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Canadian Hospital To Allow Medical Marijuana Consumption In Rooms


sherbrooke hospital medical marijuanaIn a very progressive and compassionate move, Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec announced last week that it will allow medical marijuana use in its rooms. Patients who wish to consume medical marijuana in their rooms must have a private room, must be a valid medical marijuana patient, and supply their own medical marijuana and vaporizer. Per Leaf Science:

“By law we are here to help to maintain and promote and heal patients. So in the process, if at one point marijuana has to be used, we should be there for the patient,” said Dr. Serge Lepage, President of the Sherbrooke Hospital’s Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists (CMDP).

According to the hospital, a review of the scientific evidence concluded that medical marijuana “may be helpful in relieving some symptoms such as pain, depressed mood, insomnia as well as nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy or radiotherapy.”

This is something that every hospital in Canada and beyond should allow. Marijuana is medicine, every logical person knows that. In a lot of cases, medical marijuana helps relieve patient suffering more than pharmaceuticals. I tip my hat to the 650 hospital council members that approved the policy change. The approval was unanimous among hospital council members.


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  1. I live in canada and have a medical marihuana license, it’s bullshit if someone tells you that!!

  2. Glad you straitened that out Dana. There are lots of misinformed people out there and many more misleading products.

  3. He’s referring to Hemp Seed Oil, which is pressed from hemp seeds and has virtually no psychoactive cannabinoids. It’s a food product. Canadians also have access to cannabis buds from Licensed Producers, and can purchase extracts and medibles from many “grey area” medical dispensaries.

  4. Thanks. I thought there was legal weed in Canada, in some form. I had no idea it was oil only, and bad oil at that. Does the gov’t manufacture the oil?

  5. The only Marijuana legal in Canada is Oil restricted to 0.4% THC. You can use it but can’t get high. You also can’t get well. Smoking or Vaping is great if you want to get high. That will not get you well either. (Oil or Bud) Whole plant is required to cure Cancer. My guess is they want you to use it if you want as long as it does not conflict with Big Pharma’s Chemo Radiation or Surgery.
    The castrated Marijuana Oil might help with the terrible effects of Chemo/Radiation. You do not need Radiation. At this point all you have to do is open your window. Radiation is everywhere and causes cancer.
    Basically they do not want to admit that whole plant Marijuana Oil will CURE CANCER. (Without paying $480,000 per round for Chemo). In US states with Medical Marijuana laws they still restrict you to 2 or 3 plants. It takes dozens to make the Oil.
    Massive radiation is hitting the West Coast now. There is a California sized island of debris from Japan that will hit us soon. I hear it is quite radioactive. The Pacific is DEAD. It will soon start to STINK BAD. The Atlantic is not far behind.
    They detected 10 kilos of Plutonium on the beaches in Norway area.
    Polar Bears are loosing their hair. (They are stupid and eat fish.) Surfers in L.A. and San Diego have radiation burns and are loosing their hair.

    Porposes Sea Lions, and Seals have been beaching themselves on both coasts. They are starving. Sea Gulls are gone. Sea birds are gone. The Plankton (70% of our oxygen) is Radioactive. Little fish eat this all their lives. Bigger fish eat little fish all their lives. The radiation stays in their bodies. We eat the bigger fish. Have fun with that.
    This is an extinction level event.

    The Radiation is here. Cancer is rampant and getting worse. People are force to get Chemo (Mustard Gas… Google it). Chemo destroys your immune system. It kills your white cells. You don’t need radiaton, just open the window. What will you do without your immune system when radiation is everywhere?

  6. Canadian Marijuana Oil is useless. No THC. Nice try but no cigar. Whole Plant Marijuana Oil is the only answer.

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