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Can You Smoke Resin?


Marijuana Resin

What is Resin and How to Smoke it Out of a Bowl

Resin is the byproduct of smoking marijuana and sticks to basically any surface that the marijuana is being smoked out of. The resin is composed of a lot of tar, ash, carbon, and cannabinoids that are inherently found in cannabis. Many people say that this is the unhealthiest way to smoke because of the immense amount of tar that you are inhaling. Unfortunately, sometimes there are difficult financial times or they maybe a drought in your neighborhood.

If this occurs, and you want to use your resin it is pretty easy to get medicated off the resin. You just have to put the flame that comes from your lighter and burn the resin that is in your bowl. A good circular motion makes sure your resin burns evenly.

Another way to hit your resin is scrape all of it from your bowl, in to a ball, and hit the ball. Very simple.

Now, we will get in to the different areas where you can find resin. Resin pretty much coats your bowl from top to bottom so you can hit the resin in many different ways. Put your thumb over your bowl; you are going to use your bowl as the shot gun. Now put your flame up to the shot gun and take a hit while keeping the flame lit. If you do this correctly the flame will light everything underneath and around your bowl. There are mass amounts of resin reserves in this area.

Now you can use the shotgun as a mouth piece. Keep your thumb on top of the bowl and put your flame by the mouth piece that you would normally use to hit the bowl. There is resin here too.

WARNING: Taking resin hits can heat up your bowl extremely quickly. The bowl can burn you, so let it cool if you are hitting it vigorously.


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  1. There is no tar in marijuana but tar is found in resin when marijuana is burned and there is no more thc

  2. as an addendum to the author’s awesome write-up, the “shot gun” is sometimes referred to as the “carb”.

    i would also like to note an excellent resin-harvesting method. using tongs to hold the bowl submerged in a pot of boiling water, agitate the pipe repeatedly until all the resin has escaped. use anything mesh (i use a tea-ball) to collect the heaps of beautiful resin floating in the water. plus, your piece is now clean! enjoy.

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