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Can Medical Marijuana Be Used To Treat Bipolar Disorder?


Medical marijuanaA recent study conducted in Glen Oaks hospital in New York, showed that marijuana could have a beneficial effect on neurocognitive functions of patients with bipolar disorder. The study was performed on 200 BD patients, 50 of whom have been smoking marijuana. All of them underwent tests that tested their neurocognitive functions (attention span, speed shifting, digits forward and backward tests and trails B test). The results were intriguing to say the least.

Cannabis Use Disorder

However, before we present you with the study’s conclusions, you have to bear in mind that the medical world is full of disorders, some being completely justified and others just being labeled as illnesses for the hell of it. In line with that practice, a frequent marijuana smoker ‘suffers’ from CUD (Cannabis Use Disorder) and is more likely to suffer from a history of psychosis than a person who doesn’t smoke. At least, that’s what the research suggests. Simply put, a BD patient with CUD is only 14% more likely to have a history of psychosis than a BD patient who doesn’t smoke marijuana.


It was concluded that BD patients with CUD had significantly better cognitive tests results than patients who didn’t ‘suffer’ from CUD. That fact alone will significantly motivate further medical marijuana related research because now we can move away from the ‘burnout’ dogma and focus on the actual health benefits of cannabis. We always believed that you shouldn’t became a slave to the plant, but consume it moderately in order to reap the rewards it can provide and utilize its maximum potential.

Supporting Studies

To support this research, we found a study that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in August, 2011. The study revealed that middle-aged men could benefit from the use of marijuana as well. Apparently, cannabis can significantly improve their mental stamina. They are able to think more clearly, a benefit that was practically never associated with the use of marijuana. The study was conducted on 8,992 male drug users. The first phase of research was conducted when they were 42, and the second when they turned 50. Basically, much was gained in terms of mental clarity, yet nothing was actually lost for good.


According to these two studies, it is safe to conclude that the use of medical marijuana is actually beneficial to both patients who suffer from bipolar disorder and middle-aged men. In addition, there seem to be no permanent psychological consequences of frequent marijuana use (at least in the time span of 10 years) with middle-aged men. This actually makes sense because recent research actually proves that the brain is not fully developed until you reach your late 30?s or early 40?s even. So, even you don’t toke in the first 20 years, don’t worry — there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy it afterwards.

Some people who have Biploar feel that marijuana works in terms of dealing with their bipolar. Most feel sativa strains are more helpful for treating Bipolar. However it can depend on which mood you are feeling so at certain times an indica strain may be beneficial.

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  1. My husband of 40 years has been bi-polar for 35plus years. Without the help that marijuana gives him I fear would be now. He gets more manic than depressed and the pot truly helps. It does not have all the side effects that these prescribed medicine has.
    He has been incarcerated several times for marijuana. I disagree with the laws. We allow people to walk our streets who hurt people even kill them but society jumps on arresting ANYONE who has anything to do with pot. If they really want to help they should close all those alcohol stores where people drink and drive and kill good people; like my mom.

  2. my mom just turn 45 yesterday she suffer from bipolar disorder and manic depression she has been taking medication for a while now and every time i see her she look like a lab rat . some one dope up on drugs that i believe that the medication provided is not working since she has been diagnose i want to help her cause it kills me to see her like this its the worst i ever seen her in my 18 years of life and i was wondering would it be okay to let her smoke marijuana to see if it helps her ?

  3. YourPotHeadFriend on

    Why would you joke like that? This kid is being serious for help? And your gonna make a joke about it?

  4. YourPotHeadFriend on

    Well what you could first do is, try smoking some of the marajuana and see how you feel after that. But I’m not entirely sure your doctor will give you a medical marajuana card for bipolar disorder. He might tell you “it goes against my training”. I talked to my doctor about it for my ADHD because it helps me calm down and focus better but he wouldn’t go for it. And if you live in Texas I’m very every doubtful he will give you one! Good luck felow pot head!

