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Can You Overdose On Marijuana?


marijuana overdose

Fatal cannabis overdose in humans is a thing that simply doesn’t exist. The scarcity of cannabinoid receptors in the medullary nuclei (the part of the brain that controls respiratory and cardiovascular functions) is largely the reason why there have been no reports of fatal cannabis overdose in humans,

Nevertheless, heavy doses can produce certain unpleasant reactions. In some rare cases, moderate doses could result in acute panic reactions characterized by anxiety, paranoia, self-consciousness, loss of self-control, wild racing thoughts, and disorientation. Fortunately, these reactions tend to subside with a few hours with no medical treatment required. Sufferers need to be reassured that their pain or discomfort will be brief. More often than not, you’ll experience both pleasant and unpleasant episodes in alternating waves as thoughts ebb and flow.

Of course, panic reactions are most likely to occur in novice users who have tried excessive doses in unpleasant surroundings. First-time users should be especially careful and start out with small amounts of cannabis to allow themselves plenty of time to experience the drug comfortably. Download my free marijuana grow bible for marijuana tips.

Occasionally, marijuana can produce physical symptoms that are quite unpleasant. For instance, some individuals have experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting all of which might be spurred by the mental anxiety incurred from a large dose. Some people actually experience these symptoms regularly almost like an allergic reaction.

Frequently, however, adverse physical reactions result directly from an overdose. Heavy overdoses can be remarkably unpleasant and temporarily debilitating, but never fatal. Symptoms range from anxiety, panic, excitement, hallucinations, and a racing heartbeat at the beginning to immobility, torpor, and even unconsciousness after a while. Again, though, the effects are all temporary and tend to wear off after a few hours of sleep with no antidote or medication required.

Overdoses are less likely with inhaled marijuana than with oral ingestion, because smokers will be able to sense instantly when they have had enough or when the psychoactive content of the drug is too high. Occasionally smokers might step “one toke over the line” prior to sensing that they are too high and need to stop. Oral doses are harder to quantify because you can eat several “doses” of brownie and not feel any different until an hour or two later.

Cannabis poisonings were considerably more common at the turn of the 20th century when medicinal preparations would be dispensed in potent tonics containing hundreds of doses per fluid ounce.

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Robert Bergman is a master marijuana grower. Robert Bergman is the author of 'Marijuana Plant Care' and 'The Marijuana Grow Bible'.


  1. While overdose seems to equated with death here which likely is a No….that said my son and many others with daily use habits can suffer extremely painful stomach pains from excessive thc build up over a period ….. When delivered to emerg, they knew exactly what caused his violent pain as it is very common . Typically can recover in 24-36 hours.
    Some try to Aleve with warm showers. Best bet stop the daily usage

  2. An immediate family member overdosed. The doctor said he had the highest levels of THC in his bloodstream he had seen in his career or ever heard of. The results of the overdose were extreme violence with intent to kill and extreme paranoia. He was addicted, and had to go through rehab. Of course, he has relapsed, and is highly addicted today.

  3. Tired of plants labeled drugs on

    That can be said of the term Medical Marijuana. Like many plants there is medicinal properties in marijuana. The plant should not be labeled a drug or medicine any more than the common Ash tree, from which we get aspirin. Grapes are not drugs either but you get the point, I think.

  4. Tired of plants labeled drugs on

    That would be Asphyxia or asphyxiation. It is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing. Has nothing to do with Marijuana or
    potency and everything to do with smoke inhalation.

  5. ‘one toke over the line’ song does not correspond with a poisoning lol. good try tho.

  6. Ian Mackenzie on

    so tired of this question the answer is no no no end of this discussion WTF
    the only one that can die from it is that old useless tool Mitch McConnell

  7. Personally, and I have been reminded so many times, everyone is different. The more I smoke or eat of one kind of plant the less I get high, unless I spread the time out on dosing. My body gets a tolerance and quick, unless I have different kinds. I always thought that was the beauty of genetic variance. The exact thing that messes up the pharmaceutical companies. You can’t design that variation and predict the outcome of dose or strength, and you are not suppose to. That’s one of the reasons that long term abuse is none existent, you will run out or stop getting the desired effect or just less of it, and if its good stuff you don’t want to waste it. Never say overdose, over indulge, waste, never overdose. Wow fad is right

  8. We ought not play fast and loose with semantics, here. We’ll regret it.

    In our language, drug overdoses are fatal. Feelings of anxiety, dizziness, and eventually passing out do NOT constitute an overdose because you SURVIVE.

    If we allow the word “overdose” to be co-opted to also mean “too much for comfort” as well as the agreed upon meaning “too much to survive,” then the former will co-opt the connotation of the latter, and prohibitionists will, once again, try to sell the sound bite talking-point “you can OVERDOSE on cannabis,” hoping to use our own language against us as a scare tactic.

    If anyone asks you if you can overdose on cannabis, the answer is always always **NO**. Don’t waffle with the question or split hairs trying to define ‘overdose’ — JUST SAY NO.

  9. I can honestly say I went on a binge one day and smoke two ounces in a span of one day. I literally smokes from sunrise to sunset nonstop.(free day). Here I am. Not sure if it is even possible to overdose on this plant

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