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Can Marijuana Help Treat Diabetes?


thcvNew Research In Britain Suggests That Compounds In Cannabis May Help Combat Diabetes

British researchers claim that marijuana may have appetite suppressant qualities, and could possibly be used to treat obesity. GW Pharmaceuticals (same people that invented Sativex) has announced that they have made new discoveries involving cannabidiol and THCV. According to E-Max Health, “researchers have discovered compounds in marijuana that could help in the management of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.”

Dr. Steph Wright, director of research and development at GW Pharmaceuticals, said “four Phase 2 clinical trials will have results by the end of the year that might help develop a drug used to treat patients suffering from ‘metabolic syndrome’ — a risk factor for heart disease,” according to Upi.com.

Mike Cawthorne, director of metabolic research at the University of Buckingham who has been conducting the animal studies, told Health India: “Over all, it seems these molecules increase energy expenditure in the cells of the body by increasing the metabolism.”

This is an outstanding day for cannabis science and those suffering from type 2 diabetes. Everything is preliminary at this point, but anything that can lead to relief for the enormous population of those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is a great thing. Below are some amazing videos if you would like to become more familiar with cannabidiol and THCV:



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  1. Mymessage to you is, I recently started smoking again and through that re-entry into the “herb” I have cured myself of type 2 diabetes. Although at first I did not know it but when I originally quit about seven years ago not long after that I became diabetic. when it was legalized in tghis state I decided to try it again, and I must say I missed my old friend!! An interesting thing occured about three days after I started smoking again, at first i was experiencing two or three “sugar crashes” per day, and after a few more days of this by process of elimination (and my incredibily intelligent and amazingly analytical mind)LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha I came to the conclusion that the bud I have been using has CURED MY DIABETES, I have not taken any of my medication for diabetes for over THREE MONTHS NOW. My evidence that It cured the diabetes is pretty simple. when I became diabetic my unmedicated sugar level was 775, why I was not in shock or a diabetic coma I’ll nedver know, but the few times that I have run out of my medication my numbers shot up quickly. At this point my average fasting level is abouth 105. plesae contact me if you would like any more information at Robert@northendrental.com

  2. Goes along with Rick Simpson’s video comments about the oil. He says he’s seen it reverse diabetes, and says once you reach satiation (body’s got plenty of what it needs) no munchies and body weight returns to “normal” even loosing weight.

    Those 3 things are like the holy grail for big pharma – “brought to you tonight by Marijuana – natures cure – now twisted and tortured into something insanely yet pharmaceutically priced for your pleasure. Pick some up in the pharmacy section of your local Wal-Mart today!”

    Now back to you Johnny!

  3. I have diet controlled type 2, how do I get to volunteer for U.S. testing? I havent gotten munchies in ages from indulging in the herb.

  4. aka Th FloridaBadger on

    The plant is plain outright fuel, fiber, medicinal/calming plant known to be growing!!

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