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Can Stress Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plants?


male female marijuana plant

Problem: A marijuana plant that grew fine outdoors has turned hermaphroditic after taking the cuttings and growing them indoors. How can this be prevented?

Solution: That particular plant is specially adapted for outdoor growing. By taking it indoors, you’ve produced certain stresses and the plant subsequently turns hermaphroditic. There aren’t really any solutions to this (other than to keep growing that particular strain outside). Sometimes, cloned indoor plants might exhibit hermaphroditic tendencies because of some intergenerational, non-genetic (but chromosomal) adaptation method (i.e. a recessive gene).

Problem: I’m growing six different varieties in my outdoor marijuana garden that was started with stash seeds. Three of the plants are now hermaphroditic. Why is that? What (if anything) should I do about it?

Solution: You might be working with plants that were genetically programmed to be hermaphroditic. You received the stash seeds in that form (meaning the buds were self-fertilized and were always going to produce hermaphroditic plants).

The only option here is to try picking the male flowers. This can be a time-consuming process and is generally only somewhat successful because you tend to miss some flowers. If the plants are chalk full of male flowers, you might have to remove the plants altogether to make sure that all the other plants stay seed-free.

For future reference, try to use seeds that have a well-known heritage.

Problem: I’ve got a hermaphroditic specimen. At first, there weren’t any male flowers, but they started appearing during week three of flowering. They are only on the occasional branch here and there and are not interspersed. Will the pollen from this plant produce seeds that are hermaphroditic?

Solution: Most marijuana plants that are made from the pollen of a hermaphroditic plant will take after their antecedent. While some plants might not be hermaphroditic, it’s probably best to avoid the potential for unusable plants altogether. That’s why you should probably avoid using this plant for any reproductive purposes.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. I had a hermie in my last harvest it pollenated the rest of my flowering plants. My veg room is next to the flower room and I open the door between them so my veg plants definitely got pollen on them. If I wash them well before flowering them what are the chances they will produce seeds?

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  3. SLIDE a garbage bag over it,like it is a Bomb,try not to even touch it in any way,then tie it off and get it out away from it as far as possible,and Burn it,or it will seed everything,if it hasent already,remove any more like that,and check it every few hours the first day for more,this is Bad.

  4. This is interesting…Can you smoke it still once this happens? What are the negatives of this happening to plant?

  5. I have yet to see any thc reduction as soon as seeds are present,,from the Growers Handbook it reports that a few seeds do not effect thc production(such as self pollinated females produce) and full seed production only reduces thc by ,2%,,translating that if you are growing 14,5% thc and it seeds you end up with 14.3% thc,,such a small difference that it takes testing to tell the difference.
    One day all marijuana will be grown fully seeded in large fields and when you buy it it will be cleaned and manicured and you won’t be able to tell if it was seeded or not,,the thc level will probably be on the label and you will either buy pre-rolled joints or a pipe cut,
    Most medical will be tinctures,edibles and hash oils,,the days of the “buds” are numbered.

  6. Johnny,,I have a strain that I have been growing for 4 years now using hermaphrodite seeds because every seed produces a female just like feminized seeds do, I once read that they lose potency but have yet to notice any loss, It has such a good head buzz I continue growing it. Hits you hard right behind the eyes.

  7. in my experiance a hemaphroditic seed will produce mainly hermaphrodite plants, Correct me if im wrong but if you want a mostly feminized strain the best way is to pollenate a good strong female with a good strong male of the same strain.both healthy specimans as to not dwarf the strain.Crossbreading isnt a problem and most times makes some awsome new strains that are killer, BUT youve now created a hybrid that has a high potential to turn hermaphroditic in future strains of the new hybrid. Usualy after a season or few season of growing the new hybrids the genetics weaken and the chance for hermy’s increases,Once this starts we usualy will restart genetics with a good pure strain and not hybridize bye choice unless neccesary.Ive had whole seasons yeilds trashed bye starting with hermaphriditic seeds, and have also had years were they turned late but the male flowers produced no pollen. Its just a mess that can be avoided be avoiding hermys, and alot of times the hybrides are risky they do strange things late in the flowering process.and its just best in my experiance anyways to avoid them all together!!!I had a strain of hybrids this year that turned hermy in like the 3rd week of flowering and they actualy produced little buds on top of the leaves,thats right lol right on top of each leaf were all the points connect the the stem of the leaf there was little dime sized buds with male organs on top of each leaf it was crazy.you see weird leaf pattern on hybrids to when the strain starts to dwindle like double leaves were a second set of leaves grows right over the first almost like a 3d affect.or sometimes there be like 4 points on the base of the leaf that grow straight up its weird but it happens all the time when dealing with hybrids and is always a good sign to me to restart the genetics,and trash the strain in place of some good pure untainted genes.Im not a pro and im sure some of my facts are wrong! But have grown for years and this is simply my experiance.feel free to correct me and throw youre two cents in.but please dont criticize. Im just stating my experiances with hermaphroditic seed.all advice is always welcome,and is free so let me know youre thoughts and experiances. knowledge and experiance is the key to success im always open to suggestions and advice.I kind of got of topic i think lol i have had what seemes to be stress hermys from say a bad storm,or animals reaking havock late in the flowering stage that seemed to have turned them.or like when u try to transplant a flowering female and it all the sudden turns so i would think that YES stress can cause them to turn. It could however have just been a freak coincedence from bad seeds

  8. I have gone over the exact problem over and over. I first began a few years back when almost every new “strain” or hybrid I would come across would have an alarming number of tiny seeds.They’d range from a sixteenth the size of a fully mature seed to a grain of sand. The buds plants were obviously not carefully taken care of I thought to the extent top medical quality cannibis should be. Later I realized the ustable genetic link was probably behind it all. THC PRODUCTION SLOWS TO A STOP ONCE SEED PRODUCTION BEGINS!!!WE WHO ARE EXPERIENCED IN GROWING AND CARE ABOUT THE QUALITY ABOVE MASS PROFT CARING FOR PLANTS ISN’T SUITED FOR THE LAZY GREEDY SCUM. SINGLE HANDIDLY ISPECT THEY’RE GROWING PLANTS DONT KNOW OR SIMPLY DONT CARE..UNFORTUNATELY TILL NOW HAVENT FOUND AN INTELLIGANT COMMENT ON THE MATTER. STOP BUYING CRAP AND SELLING IT FOR 60 BUCKS OR ANY BUCKS SHAME ON YOU!

  9. You might want to try starting your outdoor seeds indoors, then do all your sexing and cloning indoors. Just remember to put your clones out later than you would your seeded plants

  10. I was always under the impression that pollen from a hermaphrodite will make all female seeds and was the only positive point I have seen/ made two and let them grow to term in seclusion producing a thined out bud light in weight not the good smell or flavor as the rest of crop nor the potency . but i never tried to pollinate with them as i was using a clone process and never used seeds again after weeding out the males. I also had the theory that they appeared from lack of pollinating and no males present

  11. For one thing it a sativa not a very good indoor strain use the hermaphodite seed for your next crop i did this and never had another one

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