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Cannabinoids Can Relieve Anxiety, According To New Government-Funded Study


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A new study being published online this Sunday by the journal Nature Neuroscience has found that cannabinoids can relieve the symptoms of anxiety by activating the body’s natural cannabinoids receptors.

Our body contains cannabinoid receptors which are activated when we consume cannabis.

For the study – which was funded by the National Institute of Health and conducted by scientists at Vanderbilt University – researchers examined the effects of a substance meant to mimic cannabinoids on mice; researchers found that activation of the cannabinoid receptors reduces anxiety behaviors with no serious side effect.

According to researchers, these findings are just the start; “The door is really wide open,” states Dr. Sachin Patel, assistant professor of psychiatry and of molecular physiology and biophysics, “We’ve just scratched the surface.”

The study was conducted over a 3 year period.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  1. Some studies do support that cannabis relives anxiety, but only temporary, people who are Bi-polar should not consume as a way to replace med’s because it makes the highs higher and the low. lower…weed maps.com will give you all kinds of links.. also if you are in a state where medical Marjunia is legal you could go to a Dr…

  2. Johnny do gooder on

    Their is medical evidence that consuming cannabis does relive some symptoms, but it also supports the fact that some with Schizoid behaviors, i.e. Bi-polar, Schizophrenia, Psychotic…should not consume because because it execrates the up’s and downs.. in other words, people tend to be more manic or more depressed ,hear more voice when consuming. ijs.. do so at your own risk.. plus it will drain your pocket book….

  3. And Christopher cole. Usually what helps my anxiety is a always balance between sativas and indicas. I smoke a sativa during the day when I have stuff to do and at night before bed I smoke an indica to help me sleep at night. If that doesn’t work maybe a hybrid would be the best option?

  4. What is the name of the study? I just went to their website (National Institution of Health) and all I found were reports on how marijuana is “bad” for you. I found nothing of marijuana relieving anxiety. It should be published on CNN or something. We need to hurry up and make it legal so I don’t have to be paranoid about getting my meds for my anxiety and physical pain.

  5. Christopher Cole on

    do they state which strand is the best to help with anxiety I am majorly bipolar have been on 4 to 6 milligrams of xanax today for the past 9 to 10 years stepping down is slow and tedious would love to find out which strand they are talking about to help with the step down process of weaning myself off of the Xanax that I take.

  6. High amounts of thc can and will in many cause anxiety and paranoia..the good nees is cbd counters those effects….try a pure indica high cbd low thc edible like cheeba chew cbd chews. 50 mg thc 20 mg cbd. That’s a lot of cbd compared to what’s in most cannabis now days. Check out cbd crew they have 5-6 1:1 ratio cbd/thc strains. I believe shark shock is an indica dominant or pure indica strain with 5.5%/5.5% from cbd crew. Reggea seeds has a strain called juanita la lagrimosa(juanita the tearful) with a very high cbd% like 8.5%. Most “medical” strains have less than 1%.. kinda whack.

  7. Kush The Boundaries on

    Great to see further research is being done in regard to weed and mental health. Very interesting that the doctors believe they have only “scratched the surface”. I guess it is no coincidence we have cannabinoid receptors in our brains. Going to be posting a blog soon on weed and mental health here if anyone wants to check it out – http://kushtheboundaries.wordpress.com/

  8. Interesting because so far I have yet to find a strain that doesn’t make the anxiety/paranoia WORSE, perhaps I need to find a pure Indica strain, anyone have any advice on strains/seed banks that work well with anxiety?

  9. My studies also show this has been known for thousands of years and didn’t need thousands of dollars to ‘discover’.

  10. I have suffered with panic attack for years and i assure you good ole Indica is the only thing that knocks it out. no antipsychotic pharmaceuticals for this girl. Mother Nature has always known how to take care of our needs we as people just aren’t listening.

  11. Æric Hovinətz on

    so some may be chemically imbalanced ,possibly in lue of lacking anandamides?thats why smoking cannabis can make us feel better

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