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Canada’s Liberal Government Doubles Down On Promise To Legalize Marijuana

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(image via Canada.com)

Canada is poised to legalize marijuana sooner than later. The new Liberal Government campaigned on marijuana legalization, and it’s a promise that I think they will keep. Proof of that came on Friday during a speech to Canada’s Parliament, during which Canada’s Governor General David Johnston reiterated the current administration’s desire to legalize recreational marijuana in Canada. Per The Guardian:

Canada’s new Liberal government has repeated its pledge to legalize marijuana in a speech outlining its agenda as parliament resumes after the 19 October election.

A speech delivered by governor general David Johnston reiterated new prime minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to legalize and regulate the recreational use of marijuana. It is a position Trudeau has held since becoming leader of the Liberal party in 2013. However, for the first time, the government said it will restrict access to marijuana but did not elaborate.

Trudeau has said that legalizing marijuana would fix a “failed system” and help remove the “criminal element” linked to the drug. He also has said Canadians would benefit from analyzing the experiences of Colorado and Washington state, which recently legalized pot.

Canada, like any other country, would benefit greatly from legalizing recreational marijuana on the federal level. It would hurt organized crime, it would save limited law enforcement dollars and redirect them towards fighting real crime, it would generate jobs and tax revenue, and it would prevent people from having their lives ruined for being caught with a plant that is 114 times safer than alcohol. Why isn’t every country doing this?


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  1. saynotohypocrisy on

    I think there have been accidents caused by weed, but I certainly can’t rule out the possibility that it prevents other accidents, by chilling out people with a tendency to recklessness. And there’s the possibility of an increase in traffic safety from substitution of cannabis for alcohol.

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    I think cannabis has potential to cause traffic and other accidents.Far less likely to happen than with alcohol and the ones that do happen are more likely to be minor, but we disagree on whether the risk is zero. There was a disturbing case in Palm Beach County Florida 2 or 3 years ago, someone was speeding their heads off, apparently under the influence of only cannabis. There’s also been a few tragedies linked to excessive consumption of edibles, I think by novice users in each case.
    They need to legalize all adult personal use of cannabis, not because it’s perfect, but because it is far, far safer than its competition alcohol and tobacco, and also because the attempt to ban it is so futile, and causes problems or catastrophes everywhere you look.

    ‘Show me the dead stoners’ is a good line, I use similar rhetoric myself when challenging prohibs.

  3. You’re missing the point entirely. I can’t respond intelligently with a poorly crafted comment.

  4. Of course it’s more than 114 times safer–that’s my entire point! We know it can’t kill as a medicine or recreational drug. By saying the study was concerned with mortality and then putting up that number, the clear implication is that there is one marijuana fatality for every 114 caused by alcohol. OK, if that’s true, then paraphrasing the famous movie line, “SHOW ME THE DEAD STONERS!” That’s my entire point–they can’t do that. Continuously quoting the incorrect statistic gives others the idea that it can kill, just 114 times less often than alcohol. Stop perpetuating a falsehood!

  5. not only is this bogus 114 statistic irrelevant but it is far more than an anecdote too. It’s a red herring. We all know that Weed is totally safe and natural. end of story. Honestly I’m surprised TWB would publish something that presents statistics like this that cause folks to debate Marijuana’s safety at at!

  6. Hey JKC! looks like you finally got your link posted! kudos for persistence!

    I you have continuous problems posting I suggest you review TWBs page on posting policy to evalutate if there are things you may be posting to get it filtered automatically into spam by the computer.
    I suggest you email TWB to Johnny Green as he is the Tech person for TWB. Be polite! TWB helped me with the same problem already.

    BTW the National Institutes of Health often does put out good information but know that they are NOT to be trusted anyways and should always be double checked. They are totally under the control of the Prohibitionist establishment. Unless of course you think that organizations that operate as fronts for the CIA and US government Mind Control operations are trustworthy? I don’t trust such child murdering scum.

  7. Well maybe, since all the others DO CAUSE mortality. Did you ever think THAT’S the MAIN reason it’s considered 114 times SAFER than alcohol! For a math nerd, you’re not really accounting for ALL variables!

