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Can Marijuana Help Prevent Suicide?


marijuana suicideOne of the arguments against marijuana is that it may contribute to depression and suicide. Anti-pot smokers like to argue that stoners are seriously lazy and depressed but unfortunately for them, a study from Germany has been released saying that places where marijuana laws are lax and the plant is well loved, rates of suicide have actually decreased, rather than increase. Since suicide is most often caused by stress and marijuana takes away stress, it definitely makes sense that cannabis would allow people to release their stress, causing a drop in suicide rates.

California supplies anxiety patients with medical cards and both Delaware and New Mexico have PTSD listed on their lists of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. In these areas, there’s been a 5% reduction in suicide rates, especially in males age 20-29, according to this study. The results suggest that since those that use marijuana drink considerably less alcohol, which is a serious depressant. If stoners drink less, that would also mean that the amount of drunk driving accidents may decrease in these areas as well and that the benefits aren’t just restricted to those suffering from depression.

Most subjects tested were male, since females are four times less likely to commit suicide and succeed, according to researchers. The bottom line of this study? Legalizing marijuana leads to an improvement in the mental well being of most young adult males, resulting in fewer suicides. So the next time that some tries to tell you that cannabis promotes depression and suicide, just remember that depression and suicide are caused by stress. Marijuana is used as a treatment for both of those illnesses so it only makes sense that places with lax cannabis laws would have lower rates of suicide.

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  1. I’ve had to eat some spam in my days hahaha it’s a food bank thing; low quality, bad taste, but handy to throw at those who have nothing. Peace

  2. Hey, Mr. Holms, they call me the quote troll ’round these parts. Here’s the first, for your reading pleasure:

    “I think confrontation is healthy, because it clears the air very quickly.” Bill Parcells, brainyquote.com

  3. I would definitely say that if I hadn’t started smoking weed 2 years I would have killed myself by now. I stopped trying to smoke for my bf about a month ago and the stress made me start cutting myself. Needless to say, now I’m def sticking to weed and still with my bf. :)

  4. its all these speed and ice addicts that are running around and going crazy with wild heart rates its a mean drug! you wont see stoners doing that, we’re happy to sit round mellow and relax, and cant really be bothered, #stonersrule#retchy77

  5. If I had my way, every medical cannabis state would recognize depression and PTSD as qualifying conditions. Should someone suggest that the study in this article ought not be counted as evidence that cannabis is beneficial for clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD, and quelling suicidal thoughts because the study wasn’t a clinical trial, tell them about a diet pill called Rimonabant.

    Once upon a time, some enterprising young minds looking to invent the next great appetite suppressant had the idea that, if cannabis gives people ‘munchies’ (increasing hunger), then blocking the cannabinoid receptors (CB1) in the brain with an antagonist that prevents those receptors from being activated would cause a drop in appetite. Just so we’re clear, the idea was that their CB1 antagonist would block and *prevent* the normal activation of CB1 receptors in the brain to reduce hunger so subjects eat less and lose weight. The results were tragic. The clinical trials had to be halted because at least four subjects in the experimental group committed suicide. Other surviving trial participants reported high levels of depression, general anxiety, loss of hope, fear of the future — suicidal thoughts.

    It’s no far stretch to say that activation (as opposed to the blocking) of cannabinoid receptors in the brain is neorologically HEALTHY. It’s only when the reward system of the brain was sabotaged that bad things happened. I don’t understand how it hasn’t occurred to every clinical psychologist and psychiatrist on the planet that the euphoric “high” — the giggles, the laughing, the silly — that’s not a “high” so much as it is the complete and utter LACK of all the psychological symptoms commonly regarded as early warning signs of severe depression and suicide.

    The evidence is already very compelling. People who suffer from depression should not have to wait one more day than necessary, if cannabis can help.

  6. “The man for me is the cherry on the pie. But I’m the pie and my pie is good all by itself. Even if I don’t have a cherry.” Halle Berry, brainyquote.com

  7. Dear Doc Deadhead,

    Reading your story was truly heartbreaking, that you have had to go through all that pain!

