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  1. Sorry but SC Labs is a joke.  Their tagline is know your bud, and they may know bud but they don’t know chemistry.  They think that total THC = THCA + Delta 9 THC.  The molecular weights are different cause delta 9 is decarboxylated, making it lighter than THC.  With THCA still having the carboxyl group attached that makes SC Labs numbers at least 18% higher that possible. So that begs the question, do they know what they are doing and are intentially defrauding the patients looking for accurate info?  Or maybe they really have no idea what they are doing?  Either way, weedmaps should’ve done some homework before backing some stoned out pot-repreneurs.

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  3. Is the lifeline to me feeling healthy.  The more I get cannabis into my system the the less pain and discomfort I feel.  Allows for me to have a functional day.  When you have a chemical imbalance it automatically sends signals to the nerve receptors and eases pain.  Therefore, I do not get the psycoactive affect. When you have a spinal disorder if also affect your immune system.  I just want to be able to have a somewhat a normal day without pain without 24 pills a day.  I am not a drug addict been there done that 91696. 

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