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Canadian Physicians Call For Drug Policy Reform


canada marijuanaCanadian Doctors Call For Evidence-Based Drug Policy Making

In an article published Wednesday in Open Medicine, three leading Canadian physicians called for comprehensive drug policy reform. The chief medical health officers from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia say that the war on drugs is ‘ineffective’ and that mandatory sentences for some drug offenses are a ‘complete departure from evidence-based drug policy making.’

“Let’s use an evidence-based approach, not an ideological approach,” said co-author Dr. Robert Strang, the chief public health officer for Nova Scotia, in an interview. “Clearly, what we’re doing is not effective.” Strang wrote the article with Dr. Perry Kendall, B.C.’s provincial health officer; Dr. Moira McKinnon, Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer; and Dr. Evan Wood, co-director of the Urban Health Research Initiative at the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.

“Instead, in recent decades, the prices of the more commonly used illegal drugs (e.g., cannabis and cocaine) have actually gone down, while potency has risen dramatically,” the article said.

“A published review of the effects of decriminalization noted that this change was followed by ‘reductions in problematic use, drug-related harms and criminal justice overcrowding,’ with rates of drug use remaining among the lowest in the European Union,” they write. Below is a link to the entire article that was published in Open Medicine:

Here’s the link to the read the complete report:



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  1. Prohibitionists dance hand in hand with every possible type of criminal one can imagine.

    An unholy alliance of ignorance, greed and hate which works to destroy all our hard fought freedoms, wealth and security.

    We will always have adults who are too immature to responsibly deal with tobacco alcohol, heroin amphetamines, cocaine, various prescription drugs and even food. Our answer to them should always be: “Get a Nanny, and stop turning the government into one for the rest of us!”

    Nobody wants to see an end to prohibition because they want to use drugs. They wish to see proper legalized regulation because they are witnessing, on a daily basis, the dangers and futility of prohibition. ‘Legalized Regulation’ won’t be the complete answer to all our drug problems, but it’ll greatly ameliorate the crime and violence on our streets, and only then can we provide effective education and treatment.

    The whole nonsense of ‘a disaster will happen if we end prohibition’ sentiment sums up the delusional ‘chicken little’ stance of those who foolishly insist on continuing down this blind alley. As if a disaster isn’t already happening! As if prohibition has ever worked!

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