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Candidate For Illinois Governor Would Have Vetoed Medical Cannabis Law


Illinois medical marijuana hb 1By Chris Lindsey

Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce Rauner announced earlier this week that, if he had been in office, he would have vetoed Illinois’ new law, which allows seriously ill patients access to medical cannabis. Rauner also said he preferred a system that would make business licenses available only to the highest bidders in order to raise money for state coffers.

Governor Quinn, who signed the medical marijuana bill in 2013, took exception to the comments, pointing out that the process is both competitive and transparent. His campaign called Rauner’s statements “heartless” and stressed that the law “will ease pain and provide relief for cancer patients (and) severely ill people.”

Rep. Lou Lang, who sponsored the current law, noted that Illinois’ program is among the most tightly-controlled in the country. He also stated that “[t]he whole notion that Mr. Rauner would veto the bill, the notion that it would go to the highest bidder, is just callous, and flies in the face of logic.”

Rauner’s opposition to the current law stands in contrast to most Republican lawmakers, who joined Democrats earlier this year to extend the program to allow individuals with seizure conditions to qualify for access. His statements are particularly important because the winner of this election will be in office in 2017 — when the current program expires. In order for seriously ill patients to continue to have access, a new law will need to be passed.

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  1. There are old Republicans and new Republicans. Rand Paul fer instance. Given the fact of alternating parties at the Federal level – Republicans have a good chance in 2016. If I was a Democrat who cared about Prohibition I’d do what I could to see that Rand Paul gets the Republican nomination.

  2. People think I’m crazy but bidding for licenses will guarantee the very people who have blocked this in the first place will be buying all the licenses. You guessed it…Big Pharma.

    Not ALL Republicans think like this. In fact, I really believe most of the masses are slowly turning around. Unfortunately, the “leaders” are not leaders at all. They are more beholden to lobbyists than the sick. Democrats aren’t much better. Vote them ALL out!

  3. Republicans are always being shit heads and selling out to business like a cheap whore.(No offence to Whores meant)

  4. Just like every other state, Illinois’s largest cash crop is cannabis. If for no other reason, these head-in-the-sand politicians need to recognize some basic economic realities. How many counties in this country continue to cry poor? Here in our Southern Oregon county, we have three operational dispensaries offering lab tested and properly labeled product. Also, oils and edibles. And we are soon to pass a statewide law allowing for recreational use and the opportunity to grow plants. The State will be in charge, of course, and the Taxman will be smiling. Hopefully, the revenue will be spent wisely, but that is another issue.

  5. Antiquated drug laws mean people are denied proper medication, which is torture. And Republicans do love them some torture…

    Top UN Expert on Torture Demands an End to Abuses in Health Care


    > Denial of essential pain relief medications, including lack of access to oral morphine, due to policies that prioritize strict drug control regulations over patient care, or inadequate domestic provision of medications.

    Denial of Pain Treatment and the Prohibition of Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment


    > The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment has specifically addressed the issue of pain treatment and argued that denial of such treatment can constitute torture and ill-treatment. In a 2009 report to the Human Rights Council, Professor Manfred Nowak, the then-rapporteur, specified that, in his expert opinion, ‘the de facto denial of access to pain relief, if it causes severe pain and suffering, constitutes cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.’

  6. By 2017 I fully expect legalization to engulf the whole country. The only people he’ll get to bid on the licenses (like they’re bidding on LeBron James) are going to be good businessmen and only give reasonable offers. If it’s NOT feasible to do business wise, they’re NOT gonna bid outrageous numbers. WE ourselves (as business people) could COLLUDE to keep their licenses fair and reasonable.

    Why try to RAPE a guy who’s creating jobs, tax revenue and a whole NEW industry into your community? Would you do the same to say… a “Pharmaceutical company”. I didn’t think so!

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