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Canna Clinic OG Marijuana Strain Review


Canna Clinic OG review by Culture Magazine
Canna Clinic OG

Butter-cream frostiness. A sweet smell. A snowy mountain high–this is a bud that delivers a crisp and clean smoke along with an excellent aftertaste. It might be said that Canna Clinic OG could stand out as “the new standard” for cerebral highs. This is a refreshing smoke with exceptionally good looks; the strain has noticeably huge calyxes and seed bracts. Canna Clinic OG also features a smooth and classic delivery with fruity notes that will satisfy. Relaxing and refreshing, this indica-dominant strain from South Bay Canna Clinic in Torrance, is great for treating symptoms of multiple sclerosis, insomnia, nausea, muscle spasms, chronic pain, cancer, and body aches and pains. Nicely aged, this is an amazing strain.

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cc og marijuana strain

cc og medical marijuana strain


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