  8. saynotohypocrisy on

    When it comes to causing deaths and serious injury, I would be surprised if it’s not more than 114 times safer. How often do you hear of cannabis impairment leading to catastrophe? Very rarely.
    Prohibition related violence is a separate issue and doesn’t count against the prohibited substance. Prohibiting anything will cause prohibition related violence, and it’s prohibition that has to take responsibility for the violence it causes.

  9. I guess no one really gets my point because I’m a math nerd. The study measured mortality and there is none when marijuana is used as a medicine or intoxicant. The implication is that 114 is the ratio of alcohol deaths to marijuana deaths. The ratio of any number to zero is undefined or infinite, whichever way you wish to see it. The number 114 is as valid as any other and they are all wrong.

  10. Thanks, I found the “114” reference in the Washington Post the first time I saw it some time back here on TWB. I don’t really trust the driving link since I *KNOW* I’ve been too high to drive in the past. Those days are long gone now. My interest is now for the medical use as I’m a glaucoma patient.

    As mentioned below in a previous comment from me, there are huge flaws in accepting *one* study with such precise numbers. If it is repeated and they come up with the same number or something very close, I’ll accept it as valid. Until then, not so sure anyone should bet the ranch on 114.

  11. Duh, I never would have thought of that ;)

    Actually, the first time the 114 number was quoted some time back, I did that. The study was focused on death. Marijuana cannot cause death by overdose as there are no receptors in those areas of the brain concerned with life processes such as heartbeat and/or breathing. We can’t say it won’t cause death in an indirect manner: getting shot while dealing, getting crushed by a falling bale while unloading, etc. But we can deny direct death as mentioned in the study. And it is a hallmark of science that nothing should be believed on one trial; repeatability is a cornerstone of experimentation. I really want to know whether it’s been repeated and got the exact same results. Until then, it’s not real evidence–it’s an anecdote.


    whether or not 114 is an accurate number I think we can all agree its safer than alcohol

  13. No news should be citing unsubstantiated junk agreed. Who cares really in this case?
    and as to credibility, Well, I can tell you first hand that generally TheWeedBlog is a pretty good source of Pro-Cannabis information and they are connected to the Marijuana Industry themselves. What is actually bad for TWB’s credibility is the FACT that “Johnny Green” and “Jay Smoker” both REFUSE to identify themselves whatsoever.

    Regardless, we all KNOW that Marijuana is harmless and alcohol is a dangerous and utterly worthless and addictive drug that ruins health and kills thousands every year and is foul influence in some homes and families.

    Heck, TWB could claim Marijuana is a billion times more safe and they would be right anyways since Weed is inherently safe and natural to our bodies and is not remotely comparable to alcohol. As if something as abstract and contextual as ‘security’ is quantifiable with generalized statistics anyways. The number is bogus, that fact that Weed is good for you and cures cancer is true while alcohol is worthless trash and therefore Weed is infinitely ‘safer’ than alcohol and you can pick whatever number you like!

    Safety is up to those who choose to use any drug. Liberty and responsibility go hand and hand.
    What we don’t need in a free and open society is a nanny state and big brother coming to tell you what to do on your own property and within the sanctity of your own mind and body while hurting no one. What we don’t need is anyone being punished for personal marijuana use or growing whatsoever. Consensual crimes among adults are absurd and should be abolished entirely.

  14. Uh oh not my last post is being awaited for moderation which hasn’t happened to me before. Is this because I left a link and now the system thinks I may be a bot?

  15. Tired to leave a post with links but thinking it got caught up as being spam. You can find the results on the ncbi website and the study was also published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports.” I don’t think there is a need to cite the study in every article mentioning it as the information is out there to be found and is legit.

  16. Once again, the phrase “114 times safer than alcohol” appears. It’s a very precise number and we all deserve to know the source. Data, please. I want to know and I suspect others do, too. Precision and accuracy are not the same thing. If numbers with no foundation in verifiable fact keep being repeated, it can damage the credibility of those using them.

  17. Closet Warrior on

    You’re preaching’ to the world Johnny, thiese Canadians just need to get on w/it, stop harassing mmj boutiques and Be theLleader of Reform and celebrated innovation. Somebody has to, we’re dragging our feet still due to reefer madness propaganda and old boy policing and politics.

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