  5. My son is 18and suffers from bipolar and the doctors have had him on 15 different medications. When he was 14he was diagnosed and he almost over dosed twice so we came across this medical marijuana episode on the news and I thought let’s try this and I knew it was wrong at first but for 4 years he has been using marijuana every other day and he has not taken his medications and he is a totally different person now. He graduated with honors and is in college for art. So I wish it was legal where we live but some people don’t get the concept of this could help people in need they want to look at the negativity of the drug.

  6. The pharmaceutical companies would lose too much money if they weren’t able to prescribe psych drugs to all of those people – but I have seen first hand that it is a better solution. I know someone who uses this and it works wonders – then the brother – who has been taking lithium for 30 years – they are the same age – shuffles and shakes when he walks, sits with a blank stare and sleeps all day – except to get up and smoke. Other than that – it lives but it has no life.

  7. I am very close to a person with bipolar disorder who has been using marijuana to treat his illness for over 20 years, if he tries to quit or quits — he will go into an episode. If he has his supply going – maybe one episode every 5 to 8 years, which he used to have when much younger several times a year. So I say yes it definitely is a solution – get rid of those stupid mind drugs – haldol – lithium – etc – they mess you up!

  8. You are not the only one!!!!! They have almost killed me by keeping the info hid my genetic disorders of lung tumors could disappear with high Cbd. With all the removals, I’m left terminally ill. I want cannabis given to children dying with cystic fibrosis. My lung scar tissue is disappearing. I truly believe it would help them. Genocide and people think we want to get high. Honestly!!! Have they ever tried morphine freely offered to me?

  9. How does someone who is bi polar but lives in tx go about getting a mmc?? Do i talk to my dr about it?

  10. I have bipolar disorder and I live in Illinois and I wanted to know the process that I would have to go through to get my mmc? I smoked marijuana illegally for about 4 years and all my friends and family said it made me a better person. I also felt like a good person

  11. As one of the few people who suffer from cyclothymia, Bipolar III, I smoked pot in excess for the better part of 16 years. I stopped cold turkey with minimal “withdrawal” symptoms. I have has this disorder since birth & have been cycled through so many different meds that do nothing but worsen my symptoms. Elevated heart rate, dyspnea, irritability, & insomnia to name a few. I am prescribed Xanax ( The Devil Drug) & Vicodin (herniated discs) & if I go even 16 hours without a dose, I start to have very bothersome to severe withdrawal symptoms. As a nurse, I cannot use the medicine that worked so well for me for so many years due to drug testing. I graduated with honors & was consistently the top scorer in my class while being an everyday “pothead”. My point is this: Abusing any drug can have detrimental effects on anybody. When I hit 30, I consumed in moderation & was more productive, happier, & easier for my family to deal with. I look at all of the medications we shove down the throats of our elders & our sick in the hospital & guarantee that Medical grade cannabis can replace at least 10 of the prescriptions that the FDA “approves.” Moderation is the key but more importantly, we need to educate people & give them alternatives that work best for their individual sets of symptoms. Enough propaganda and lies over what I consider to be the miracle plant of our time.

  12. I use the medical marijuana I receive in Colorado primarily to deal with my Bipolar II, though the prescription is for severe pain due to a slipped disk. It is the only thing that’s ever made my brain function relatively normally and allowed me to enjoy the intricacies of my life!

  13. I have been using MMJ for a few yrs now. I have BP and MJ is the only mood altering medicine that takes me from full blown mania to what people refer to as normal. I have used Sativa as a mood elevator and Indica for pain and anxiety. I works and has less side effects than Mr. Pharma.

  14. I am bipolar ..I started smoking pot a year ago. Before that I was doing large amounts of cocaine and had been an alcoholic since I was 15. I stopped the coke and for the most part quit drinking. I also lost 50 pounds and started gaining friends. It changed my life. I can almost function. I got approved for the mmc but cant afford to go. I got arrested 3 months ago with .97 grams and was locked up in a federal detention center and called a criminal. It has change my life. This medication has made me almost human. I hope the laws get changed soon or I will probably be in prison…just fot trying to get well…Crazy isnt it?? Thank you for being here to help educate people and save lives.

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