    I’m so glad that the pot helped you out, and I wish you all the best in your recovery!

    Theres a great book called: “Wherever You Go, There You Are”by Joh Kabat-Zinn.

    The book can help one deal with stress, pain etc. He’s a good author with a big heart.

    Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  8. As someone who suffers from TMJ, which causes a lot of mouth, face, and head pain, I can really sympathize with your post. I’m not sure most people understand the kind of pain we’re talking about, especially as I could describe mine as an intense toothache — in every single tooth, every day, all the time. I have found that it is difficult for people to understand what this really feels like.

    A lot of intractable pain patients have turned to cannabis, successfully, and I’m so happy to hear that has been true in your case too. I salute you, Doc, for continuing to struggle! Peace out.

  9. Yeah, but isn’t California due for another big earthquake? (Seriously, I don’t know, but having experienced an earthquake, I’m not anxious to do so again.) Hey, here’s an idea, how about New Mexico?

  10. Definitely, benzodiazepines like Xanax will tear your mind up if you let them (there are people for whom that kind of medication is useful, though, including myself on occasion. Not something to be trifled with, though). Marijuana is definitely better for treating anxiety, no risk of dependency or brutal withdrawals or anything like that. The fact that it’s schedule 1 while benzos are schedule 4 is beyond ridiculous, but of course we all know that.

  11. Amen folks. I’m a firm believer that marijuana has a future in the psychology field. Especially for treating the self harm/suicidal tendencies that are prevalent in depression, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, bi-polar and many other disorders. When a person is overwhelmed by that sense of hopelessness and is tempted with self harm behaviors, marijuana will take that edge off and alleviate the intensity of the symptoms and the need for the behavior.

  12. I agree Zach. I have the exactly same issues as well. I live in TN and.me.and.my.girlfriend have same.problems . We have thought bout moving to California to get a very. definite med license.for.me.taking prescription 2mg Clonapins. What does everybody think? Moving is logical right?

  13. Never quit telling your story when you have the chance. You will change other lives with it, just like your friend did with you. I’m so happy that it works for you.

  14. john helbing jr on

    I agree
    It helps a lot for it to n thr aftr doing other aspects of the drug scene n leaving it

  15. I agree. I suffer from depression and anxiety. When I am anxious the only thing that seems to help me is smoking some pot. However, it is not legal where I live either medicinal or recreational, and in the next state over, where I used to live just over the border, they do not recognize anxiety or depression as ailments that pot can help. We need full federal legalization!!!

  16. I have depression and Anxiety, they tried giving me Xanex when I was only about 12, which after a few months I didn’t feel right and threw them out. When ever I’m getting seriously depressed or having an anxiety attack, when I smoke It mellows me out and allows me to enjoy life which seems like a constant struggle no matter how good my situation may be. We need to decriminalize this wonderful medicine, so people like me don’t have to be treated like heroin / meth users when the 5-0 roll around.

  17. I was wanting to eat a bullet from the constant pain in my mouth and throat from the radiation damage after the ‘base of tongue’ cancer treatments. The radiation took out my saliva glands, taste buds and the back 1/3 of my tongue and left me with massive scare tissue from the huge burn blisters in my mouth and throat. I couldn’t take the never ending agony of mouth pain. You see….NOTHING can quench mouth pain. Ever had an intense toothache? Try that for a few months knowing there will never be any relief. I would lay around and weep for hours at a time, unable to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. I was willing to die.

    A friend came to visit that I hadn’t seen in 15 years and when he heard about the anguish he insisted I try pot again(we quit for many years when our children were little). Although I hesitated, he shared with me and I instantly felt relief from my nightmare. I have been medicating since then and have NEVER considered suicide since and am no longer taking any narcotics at all!

    Yes pot can prevent suicide, it did for me and it greatly improved my quality of life.

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