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Cannabis As An Effective Treatment For Severe Autism Rage


Jeremy Echols tells his story on the Russ Belville Show as a father who found medical cannabis to be an effective treatment for his son Alex, who suffers from severe autism rage.


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  1. LalaCuppycake on

    this made me cry. i wish that we could try this with my son. he not so much self harms, but out of frustration he abuses his caregivers (including us). my son is almost 9, and also had adhd, spd, and oppositional defiance disorder. I have fibromyalgia, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis (theres a link betwwen them). Sadly, MN does not allow for even medicinal use in adults (though ill openly admit using and it helping enormously) bless you and your son. we have been on so many meds to try and help him. lamictal made my son so psychotic at 7 he tried to stab me. he has been on abilify from 6 until i ripped him off 2 years later because my son has the obesity gene and gained over 60 lbs in 2 years.the only med that worked even SOMEWHAT is intuiv and my insurance wont cover it and its over 200 a month. I’ll keep you all in my thoughts!

  2. Please give 21 minutes of your time to watch this awesome video. God Bless You Jeremy and your family and many thanks as always to Russ Belville for bringing this to light.

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