitable end to hemp prohibition on the federal level, something numerous federal lawmakers are working towards, including the Republican leaders of both the House and Senate.

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  1. Hemp is all of the cannabis strains, sativa, indica, ruderalis. Industrial hemp just does not have any significant amount of THC. Any of the three main strains can have low THC levels and be considered industrial hemp. The drug varieties have just been bred to have high THC through many generations of selection and cross breeding.

  2. pebbles trippet on

    Last time the bill passed, Gov Brown vetoed it on grounds that it’s federally illegal. A lousy reason. California should challenge federal prohibition, not kowtow to it. GMO hemp is more of a concern, but cannabis forces are so well organized with public official back-up, that GMO hemp could not easily get approved by FDA behind our backs as has happened with GMO alfalfa. Alfalfa is perhaps the worst of all FDA GMO approvals, because it’s universally used to feed animals. That means animals & animal products are being eaten by humans without any realization, for the most part, that GMO food is now entrenched in the diet of human beings.

  3. Just to clear things up, hemp does not get you high.Hemp is cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are the plants that get you high when consumed. However, hemp is an extremely useful and resourceful plant.

  4. Good news, I hope the governor passes this and why shouldn’t he, it’s just good for the economy and great medicine for those in need.

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